All You Need to Know About Palestine


by bahmani

Much has been said about the plight of the Palestinians. Subjected to the very same ghetto-fication tactics that the Jews themselves faced during WWII in the walling up of Warsaw, the deplorable conditions of Ramallah, and Gaza are merely everyday news. Not even news most days. Add to it the comparison of the average birth weight of a baby born in Israel compared to a baby born in Palestine, and you get it, and you're done.

But forget the insult to the Palestinian people, and the world's continued abject ignorance of the problem, and the sheer failure of politics to resolve the longest running humanitarian crisis in history. And prepare to look away, because it is about to get even worse.

80% of the usually around $2B-ish that Palestine gets (based on "good behavior") comes from the US and EU.

Only 20% comes from Arabs.

Yes, only 20%.

Why is this? Well, it turns out that Arabs, the main Arabs, are apparently racist. Apparently, as it turns out, and is only completely proven by this very telling statistic, Arabs, (the "good" kind) don't actually like or care about Palestinians.

As you can now hopefully see, the plight of the Palestinians is even worse than what we thought was mostly an Israeli anti-bias.

Now add to this, that apparently, according to the lack of funding they get from the Arabs, they don't even count as primary Arabs. Not even secondary. And so, if you thought you were sympathetic before, now you can really sympathize.

You know you're in trouble and don't have a prayer of a hope, when even your fellow Arabs don't give a shit about you. And the greatest source of the only aid you get comes from non-Arab Americans and Europeans. Who happen to like Israel more than they like you.

If you dig deep enough, you will find out that more Arab money actually goes to Israel indirectly (through investments and corporations that own corporations, and 3rd and 4th party trading), than the total that Arabs give to Palestine. A measly $1.8B a year.

The only thing worse than being a Palestinian in the world today is knowing that even your Arab brothers don't like you.

You'd think that even if Arabs traditionally have unity problems, you'd think they would all agree on funding the Palestinians 100%. I mean it's only $2B a year. Or juts 2 days worth of only Saudi oil. 2 Days for 1 whole year. 20 days, for a decade. 20 days out of 365.

Not so.

Saudi Arabia alone has invested over $4.5B in Lebanon alone. Arabs spend more on their horses and horse breeding. Possibly more on quality Camels.

The world is truly a disgusting place if you think about it. Luckily we don't.

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