Why is the IRI silent about its Mars program?

Why is the IRI silent about its Mars program?
by Ari Siletz

I thought the discovery of this Mars facility on Google Mars' satellite images was a hoax. But I checked it myslef and found the facility exactly where the discoverer, David Martinez, said it would be. So I fired off an email to Kayhan Newspaper in Tehran (kayhan@kayhannews.ir) to see if this was a secret Iranian Mars base that President Ahmadinejad forgot to mention. So far no reply.

You can download Google Earth 6 here and go to the Martian coordinates 71 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W to check out this 200 meter long "space facility" for yourself.


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This station was made by the turtle

by divaneh on

You remember that turtle and the mice that they fired into the space. Well their mission was to build this station (Martian mosque) and fight a holy jihad against the infidel Martians.


The Mars space station was

by vildemose on

The Mars space station was built by a 16-year old girl in her own kitchen...




MA's place to hide

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Another suggestion: 

AM is building himself a shelter on Mars to hide in case he wants to stay away from cabinet meetings again.  Later, he might use it as a residence if Chamenei manages to kick him out of office.  A Mars shelter is also out-of-range of the navy seals helicopter squad.  But has he considered the Martians ?  If the assumption is right that they are "Little Green Men" he might find himself evetually surrounded by potential supporters of Irans green revolution.


من میدونستم این آخوند‌ها یه چیزی تو استینشون هست


این necon و اسرایلیها و مجاهدین خلق دروغ نمیگن




by MM on

Mars, SchMars - you just found the IRI secret military-based nuclear facility that everyone is looking for.

Ari Siletz

US media undermines IRI science

by Ari Siletz on

This youtube video claims the anomaly is simply a series of missing data bits from the camera sensor. Image compression causes the streak of missing pixels to spread out into a building shape, the source states. Perhaps satellite images of Iran's nuclear facilities are also missing camera data bits converted into building shapes after image compression.