The Jewish Vote vs The Chinese Loans

by bahmani

An Eastern diplomat recently told me that regardless of what the world thinks about the US and Israel, China owns the world now and what the Dragon Empress wants, the Dragon Empress gets. He added a "Mo Fo" to emphasize.

While everyone including my esteemed fellow NIAC member Trita Parsi seem to continually overlook, is the proverbial Chinese Dragon and her fellow dominatrix the Indian Elephant in the room.

While the US and Israel still wield mighty swords of Custer and Gideon, (there is a mistake in the reference, I know, but work with me), nothing but nothing compares to the real power that China and India now have. That and the US appears posed for another disasterous Last Stand even though it is they who have the "Natives" surrounded. Because a Nuke trumps being surrounded.

You know their medicine is strong when China and India are neither included in the talks, nor are they in the slightest in on the other scam we are meant to believe is diplomacy in action, namely the "Sanctions", or Castro II.

So, while I am stunned that I agree with Parsi's Premise, I find the whole discussion without a single mention of China and India, who together eat more Iranian oil, now without the slightest pinch, rather insulting. I mean, I may not be bright enough to have my own podium and a panel discussion, but come on!

No, I'm planning on putting all this aside for the weekend, and enjoying Father's Day, at least when I am being coddled, I get some food!


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As Confucius once said!

by Faramarz on



As Confucius once said, "If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong!"

Happy Father's Day!