Iranians could pick California's Next Governor


Iranians could pick California's Next Governor
by bahmani

The upcoming election for California's Governor could be determined by the Iranian vote.

It is quite clear that; neither Iranians, nor the 2 leading candidates, Republican Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay with no political experience whatsoever but a very big PayPal account, and Democrat Jerry Brown, the current Attorney General, the former Mayor of Oakland, and a former 2-term CEO of California from 1974-1983, fully grasp that whoever wants the governorship must go through a lot of Alis and Laylas to get to Sacramento.

That is, if there are in fact as many voting Iranians in California as one seems to see everywhere you turn.

And this will require organization, that so far seems eerily absent from any of the many groups that seem interested in politics. Possibly because it's summer vacation, or that most of the groups who are involved in the P, are in the DC, and also happen to be focused on the more prestigious US Iran relations and dinner parties that surround them. (I know, I know, sorry for the usual Bahmani cynical rant just then. Wait, here's more...)

While the PAAIA's and the NIACs and the IAPACs have their hands full trying to somehow support both sides of an eternally opposing Iran vs USA debate, California seems to be forgotten and the very real power Iranians could wield over the 8th largest economy in the world, ignored.

One would think that with the recent "teamwork" exhibited by the many groups involved in getting Iranians to participate in the 2010 census project, someone would have woken up by now and realized, "Holy Sh**! We could pick the next Governor!"

While local political participation by the odd US-born Iranian Town Hall, City Council, or Mayor of Beverly Hills candidates here and there (most of whom don't even speak Farsi, get the culture, food, or traditions), seems to be the only newsworthy note put out barely occasionally by the news-less newsletters of the organizations and foundations desperate to matter, no one but no one seems to have seen the obvious biggest opportunity before us this Fall.

Of course, this pipe dream requires the kind of community organization we are not used to, and most of us are blissfully invisible when it comes to allowing our names and political affiliations onto a list that another Iranian might have access to. (although everyone seems OK with FaceBook knowing everything including our sexual orientation!) So getting all the Iranians in California to even discuss what concessions and considerations we might want in return for our votes (and our money!) to give either Whitman or Brown the compliment of a lifetime, is an impossible dream to be sure.

But let me sing to the windmills anyway (I'm wearing my armor and am already sitting on a dynamite-laden donkey!), and propose that if we dare to dream the impossible dream, and could actually organize a large pool of Iranian-Californians (Oh No! Yet another hyphenated Iranian!) to vote in one or the other direction, and were we to be even smarter than that, and actually pick the winner this time, as opposed to the fundraiser-folks who put their disastrous yet admirably cute bets on John Kerry and Goli Ameri in 2004, Iranians in California would have the respect of all politicians in the US. And politics is people, People! Gaining political and National respect has huge implications. Especially at this very important time in history.

The implications are all positive and far too many to list, but I know that you can imagine them. A lot of them.

So what will it be?

Yet more immortalizing invisibility?

Or Pre-destined Invincibility?

Quietly cowering as we shuffle anonymously through Costco to load up our BMW SUVs?

Or Proudly engaging in important State and National topics with the genius form we are capable of?

At best someone is bound to now (you're welcome PAAIA or NIAC!) wake up, claim and "Take Charge" of all this. And we should absolutely let them step up to this plate and help out, for certain. This, as opposed to US-Iran relations, is something they absolutely should be doing.

But having witnessed the Iranian Revolution and how badly a simple thing like an innocent sounding Referendum can end up, and quietly watching "The Great Stolen Election of 2009", and the Green Movement sputter and fizzle consequences, we must all do a simple minimum 3 things to pick the next Governor of California.


As FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY wrote in Crime and Punishment, "Power is given only to those who dare to lower themselves and pick it up. Only one thing matters, one thing; to be able to dare!"

OK, I dare you.

COMING NEXT: "An Iranian Goes to a Tea Party."


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I'm going to miss him so much

by Escape on

 I remember when he decided to run,his speeches.We were so hopefull.The Democrats tried to make hay because he pinched some Actress's behind and called him a Rapist.Then he Went to Congress and Democrats said NO NO NO!! NOTHING!! Arnold tried to save the Budget of California (which may have worked) but he tried to cut GOVT WORKERS pay and they came out in full force.The trash everywhere about Arnold was ridiculous.Now California which used to be the FIFTH largest economy is now the EIGHTH and goin down.. What a fighter at first though,it was good!!


Bye Bye Arnold

by Escape on

We're so screwed I'm not even voting,God I was thinking it was today.I remember when California was the 'Golden State" though now it is much closer to 'Brown'...On a good note for you Democrats,At least that Racist Greedy Republican Arnold Swartzneggar will be out finally


Don't vote just because there is a (D) behind the name

by Escape on

Don't vote just because there is a (D) behind the name.California is screwed right now badly,.With Brown and the congress they will have full power.Not that is worked before going against a Democrat congress but at least there would be an attempt at saving the California economy and the budget.Some balance.


My Aura smiles and never frowns

by Escape on

I will be Fuhrer one day.



Mola Nasredeen

Go get registered

by Mola Nasredeen on

and vote for Brown and democrats in November.


the important thing is to let them we are here & our vote counts

by MM on

Do not let them assume your vote is theirs no matter what.  In CA, the important thing is to listen to both sides, have the candidates state their positions on issues such as taxes as well as those issues that are important to Iranian-Americans, and hopefully the Iranian-Americans can and will vote as a block to be effective, either way the voters decide. 

This is one reason several people had blogs on getting the census marked as Iranian-Americans.  Force them to come and talk to you first and then get active in supporting your candidate.  And, please remember to register to vote.

Remember that the 2000 presidential election was decided by 500 extra votes that Florida gave Bush (you may not have agreed with the outcome, but that is the official story!).

mitra northcal

Dear bahmani, this is an excellent blog. Please let it be Brown.

by mitra northcal on

Dear bahmani, you have written an excellent blog. You are right. This time, we are powerful. I just hope we go Brown.  I get so annoyed with Meg's TV ads that I switch to HBO now when her ads come on TV.