Iranian of the Day: Gand-alf

Iranian of the Day: Gand-alf
by bahmani

I don't smoke, but if I do, I want to smoke whatever this guy smokes.

Recently spotted at another boring Shirin Ebadi's speech on the obvious situation inside Iran.

Apparently when this guy heard Ebadi's speech he fell asleep, and when he woke up his entire hair had turned white. Except his beard and mustache which remained as black as his eyebrow. He then rode off on a white horse and helped a dwarf save the world in New Zealand.

According to Ebadi, Iranian women are apparently oppressed inside Iran these days. Good to know. I thought with all the hejab fashion shows in Tehran, and those full-coverage soccer outfits, Iranian women were secure in their Chadors? No? Really!

Thanks Shirin! (for nothing)


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