Morphing Khamenei

Morphing Khamenei
by Ari Siletz

As the Iran protests continue to morph from election dispute into revolution, I found this Cool Software for online morphing of faces. It even guesses what a couple's baby would look like. I wanted to see how close the software comes to what Mojtaba looked like as a baby, but didn't have a picture. Also, no mom photo.


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:o) Thank you Ari

by Monda on

Now I see the relevance.

Ari Siletz

Monda, sorry about the confusion

by Ari Siletz on

Rahbarina Jolie was a request from a gang of Baseej who expect soon to share a jail cell with Khamenei.


Ari, Angelina Jolie be Mojtaba che rabti daareh akheh?

by Monda on

I can tell you're having fun with the new gadget :o)  It's Ok Ari jan, as long as you don't get distracted from your more engaging talents such as writing, drawing and looking into Whale-watching :o)  


Thanks for posting this

by AsteroidX on

It is hilarious. I like the Gollum one first, then the donkey hybrid.



Not sure if it can be done

by divaneh on

I heard Mojtaba is a bit of chameleon and was camouflaged until a few years ago when everyone started to learn about him. So no one can guess what he looked like before.

Ari Siletz

Aghadaryoosh,  You are in

by Ari Siletz on


 You are in the majority.

Here are the results of the national exit polls as of a few hours ago.

First place: Kharmenei


Second Place: Gollum Geda


Third Place: Rahbarina Jolie.


I second that!

by Cost-of-Progress on

heee haaaw





If you don't change my vote

by aghadaryoosh on

If you don't change my vote Ari I'll choose the bottom right, looks like a jack ass.