Basiji and Shabiha

by azadi5

I was reading an article on the The Star (Story here // in which they interviewed a member of the feared militia thugs in Syria called Shabiha. He goes on about justifying what he does and where he comes from.

There is obvious similarities in what he and his group do when compared to Basijis in Iran (suppressing the uprising at all cost) but with some fundamental differences. Here is a quote from him “We got money and arms from our government to fight those Wahhabi
radicals who will force my wife and daughters to wear the veil and will
close all wine shops”.

I wonder what this guy thinks of Basijis, Khamenie, and Ahmadinejad, cause Shabiha fights to preserve what they are fighting against.  Yet, you hear Iranian backed thugs also joining Shabiha in killing Syrian protestors and civilians. This goes to show that both Shabiha and Basiji members are bunch of brainless morons, but unfortunately they are state sponsored with lots of money and weapons to back them up.

Personally, I would love to see these two groups put on the same ground, shredding each other to pieces.


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