Poetry: Gather the Women, Save the World


Poetry: Gather the Women, Save the World
by Azadeh Azad

Gather the Women, Save the World

By Jean Shinoda Bolen

Untappped source of peace,
The only real hope
Is to draw upon the collective wisdom of women.
Those with direct experience of the cost of war:
The life of child, grandchild, sibling, spouse.
The loss of limb or mind of someone near and dear,
The loss of laughter, the pervasiveness of fear,
The loss of hope for the future.

Untapped source of peace,
Those who know of domestic violence:
Seen the effect of bullying on sons,
Seen daughters become silent,
Seen light go out in their eyes.

Those who know
That when every child matters,
When none are hungry, abused or discounted
The world will become a kinder place
For us al.l

Untapped source of peace,
Women with empathy
Who live in a world apart,
Are safe, loved, and fortunate,
Yet can imagine
Being helpless, beaten, and raped,
Then forced to bear a child
Conceived in violence.

Women who know in their hearts
That what happens to any woman
Could happen to them.

Untapped source of peace,
Women who see loved ones filled with vengeance and hate,
Hypervigilant, fear-ridden, or afraid to sleep
Because of the nighmares.
Husbands, brothers, sons, and now daughters
Home from wars,
Bearing little resemblance to who they could have been
In a peaceful world.

Untapped source of peace,
Women in circles,
Women connecting,
Women together
Bringing the sacred feminine,
Maternal instinct, sister archetype,
Mother power
Into the world.


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despite that Livney and Rice

by Anonymous buddy (not verified) on

despite that Livney and Rice are in charge and push for war agenda, the men's mentality is prevailed on the world of politics and they are not exceptions.

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Nice poem Azadeh jaan

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Is it fair to say that much higher women's participation and influence in politics, during the last 50 years, has actually reduced the number of conflicts?


Only women can change the world

by IRANdokht on

A lot of women have taken up this responsibility and they're making a lot of difference too.

Here's Code pink on Dr Shirin Ebadi

Thank you Azadeh for the powerful poem.


Multiple Personality Disorder

As soon as they save the world

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

...they're gonna start cat fights.