President Obama, are you with the IRI criminals or with the Iranian people?


arash Irandoost
by arash Irandoost

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US Senator\’s against White House Policy on Islamic Republic

Under the heavy influence of the IRI lobby, President Obama and Secretary Clinton disregard the Iranian people’s wishesfor a regime change and their desire to establish a free, secular and democratic Iran.

President Obama’s continued appeasement of the criminal and rapist regime in Iran is reminiscent of President Carter 33 years ago under his misguided foreign policies toward Iran and perhaps the reason for the mess we are in toady.

PDMI applauds all those brave Senators such as Senators mark Kirk and Menendez and many others who pushed for the harshest sanctions including those against the Central Bank and oil import and exports. Selling oil is the lifeline of the criminal regime and as long as the rapist regime is allowed to sell oil at high prices, it will continue to violate human rights, build nuclear and chemical weapons and remain a serious threat to the world.

PDMI believes that the Islamic Republic cannot be reformed and delaying sanctions by five months is insulting and absurd and disregards the wishes of the Iranian people. Throwing such a lifeline, insisted by President Obama, will buy the regime adequate time to intimidate the world into silence by some devious measures such as, hostage taking (similar to Iran Hostage Crisis of Carter era) or some other deceptive means similar to cooperating with Al Qaeda on 9/11, or the foiled terror plot of the Saudi diplomat.

President Obama has turned his back on the Iranian people on several occasions. Time is of the essence. We urge President Obama to do the right thing and see mullahs for what they really are: uneducated, uncivilized, barbaric thugs and criminals: wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Ideologically-driven and politically-naive Mr. Obama needs to understand that the Middle East peace is not achievable under religious dictatorships such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He needs to come to terms with the proven fact that state and religion create a volatile mix with devastating consequences and push for the separation of “mosque and state” in order to achieve a long lasting peace, before Islam itself comes under attack.

Under the ill-conceived doctrine of Mr. Carter’s advisers such as Brzezinski, Iranians have paid a heavy price in their struggle for democracy for the past 33 years. The idea that Islam would be a preventor of spread of Marxism and Communism belongs to the old cold war era and has proven abysmal failure. Islamists and Communists have managed to set their differences aside and unite to fight the United States. China’s and Russia’s support of a barbaric regime so that they can continue to suck oil at ridiculous prices, on the backs of the Iranian people, is an insult to the very concept for the creations of the United Nations and makes a mockery of the Human Rights Charter.

It is time for the peace loving and democratic countries of the world to Stop Mullahs and Support the Iranian People: the brave freedom fighters who have been fighting this regime since its inception inside and outside of Iran.

Over one million educated, influential and active Iranians live in the United States, today. It is our duty as the citizens of the United States to support candidates who have stood by the Iranian pro democracy opposition groups and vote out of office those who have been given lip service to our aspirations to establish a free, democratic and secular Iran which can serve as a model for the Middle East and for Iran to take its rightful place among the civilized nations of the world.

Long Live Freedom!

Long Live Iran!

Today Syria, Tomorrow Iran!


Arash Irandoost- Founder, PDMI



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by BacheShirazi on

Obama is with America, not the Islamic republic or the Iranian people. He wants to persue American interests in the middle east. That is all anyone can expect from a leader of any country.