Trita Parsi and NIAC for Sale to the Highest Bidder!


arash Irandoost
by arash Irandoost
Trita Parsi and NIAC for Sale to the Highest Bidder!

Posted by Arash Irandoost

On February 22, 2012 Trita Parsi of NIAC participated in a panel discussion at Woodrow Wilson Center about Iran, Israel and the Arabs. Trita stated that he does not foresee an Israeli attack on Iran in 2012. It is noteworthy that his opinion about the topic is in sharp contrast to the war-talk and hysteria that we have been seeing from NIAC/CASMII and other like-minded contributors on Source:Trita Parsi in the Lion's Den

PDMI has always maintained that the "Sky is falling" rhetoric of Iranian lobby (NIAC, CASMII, AIC, CAIR) and American anti-war left is designed to distract from Islamic Republic's nuclear program, its gross human rights violations, or prevailing crisis of the moment created by IRI, such as a plot to kill Saudi's Ambassador. 

In a more sinister way, by manufacturing crises of imminent war, IRI lobby, in part funded by Oil Companies, has helped with the escalation of oil prices which mutually serves Oil Tycoons, Obama's and IRI's interests.  Obama wants for oil to remain high to justify the need for alternative energy, it is  a part of his energy policy.   The US oil conglomerate also benefits hugely for high oil prices. IRI needs for oil prices to remain above $80 per barrel to break even and continue supporting the its Basij operation in Syria, Taliban, and Iraqi and Afghani insurgents.

Also, considering that more than 75% of IRI income is derived from oil exports and that IRI relies heavily on high oil prices to support its terrorism, expand its Islamic ideology beyond Iran's borders and crushing its dissidents, it is natural to see why IRI lobby, whose very aim is the survival of the regime, has been hard at work within the past decade (off and on) hyping the threat of imminent war by Israel and the US against Iran.

Trita's repetitive mail-outs since its inception and especially within the past 6 months warning of imminent war is only too fresh and plenty of documentation exists to prove NIAC and CASMII's efforts to scare Iranians and make Israel and the US and Iranian pro-democracy groups look as war mongers. Now, Trita does not foresee any war! Why the change?

Iranians and for that matter Americans should have plenty of reasons to view Trita's (the so called Iran expert) 180 degree turn with skepticism. PDMI views Trita as an intellectually dishonest Islamist and a despicable character and an opportunist who has made a religion out of making money and could care less about the plight of Iranians and their suffering under the criminal regime. Lately, NIAC has also been approaching the Republican establishment, perhaps sensing Obama as a "one-term" president.  It also looks like that behind the scene, Obama and IRI have cut a deal.  IRI, to ensure its survival, it might seem like that it is willing to sacrifice Bashar al Asad.  IRI is notorious for throwing its friends and allies under the bus once they have exhausted their usefulness.

Or it just might be that, Trita is no longer serves a good purpose by the IRI and the regime no longer sees him as its "useful idiot."  I reference the scathing criticism of Trita's recent book by the Leveretts known as lobby for the Ahmadinejad's camp.

There certainly seems to be a rift between Trita and his masters and Trita is shopping for a new master. Interestingly, a week ago, one of NIAC's protege ambassadors, Majid Rafizadeh, echoed similar anti-IRI remarks and advocated for sanctions and intervention on Syria, IRI staunch ally in the Middle East, I guess to set the stage. Interesting NIAC has in the past claimed that sanctions do not work and has advocated for dialogue and diplomacy with criminals! Again, why the change?

PDMI has always maintained that NIAC is a lobby organization and as such it is for sale to the highest bidder.  Maybe NIAC has found a more lucrative customer for its lobby business: Saudi Arabia or Israel come to mind- only time will tell.

NIAC's, lack of transparency and its leadership's turning of a blind eye to the crimes committed by IRI officials is nothing new to the Iranian American community. NIAC's 180 degree turns are also well known amongst the Iranian-Americans. It was not a long time ago that Trita claimed that "NIAC was not a human rights organization and it did not have the expertise." but when its leadership saw lucrative grants available for human rights and democracy funding, it made a 180 degree and became a human rights advocate, almost overnight.

Despicable Trita is famous for slandering brave Iranians fighting the regime as MEK operatives and for itsCyber Army attacks on Iranian political activists, which I believe is connected to and originated from Tehran's IRGC cyber attack enterprise (Mahdid's Army).  It will be interesting to see if Trita's throwing of the IRI under the bus this time around, is yet another clever ploy by Trita or a genuine "have seen the light" moment?  Iranians are once bitten twice shy about NIAC and its opportunist president Trita Parsi.  But one thing is for sure: NIAC's contradictions should never cease to amaze or surprise anyone and as the saying goes: Whichever way the wind blows, Trita will be there.

In a 2012 Survey of  over 2,500 Iranian Americans, 95% stated that they view Trita Parsi and NIAC are lobbyists for the Islamic Republic in Iran and only 4% believed that NIAC is a human rights organization. More than 1,300 have signed a facebook Cause demanding the investigation of NIAC for the violation of lobby rules and failing to register as a foreign agent. An earlier similar cause which had reached 2,600 cause members claiming that NIAC was a lobbyist for the Islamic Republic was shut down by NIAC's Cyber Army, in 2011.

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