Boycott Kish Air

Boycott Kish Air
by areyo barzan

A few days ago on the flight from Tehran to Kish the head steward of Kish Air who is a Greek man has called Persian Gulf by the fraudulent name of Arabian Gulf.

When the passengers protested to this name change on the map inside the aircraft and by the head steward this man have started to insult the passengers and he even threatened them that he would get them arrested upon arrival to destination.

Also when the pilot found out about this raw he has taken the side of this foreigner steward.

It is now the duty of every patriot Iranian to boycott Kish Air. Any one who travels with Kish Air is a traitor selling the name of The Persian Gulf and apart of his home land with it he would be betraying his own identity.

Kish are should be brought to bankruptcy to teach a lesson to the rest of these stooges


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by amirkabear4u on

Do you have any evidence on this incident?

Because if you do we maybe able to do something.


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