Kayhan Newspaper job pre-screening test. Competitive salaries, good benefits. Work at home.

Kayhan Newspaper job pre-screening test. Competitive salaries, good benefits. Work at home.
by Ari Siletz

Kayhan Newspaper grapahics departement seeks experienced photo editors with a khodi ideologlical background. The above untouched photo layout of an actual event contains several unpublishable features. The successful applicant will find several features in the above photo inconsistent with our editorial policies.

1-3 corrections:  Koor. 

4-6 corrections: Welcome to apply.

7-10 corrections: Too smart for us.

more than 10: Monaafegh. 


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Some replies

by Ari Siletz on

Darius: If Kayhan London is penniless they should consider hiring some IC writers. We work for free, and quite a few if not most could be an improvement.

calais: Apply in person at the Iranian interest section of the internatinal space satition.

Divaneh: And we thought what they mutter at the begining of every speech is Arabic. Probably Klingon!

MPD: You should receive an application from the Mostazefan foundation in a few days. Make sure you mention the eyesight problem.

All-Iranians: Yes, in 1979 we missed Jabaa the Hut in the photo and saw only Princess Leia in the in her space bikini. Many thanks, by the way, for the reference in Dr. Sadat Nouri's blog.







We were very SMART

by All-Iranians on

and scored 10, but we acted STUPID in 1979!

PS: AI also wrote a comment about you HERE  

Multiple Personality Disorder

I scored koor

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Will I get the job?


Edit out the window

by divaneh on

I think the first thing to edit out is the windows of the spaceship, or people would realise that these arein fact aliens who are trying to invade earth.


where do i apply??

by calais on

where do i apply??

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Golly I first thought it was Kayhan London
which was recruiting but like the BBC these days they are penniless ... 

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