Reza Pahlavi teaches Gandhi.

Reza Pahlavi teaches Gandhi.
by Ari Siletz

Seeking to learn about Gandhi from Reza Pahlavi's website, I found the following quote attributed to the Indian leader. 

someone who is trained in non-violence of thought, the whole universe
is one family, not afraid to love someone who is not afraid of him." Mahatma Gandhi

The quote is sprinkled with individually enlightened words but, honestly, the full sentence doesn't read like something Gandhi would have said because it doesn't make much sense. How much courage does it take to love someone who is not afraid of you?  For example, our favorite poets, musicians, actors etc. aren't afraid of us and we do not fear to love them. And we don't need training in "non-violence of thought" in order to love the people who are not afraid of us. For the average person it just comes naturally!

Curious about this prior-to-morning-coffee Gandhi quote, I did some searching but couldn't find the quote or the sentiment anwhere else. Either Gandhi or Reza Pahlavi is pulling our legs. Can you help figure out which?

Here's the link to the quote on RP's site. Above image is a screenshot.


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Darius Kadivar

Well Ari jan maybe he should've invested in Sotheby's ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

India buys Gandhi letter archive (bbc)


India has bought thousands of documents relating to Mahatma Gandhi in a private transaction ahead of a planned auction, said Sotheby's auctioneers.

The government paid £700,000 ($1.1m), Sanjiv Mittal at the Ministry of Culture told Agence France-Presse.

The archive belonged to Hermann Kallenbach, the Jewish bodybuilder, who became a close friend of Gandhi when he lived in South Africa.

Officials say the collection will be put in Delhis' National Archive.


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I welcome an RP upgrade. The Gandhi upgrade has a bug in version 1.0 which I have pointed out in this article. Let's see how quickly the RP staff moves to fix this bug. You may wish to encourage a quick fix.

Darius Kadivar

What do you prefer Misquoting Gandhi or Quoting Hitler ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Last time I heard you jomhurykhahs ( Secular or Not) complain was about our so called Fascistic Tendencies ...

Aryan and Aryans |



So why are you so worked up ? ... If SIR Ben Kingsley has downgraded his artistic ambitions since his  breathtaking Oscar Winning performance only to sell his soul for a 6 Digit Pay Check playing in commercial Blockbuster action films like 'Prince of Persia' claiming the fellow has a "heart" :

Ben Kingsley: 'Prince of Persia' Has Heart


Then The Legitimate Heir to the Peacock throne can afford upgrading himself philisophically albeit misquoting ( or actually quoting ? ) the naive peace loving Indian Martyr ... Don't you think ?




At least as opposed to your Jomhurykhah Devolutionary Decline Our Prince is suggesting an 'Evolutionary' 'Progress' don't you think ? ...

Shah to Nixon on "Revolutions" vs "Evolutions" in Middle East (1969)


Do you read me ? Or should I translate ? ...


Mind you between a sexually frustrated Hitler and a 'Shash Khor' Indian exhibitionist I'll choose The Duce's offspring any day ...


Mussolini's granddaughter Playboy model


Sieg Heil  ! ;0))


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Elaheh Boghrat Regrets Iranian Intelligentsia’s double standards towards IRI

COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0)



by P_J on

Although, I agree with some of what you said regarding Iranian Psyche.   I believe, it is HIGH time that we got rid of and broke away from some of those harmful cultural superstitions or habits and rid ourselves of institutions that have been inspiring them and considered unacceptable or tabooed getting rid of or DUMPING and DROPPING them.

The same very institutions proven HARMFUL to the Iranian nation.

Obviously, nothing is risk free, but as the saying goes; no GUTS no GLORY, and that evolutionary or revolutionary change could result in the establishment of democratic institutions or be a good start and a threshold of.

No more one man rule of any kind whether of the despotic Islamofascists like Khomeini/Khamenei or a traitor tyrants like Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Let’s be honest, in today’s climate, we have nothing to lose, but those terrible, stone aged beliefs/habits of ours!

PS: Dollar valued, in free market in Iran, at 2400-2500 Tooman last week, a disaster in making...      


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I incline to the impression you have of RP. But he represents an institution that is still part of the Iranian psyche in one form or another, whether it is symbolized by a monarch or a faghih.  As such care should be taken that while criticizing the symbol we don't end up damaging the institution. It would be nice if we could do away with our archaic institutions of power altogether, but no one knows how...yet.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Here's an unmangled Gandhi quote where I will hold the great man's feet to the fire:

"All compromise is based on give and take, but there
can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere
fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take."

Big cop out on Gandhi's part because of the hand waving regarding what constitutes "fundamentals." For many Iranians in the current situation a secular state vs. a theocratic state are opposing "fundamentals."  A compromise is seen by either side as a surrender. To avoid violence we need methods of finding deeper fundamentals that both sides can agree on. Wisdom quotes to guide us along this direction are in high demand and low supply. 




Ari, with all due respect!

by P_J on

I am not quite sure that RP either knows Gandhi, or can EVEN spell this great man’s name!

He has been living the life style, considered by most, as “high on the hogs”,  totally considered detached from reality of everyday life, even in the US, the richest country on earth.

How can anyone take him seriously or expect anything positive to come from HIM, witnessing his failed performances in accomplishing ANYTHING worthy in 30+ years....while knowing nothing about the conditions that the average Iranian is living under and/or going through in his/her every day STRUGGLE for survival; especially when one sees him surrounding himself with a group of “PROFESSIONAL PAID HUSTLING”, YES men/women, bringing back memories of his father and his UNCANNY resemblance to him, who not only was detached from reality, but AFRAID of it!  


Good catch Ari

by Mehrban on

It is a terrible misquotation. It makes RP or his staff look negligent or plain ignorant. keep everyone's feet to the fire, it is the only way to Democracy.  Please apply the same fine tuning to Kadivar (M) ( for example) too ;).

Ari Siletz

Gandhi replies:

by Ari Siletz on


Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed, especially when speaking in German. Always aim at purifying your words and everything will be well.


A nose for a nose only ends up making the whole world look like Europeans.



An error becomes truth by reason of multiplied propagation on websites, and truth becomes error when misquoted .


Ari Isn't your Blogs title inaccurate?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Reza Pahlavi teaches Gandhi? Did you mean Reza Pahlavi Quotes Gandhi or Misquotes Gandhi?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Gandi says: There is nothing wrong with Reza nim Pahlavi that...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

... two more nose jobs can't fix!


Gandhi's Original Quote in German!

by Faramarz on




Here is what Gandhi said in German.

"Für alle, die dachten, daß der Mangel an Gewalt in der ganzen Welt hat eine familie. keine Angst in ihrem Herzen und niemand hatte Angst vor"

Which translates to, "Gandhi travelled to Israel where he received backing from Saudi Arabia and Qatar!"

Here is the translation of Reza Pahlavi's interview with the German outfit that started all this.

"Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen
Thank you for all the joy and pain
Picture show, second balcony, was the place we'd meet
Second seat, go dutch treat, you were sweet
Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen
Save those lies, darling don't explain
I recall Central Park in fall
How you tore your dress, what a mess,
I confess That's not all"


Multiple Personality Disorder

Clarification, these quoted sentences are not my translations,,,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

You can copy the quoted sentences and paste them in Google Search and find several sources attributing them to Gandhi...

Ari Siletz

Good translations MPD

by Ari Siletz on

Substantially different in meaning from the RP site translation which seems to have seriously misunderstood the Gandhi quote.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi:

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi:

“For a nonviolent person, the whole world is one family. He will fear none, nor will others fear him.”

Or put in a slightly different way:

"For the nonviolent person, the whole world is one family. He will thus fear none, nor will others fear him."

Ari Siletz

Thanks MPD

by Ari Siletz on

The quote you cite in Farsi makes sense. It seems the English translation used on RP's site didn't get it right.

Multiple Personality Disorder

نمیدونم گاندی این حرف‌و چطوری به هندی، یا به انگلیسی، گفته ...

Multiple Personality Disorder

... ولی مثلِ اینکه به فارسی یه چنین چیزی گفته:

«برای کسی که اندیشهِ عدم خشونت را در خود پرورده است تمام عالم یک خانواده است، نه ترسی به دل دارد، نه کسی از او می‌ترسد.»

این حرفِ خیلی عمیقی‌یه. بر داشتِ من از این حرف اینه؛ یه کسی که  اندیشهِ عدم خشونت را در خود پروردش داده، همه براش مثلِ یک خانواده‌ هستن، نه ترسی به دل داره، نه کسی از او می‌ترسه.

هندی که بلد نیستم، ولی سعی می‌کنم انگلیسی آنرا پیدا کنم.