Don't Vote, but If You Vote, Protest Vote


by bahmani

Tomorrow is Friday.

Tomorrow is also what the government likes to call Election day in Iran. Well, I think we all know that it isn't a real election.

It is just that time every 6 years or adjusted term, during which the government, like any self respecting marxist polit-buro, hands out the eagerly awaited comfortable parliamentary jobs to deserving party loyalists, who in return for their loyalty which they must swear to with an oath o hamechi, will receive generous government salaries, pensions, and more goodies than the Hefner Mansion Party bag.

This election the government has gone to great lengths to make this election look real by creating all sorts of games and tricks to fool the "voters" into thinking that the elections is an election, and not merely a fun cruel game the Supreme leader and Guardian Council like to play.

It is truly a joke. Almost as funny as the Presidential elections coming up next. But a joke nonetheless.

True elections are where ANYONE can run. Not just the party loyalists and those deified as pious enough.

True elections are representative, usually by a geographical region.

So, if you know the game is rigged, and the winners are all but known, the real smart option is not to play.

But if you have to show up, for fear of reprisals, or just plain fear in general, might I suggest a bit of creative fun at the ballot box.

The goal is to make them have to go through and count the ballots in each box, but not to be able to easily sift through them.

So you can make marks that are not legible.
You can blow your nose into the ballot. (and various other secretions as appropriate)
You can write profanity on the ballot
You can chide the ballot counter how he should be ashamed of himself for participating in the sham.
You can write profanity on the ballot.
You can...

Be creative, have some fun, make them really earn this one, and above all don't get caught.

Initially the ballot counters will be angry at your insolence and rudeness, but as the count goes on, each invalid ballot after another, the counters will become sadder and sadder and sadder as they realize too, that this is not an election and that you are right.

And that is a beginning of the end.


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Happy Friday