Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.

Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.
by Ari Siletz

I had to phone a friend from elementary school to see if he remembered Khanoum Maleki’s boobs the same way I did. We had both cried tears into her cleavage, but who knows, maybe my memory had added a layer of eroticism to the punishments she often gave us after she dismissed the rest of the class.  But Kamran remembered things the same way down to the smell of her perfume and the heat of her breath on his ear as she pressed Kamran’s fingers painfully around a pencil, his small body trapped between her thighs.


Her thighs? Are you sure it wasn’t just her knees? It was her thighs; otherwise how could we both remember the sensation of our own legs in short pants against two squeezing surfaces, part flesh part hosiery? It was wrong to talk during class, and Khamoum Maleki wanted us to sincerely realize that. But kids never mean it when they say they’re sorry, so we were made to feel the remorse as physical pain. Writhing and groaning between Khanoum Maleki’s legs was a mandatory minute, after which we knew the pencil pressure would ease if we surrendered into her cleavage and sobbed deeply between her breasts. That was how she knew her discipline had gotten through to the student.


After this conditioned act of submission, she brushed forgiving lips on our faces and the squeeze of her legs tremulously subsided to the rhythm of our fading sniffles.  I remember the receding pain bringing a warm pleasure to my body, which Khanoum Maleki seemed to share. I had forgotten, but Kamran remembered how cozily mothered we felt when our teacher cleaned lipstick off our faces with spittle before she let us go.


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Marcy Maleki is so Hot

by Doctor X on

Did you all sing :

I feel Goodddddddddddd ... after you were done doing your Biddness?:))


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Glad you enjoyed the piece.

Ari Siletz

Thanks humanbeing

by Ari Siletz on

If you ever feel so inclined, I'm sure some IC readers would be grateful for short essays briefly giving us the various Greek versions of Persia. A lot of what we think we know comes from Greek sources anyway, but its all a mish-mash without knowledge of the sources .    Funny about Xenophon's backhanded complinment. In this context knowledge of Greek cultural nuances or agendas are lacking in the average Iranian vis-a-vis what we've learned about Persians through the Greeks.    As for secular vs. devotional, as a secularist I'll settle for Greek devotional of the dramatic variety. One may argue that Hollywood blockbusters mostly operate in the mythological--sometimes nearly overtly religious--mode. "The Force," in Star Wars, "The One" in Matrix. Did you see Meet Joe Black?

Second Isaiah refers to Cyrus as the savior of Israel (interpreted as a prophecy). Isaiah 44:28, also 45:1. No mention of his being gay!


Also, read your homo iranicus essay when it first came out. Hillarious and insightul!


"persian" love

by humanbeing on

ok ari, yes, i am lucky to be able to read the original of greek literary sources, but you are equally lucky with the persian ones, even if that does not include avestan/pahlevi. just a matter of 'grass is greener'. i'm greedy. hope one day to be able to read persian literature. it's the autumn years that make it so difficult to promote language acquisition.

much of the greek literature we have is not secular. it has many cultic substrates and even literal readings; moreover, the mythological mode permeates most greek literature in sneaky and overt ways alike. drama was part of religious ritual; lyric poetry was developed for use at symposia, which were ritual events framed by prayers and sacrifices to gods, epic performance depended on the providence of muses.

thanks for the link to kenya. once np and i had an exchange on a political thread i think, about  (some) men and their war toys and fetish with weaponry, and i referred her to lysistrata, which of course she knew, and she referred me to this kenya story, which i didn't know about.

i think possibly part of the greek description of persians as gay is meant by these greeks as a backhanded compliment. i wish i had thought of including the greek take on 'homo iranicus' ('the persian man') in another blog of mine (don't know how to paste links, sorry). their take is not monolithic; xenophon's cyropaedeia draws a different picture than, say, aeschylus persae, and of course plutarch's life of alexander. there is a description of a lascivious persian queen 'arsake' in heliodorus 'aethiopica' a novel from 3rd c. ad. difference perspectives and filters.

didn't get the isaiah allusion.


Ari you brought childhood memories back

by Abarmard on

Thank you for that. You writing has magic.

Ari Siletz

"Greek" love

by Ari Siletz on

Lucky you, humanbeing, to understand ancient Greek and read millenia old works in the original. It often pains me that we Iranians don't have any secular literature preserved from that same era. Occasionally I want to ask some of our extreme nationalists if they would give up sex for a Persian equivalent of Lysistrata. There's debate about the role of women in ancient Iranian society, and we resort to making up our own stories from anecdotal fragments. So frustrating, like finding a piece of marble that could have come from a fancy ash tray or from the above La Pieta. And of course if we trust Greek sources about us, suddenly Cyrus and his companions turn out like the gay third of your class (Cyropaedia), probably disappointing Isaiah.



By the way, speaking of Lysistrata, Did you see this happen in Kenya last year?


Glad Amarcord took you back, Rea. 



"Amarcord" sums it up pretty much

by Rea on

Thanks for bringing back memories of a young high school teacher.  Gee, was I mistaken at the time thinking they were children !

It's universal. ;o)


autumn leathers

by humanbeing on

was the one i chose, because it could be a name invented by nabakov. i didn't get into the details of the narratives. also, i thought 'autumn' describes my age relative to the students. in the autumn semester i had a class called introduction to greek poetry, and there were 8 guys and myself, it was taught in a small seminar room. lots of pent-up energy in there, even though i suspect that between a quarter and a third of guys who study classical greek are not straight. every tues evening 'informant' would tease me 'so how was the poetry class today?'.

any text in greek literature could be really stimulating. depends what you're after. lately i have been sinking into the beauty of plato phaedo, and it brings me a lot of solace, ok, that's not a turnon, but definitely a very strong emotional stimulus.

most platonic dialogues have tongue-in-cheek passages with teasing scenes which bear erotic undertones. the greek novels are some very romantic, others quite pornographic. same with lyric poetry. aristophanic comedy is very very dirty. in fact i usually don't teach it, it's too embarrassing in the student-teacher setting.

most private forensic speeches have passages narrating the crime being prosecuted or defended, which are like fiction. a well-known one is the first oration of lysias, about a guy defending charges of murder when he kills his wife's lover in flagrante delicto. the run-up is drawn out with tension and suspense, full of little details: the anatomy of an affair.

a really classy romantic passage, elegantly written, is the story of gyges and kandaules in herodotus book one, which features in the movie 'english patient'. another quite clever one is book six of homer's odyssey, or the homeric hymn to demeter which is quite violent and sinister in parts. and for male bonding, the iliad, especially achilles burying his beloved patroclus.

sorry this is so long, these are just a handful of examples off the top of my head.

ps the story by my 'informant' you ask about is not available in english, but if it ever is, i'll send it to you.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

1. Good explanation of the phenomenon.      2. The boys were probably teenagers, though I didn't specifically ask.


3. I assume the children don't live in the isolated farm community, and the trauma is the result of the social stygma.


4. Do you think the Catholic Church scandal also has to do with social stygma (sodomy cosidered an act of humilation among the boys' peers).

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

1. Any chance your "informant" would be willing to share the story he's written?


2.  "...the text i'm teaching is always a bigger turnon than them." Please post title of said textbook 


3. My favorite in the list is Rossana Encinas Brown who told the police she performed oral sex on the boy so he would not have sex with his girlfriend, the woman's alleged goddaughter. A Medal of honor to her for her protectiveness, and a bravery medal to the boy for trusting an oral sex partner with that attitude.

Azadeh Azad


by Azadeh Azad on

The social worker's observation is thought-provoking. Assuming that the boys were teenagers (based on the language you are using: "sleeping with",) I'm not at all surprised that the molested boys are doing better: they were foster children, i.e. originally devoid of their own parents' affection and stability, now *getting affection* in a sexual way (again assuming that no sadism was involved,) but still *affection* - a very important factor for self-confidence. Plus, going up in pecking order among the foster-boys, as the male sexuality is *always* perceived as positive while the female sexuality is judged according to specific circumstances.

My anecdote: I know of two cases of father-daughter incest among French-Canadian farmers who lived a relatively isolated lives and managed to keep the relationships a secret for a long while and where the daughters were not at all traumatised by their experiences (or so they said) - the only traumatised ones were their children, two of whom were in psychotherapy with me.



funny blog and thread, ari

by humanbeing on

it has made me smile.

btw, my male informant from 'the other side', whom i sometimes interrogate in order to extract top classified material on these and other matters of gender differences (poor thing) has often admitted that many men actually like being sex objects. but it never occurred to me to ask about boys, just grown men. all i know is, that he had a teacher when he was a 10 year old he really loved. he wrote a beautiful story about it, and it's not a black and white situation like in the fellini clip. he's doing wonderfully in his adult life.

our little toddler has the same name as the teacher. 

p.s. i sometimes teach classes full of young guys, and it does add some tension, but i'm no 'autumn leathers' (the funniest name in that list of women on trial). anyway, the text i'm teaching is always a bigger turnon than them.

glad the next installment of sherlock is coming up soon, too.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Thank you for your thoughtful response. Don't quite know why molestation of girls by men damages the child much more than when the genders are reversed. One line of thought is that the girl gets a one-two punch. One from the molester and one from the rest of her society which considers her less valuable after being "defiled." Anecdotally, boys actually move up in pecking order among their peers after sleeping with an attractive older woman, and a Rolling Stone Magazine article (have to dig it up) confirms this to some extent.


But here's my own anecdote. An experienced social worker friend told me that after a foster mom was convicted of having sexually molested her foster boys for decades, her office followed up on the boys. About 20 or so boys had been in her care over the years, and she had slept with 6 of them. The 14 unmolested boys had followed the routine path of not doing very well as adults whereas the 6 who had had sexual experience with their foster moms had steady jobs and higher levels of education (The social worker had not followed up on the status of the boys' relationships with their spouses or girlfriends.) When I asked why she didn't ask for a grant to see if these astounding stats are true for a larger population, her reply was "Are you kidding?"

Episdoe 8 of Sherlock Holmes coming up inside a week>




Azadeh Azad


by Azadeh Azad on

Sorry to hear about your molestation sessions with Khanoum Maleki. She was certainly no Mrs. Robinson whose object of affection was a younger adult not a child for God’s sakes :-)) The good thing is that as adults we can transcend this kind of terrifying abuses anyway we want.

BTW, what happened to Sherlock Homles’ Daughter?




Pencils to draw manhood

by comrade on

We had a female teacher, for English. And, I remember in her classes  for some unknown reasons(!!),  the pencils used to fall down on the floor too often. We took turns for being in charge of  going on the floor to pick them up while staring at her thighs, and occasional peek at her panties. It was all to imitate a visual pleasure which was in fact still some years away from us.  


Pencil in question

by divaneh on

Lucky Ari, this sounds very erotic. I would have been more careful with that pencil. 

Ari Siletz

Reverse Lolitas

by Ari Siletz on

Thank you friends. For your review, here's a list (with pictures and all) of over one hundred female teachers who are in trouble for giving sextra credit to their male students.

  27 year old Science teacher Rebecca Bogard text message to teen student: "I love you, yeah it was the best, which night was the best 4 you, I'm sensitive but not sore, you were good."

34 year old Julie Pritchett, an Alabama teacher slept with the whole 8 member baseball team (and a few others apparently)!

Some explain the female teacher's psychology as a desire to go back to her own high school years and getting the "Carrie" out of their system by sleeping with the popular boys. 


Does this happen with pre-teen boys in the US? Some physical abuse by foster mothers can have sexual motives as may have been the case with "Khanoum Maleki." But I assume sexual pathologies are different in Iran. For example, the "Carrie" syndrome isn't really relevant in Iran.

By the way, "Khanoum Maleki" sorta looked like Marcy Fisher in the above list of reverse Humberts.



آقای آری


این خانوم معلم شمارو به عنوان مداد بین پاهای خودش فشار میداد.  فکرش رو بکن اون چه دردی می‌کشید. حتما بعدش هم جفتتون سیگار میکشیدین. 


Can't say I blame you Ari

by Cost-of-Progress on

I'd have talked my head off too during her class just to "endure" the punishment......In fact, I'd have never shut up!




Darius Kadivar

OOOOOOOOOOuf Ari Jaan ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Now I have to admit That Was a Blasting MAdelaine. All the more that It comes in Pairs 2 ;0) 


PS: Anahid Jaan Thanks ;0)

Anahid Hojjati

Dear DK, maybe it was just about Lavashak

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear DK, Lavashak was so popular with Iranian kids that just the fact that she was eating it and you could not, was punishment enough.  I don't think there was anything erotic in it .  DK jan, I find your lavashak story very cute.

Ari Siletz

Darius, my Madeleine

by Ari Siletz on

The "don't blow! suck!"  scene from Amarcord is my "Madeline de Proust" trigger for the memories in this blog. I'm sure you know which scene I'm talking about. But here it is for folks who haven't seen it. The scene starts at 07:20 in the clip.


Darius Kadivar

Cute ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Funny and sweet story Ari Jaan,

I recall one of my teachers whom I had a crush on, she was called Mrs. Sacket and was something of a Hippie and used to have an Iranian boyfriend artist.

She kept distributing LAVASHAK to us when we were kind. When we misbehaved Our punishment was to watch her suck on the lavashak while giving us a dictee and saying this is delicious while we were saliving ...

Was that some way of giving us a pre puberty erotic lesson ? ... I'll never know but whenever I eat lavashak it seems to have that "Madeleine de Proust" effect on me ;0)

Ali P.

No such luck....

by Ali P. on

Thanks for rubbing it in!!

Some guys have all the luck (Ari, Kamran)

Some guys have all the pain(Ali P.)
Some guys get all the breaks( JJ)
Some guys do nothing but complain...( hamsadeh?)



hamsade ghadimi

psycho-erotic teacher

by hamsade ghadimi on

that seems to be one weird punishment.  i can't even visualize it: legs between her thighs, face in her boobs, while she was administering the pencil punishment.  i've seen the pencil punishment and it was straightforward: stand in front of the teacher and he would just press the crap of someone's finger, tears, begging, .... but no boobs and lipsticks.  thank goodness it never happened to me, even if i had her as a teacher.

Ari Siletz

Fourth grade, oktaby

by Ari Siletz on

"Kamran" and I were actually terrified of getting caught talking during "Khanoum Maleki's" class. Her molestation sessions appear erotic to us only in hindsight. 


was it early or late elementary school?

by oktaby on

You and kamran sound a bit too aware for elementary kids. That you still have him as a friend to discuss school erotica is plain enviable. I wish I still were in touch with my schoolmates from Nahal-e- No.

I wonder if Khanoom Maleki enjoyed the punishment as much as you did :)