Letter to PAAIA Regarding Inaccurate Article and NIAC's Campaign to Intimidate Iranian-Americans


arash Irandoost
by arash Irandoost

November 12, 2011

Saghi M. Agha Khan
Interim Executive Director
Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA)
1614 20th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

re: The Huffington Post's Inaccurate Article and NIAC's Campaign to Intimidate Iranian-Americans

Dear Ms. Saghi Agha Khan and Board of Directors of PAAIA,

I have read PAAIA's prospectus that the organization is involved in issues such as discrimination /civil rights (e.g., responding to complaints of harassment, anti-defamation, negative media stereotyping and PAAIA condemnation) "all acts of violence that result in the loss of civilian life and all acts of intimidation, coercion and violence that are intended to instill fear in the population at large..."

Dear PAAIA, I am Arash Irandoost, founder of Pro-Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI), an independent non-partisan political and human rights activist working towards establishing a secular democracy in our homeland, Iran, using the alias name for security reasons. On August 31, 2011, Mr. Shawn Amoie, National Iranian American Council’s (NIAC) Ambassador, wrote an article which was titled “Silencing the Moderate Middle” published in the Huffington Post, where he falsely, inaccurately and maliciously slandered me as a member of the MEK organization, an organization that is currently on the United State's Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list.

This is a serious, defamatory charge; a modus operandi of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), its President Trita Parsi and his associates who in the past intentionally have engaged in unprofessional conduct aiming to intimidate and silence, Iranian-American activists and opposition groups. Mr. Amoie did not provide any evidence for his claim in the article, leading me to believe that the Huffington Post did not conduct a thorough examination before it published the slanderous and inaccurate article.

For the record, I have never been affiliated with said organization during my thirty plus years of residency and citizenship in the United States, nor prior to the revolution of 1978 when MEK was active inside Iran.

I have made several attempts since the publication of this article to correct the inaccuracies and falsehoods of the published material, but to no avail.

I urge PAAIA to check into this matter. I respectfully request PAAIA to ask that the Huffington Post conduct a comprehensive inquiry about the veracity of my claim and demand that they publish an apology /correction letter and also take appropriate measures to ensure that it does not serve as a platform to defame and slander other Iranian-Americans and intimidate them into silence, in the future.

If proven that NIAC and its President maliciously attempted to slander me, I ask that PAAIA condemn NIAC and its President Trita Parsi for engaging in such lowly and unprofessional conduct.

Thanking you in advance, I remain.


Arash Irandoost, Ph.D.


Pouria Abbassi - General Manager and CEO of the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC)
Mina Amir-Mokri - Partner, Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP
Mary Bavafa - Education Consultant, Former Community Relations Specialist Marymount College
Hamid Biglari - Vice-Chairman, Citicorp|Citigroup
Ali Ebrahimi - Chairman and CEO, Ersa Grae
Nazie Eftekhari - Founder, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of HealthEZ, Inc.
Majid Fateh - Founder and Medical Director of the New York Fertility Institute
Tamilla Ghodsi - Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Forough Hosseini - (Vice Chairman of the Board) - Senior Vice President of Information Systems, ICI Homes
Yousef Javadi - CEO, President and Co-Founder of LiveTimeNet Inc.
Mariam Khosravani - Executive Director, Coastline Community College Foundation
Akbar A. Lari - President,The Claremont Group
Mohsen Moazami - Corporate Vice-President of the Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems Inc.
Ali Mojdehi (Chairman of the Board) - Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP
Firouz Naderi - Director for Solar System Exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Francis Najafi - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pivotal Group
Sanam Quraishi - Founder and CEO of SVQF, Member of the Clinton Global Initiative
Nariman Teymourian - Chairman and CEO, Gale Technologies, Inc.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Without taking sides

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

There is nothing illegal about lying. Romney lied through his teeth about Obama in a recent ad. All the politicians; businesses and others lie. It is the norm not the exception here.  

arash Irandoost

پس ما از این انشاء نتیجه میگیریم

arash Irandoost

Dear Iranian.com readers:  

I am disappointed that certain misfits, rather than opting to have a healthy debate, try to obfuscate and distract and by doing so, they dig a deeper grave for themselves.

This letter is to PAAIA about a violated right commitetd  by NIAC, Trita and his mafia who conned the Huffington Post  to publish a baseless article attempted to slander me by falsely conecting me to MEK, without any evidence.

I felt that PAAIA could be used as a positive force to challenge both NIAC and his minions and Huffington Post and gain some credibilty and respect among us Iranian Americans, in return. 

Many tried to distract, with the exceptions of a few, who asked pertinent questions about my letter and request.

As distractions came fast and furious, I disputed any and all with credible evidence. I was able to prove that:

Trita is a misfit, a liar and a cheat. Unfortunately many ill-informed and gullible Iranians have not come to terms with this reaity-they will- when he lands in jail-much like Bob Ney and NIAC will be shut down much like the Alavi Foundation and PARSA. 

Trita did not have authorization and approval of the Dallas Press Club and The World Affairs Council.  I met with their Boards and have all thh details. He lied about them as his sponsors and should be held accountable. I cannot sue NIAC for that, they should.

Trita lied about me and my wife being "booted out."  

He stated as before that we were "booted out"...we proved him wrong-unless you think the Mrs. Koohgilani Editor of Shahrvand is lying as well ... as she stated I got up and left.  Since it was a waste of time-Trita refused to answer my questions-there was no point to stay-I have heard his crapollah before-there was no need to sit and waste my time.  I simply wanted my question answered and he knew where I was going to take him in front of 80 plus Iranian-Americans. They got a chance to see real Trita in action and did not like it. They smelled a big rat, he can no longer hold such meetings in public and hides in some IRI apologist houses.  I challenge him to have another public meeting-I will pay for space to accomodate him provided that he answers our questions fair and square, without censorship.

I have three important and credible write ups of the vent and many eye witness accounts. 

Parvin Koohgilani is the first one-since Sharvand is the largest print newspaper in US and Canada.  Those who get it should check out Volume 21, No 945 Friday March 11, 2011.  I have copies and can  mail you. Just give me you mailing address. I have my own Article in Farsi as well recounting the shameful ordeal.

Of course, when the Kitchen gets too hot  as it has time and again, Trita and his minions cannot stand the heat and bail out -LOL

پس ما از این انشاء نتیجه میگیریم 

In conclusion: 

It is time to see the criminal regime for what it is: A criminal and rapist regime- this regime will fall like many before it-since Iranians will continue their struggle till they get what they want: A free, secular and democratic Iran. That is what I am fighting for.  When the regime falls-there will be plenty of documents showing who was whom within the past 33 years and IMO that is a nightmare scenario they (lobbyist and IRI apologists, and Iranian fat cats) have nightmares about and are trying hard to avoid.  They are doing everything in their power to ensure regime's survival (not because they care any more about this criminal regime) they do it to save their own skin and by doing so, they are dragging Iran toward a disaterous War.

 Arash Irandoost


Now getting back to why I posted the letter on Iranian.com, any suggestion as to how I should proceed?  Any conscientious lawyers out there?  They can have all the proceeds.  Somebody had states ACLU.  I think it is a great idea. Any suggestions or contacts you have there? Thanks. 


Good night, Ari

by MM on

You better get out of here before Wally the Thurd and Safarkhan start their smoke machine and throw crap at you.  

Walton K. Martin III

Dear Mr. Siletz

by Walton K. Martin III on

Answered below.

Walton K. Martin III

Bebakshid Mr. Siletz?

by Walton K. Martin III on

Dear Mr. Siletz and Billy Bob Parsi,

No one barged in, they were invited in.  No one disrupted the forum, they wrote a statement on an index card according to NIAC's policy and asked a question in regard to the statement, which was read and twisted out of context by Parsi's staff.  When told, that it was not the question submitted, Parsi and his crew refused to read it properly, which again, was very deceitful of them toward the audience.

I will ask it a again here and now in my own words and relying on available information taken under oath from Parsi or from Parsi's own computers.

Billy Bob Parsi, as a misappropriator of grant monies (NIAC internal memo from your PC), a tax cheat (Your deposition under oath), a liar, (here now and during your deposition), with your connections to agents of the IRI (Iranian Mission at the UN by your own admission) and not actually being an Iranian-American, do you really believe that you could possibly represent over 750,000 more honorable, law abiding and honest Iranian-Americans than yourself, who pay their taxes and do not steal Federal Grant funds?

Just answer the question without all your BS and don't be a coward in front of the people you supposedly represent.  Come sign in on your real name.  Let us air it all out in front of your peers.  Don't hide behind ficticious ID's and have your "Internet Response Team" (NIAC internal memo from your PC) slither in and attack honest and law abiding Iranians and Americans that question your ethics, of which, by your testimony and internal memos, you seem to have none.

Walt Martin

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I make no attempt to critique here, as the blog is its own refutation. I addressed W.K.M III because it seemed the blogger had misled him about the laws of his own country. 

arash Irandoost

MM, Oh really ?

by arash Irandoost on

Here is an excerpt from Parvin Koohgilani editor of Shahrvand.  She clearly observes my conduct and that Trita is lying and I was not escorted out and I am telling the truth, she says: That I and my wife left the session and were not "booted out" as Trita falsely claims.  Further proof that Tritas lies, lacks integrity and honesty and does not qualify to represent Iranian-Americans:

که خود او همراه همسرش جلسه را ترک کردند 



 که مواظب رفتارشان باشند و هیچ کس اجازه ندارد از این برنامه عکس یا ویدئو تهیه کند و یا برنامه را ضبط کند و هر حرفی و یا صحبتی در این اتاق گفته و یا شنیده می شود اینجا می ماند و از این اتاق بیرون نمی رود و اگر کسی موافق این قوانین نیست میتواند جلسه را ترک کند. من که به عنوان یک گزارشگر رفته بودم با معرفی خود و اینکه اگر من اجازه نداشته باشم که گزارشی از این برنامه تهیه کنم پس دلایلی برای حضور در این جلسه ندارم و به عنوان اعتراض محل را ترک کردم. در خارج از جلسه دو تن از برگزار کنندگان با پوزش از من خواستند که به جلسه برگردم ، و گفتند که مسئول جلسه شما را نشناخته شما می توانید کار خودتان را انجام دهید. من مجددا به سالن برگشتم.

در پایان صحبتهای تریتا پارسی فرد مسئول جلسه بریان مارک ریچ به پشت میکروفون رفت تا این بار به همه حاضران متذکر شود که فقط سئوالات به صورت کتبی پذیرفته میشود و هیچ کس حق حرف زدن و یا سئوال کردن شفایی ندارد. در این زمان یکی از اعضای کمیته برگزاری به جمع کردن سئوالات پرداخت.

چند سئوال اول فقط در مورد نایاک و سابقه کاری نایک بود . پس از آن برایان به خواندن سئوالی پرداخت که یکی از حاضرین به اعتراض گفت که این سئوال من هست و شما درست این سئوال را نخواندهید ، اجازه بدهید من خودم سئوال را بخوانم که با مخالفت مسئول جلسه روبرو شد.  او پیشنهاد کرد که هر دو آنها میتوانند به بیرون جلسه بروند و سئوال کننده آنرا به او توضیح دهدو ایشان دوباره به سالن برگشته و سئوال را مطرح خواهد کرد . در این زمان فرد سئوال کننده گفت چه اشکالی دارد که من خودم سئوال را مطرح کنم که مسئول جلسه از او خواست که صحبت نکند و به از پلیس حاضر در جلسه خواست که او را از جلسه بیرون کند که خود او همراه همسرش جلسه را ترک کردند.

arash Irandoost

Parvin Koohgilani, Shahrvand جلسه تیرتا پارسی و نایاک در دالاس

arash Irandoost

This was written by Parvin koohgilani, editor of Shahrvand.  The reporter who tried to leave in objection.  So that there will not be any doubt about the vercity of my claims.  Trita and his thugs have forgotten that they do not live in Iran.  I have two more eyewitness accounts to follow, expressing their disgust at Trita and NIAC, further proof that he does not qualified to represnt Iranian-Americans: You can contact Mrs. Koohgilani at Shahrvand to verify. Arash      //zardpages.com/event_niac.html    جلسه تیرتا پارسی و نایاک در دالاس

من درد در رگانم 
حسرت در استخوانم
چیزی نظیر آتش در جانم پیچید 
سر تا سر وجود مرا 
چیزی بهم فشرد
تا قطره ای به تفته گی خورشید 
جوشید از دو چشمم 1
شنبه 26 فوریه مراسم سخنرانی تریتا پارسی در شهر پلینو در دالاس برگزار شد.
اطلاعیه این برنامه بدون ذکر سخنران برنامه فقط با آرم نایاک و عکسی از تریتا پارسی از چند روز قبل از برنامه در دالاس پخش شد.
این برنامه با همکاری و دعوت  انجمن همبستگی – شورای روابط جهانی – کانون دموکراتیک ایرانیان دالاس و مرکز صلح برگزار شده بود. 
در شروع برنامه فردی بنام (برایان مارک ریچ)2 برنامه را شروع کرد. او سخنان خود را این گونه آغاز کرد که از همه انتظار دارد که مواظب رفتارشان باشند و هیچ کس اجازه ندارد از این برنامه عکس یا ویدئو تهیه کند و یا برنامه را ضبط کند و هر حرفی و یا صحبتی در این اتاق گفته و یا شنیده می شود اینجا می ماند و از این اتاق بیرون نمی رود و اگر کسی موافق این قوانین نیست میتواند جلسه را ترک کند. من که به عنوان یک گزارشگر رفته بودم با معرفی خود و اینکه اگر من اجازه نداشته باشم که گزارشی از این برنامه تهیه کنم پس دلایلی برای حضور در این جلسه ندارم و به عنوان اعتراض محل را ترک کردم. در خارج از جلسه دو تن از برگزار کنندگان با پوزش از من خواستند که به جلسه برگردم ، و گفتند که مسئول جلسه شما را نشناخته شما می توانید کار خودتان را انجام دهید. من مجددا به سالن برگشتم.
چکیده ای از صحبتهای تریتا پارسی: محور صحبتهای پارسی در ارتباط با تلاش های ایران و آمریکا در ایجاد رابطه در ده سال اخیر و همچنین مسئله تاسیسات اتمی ایران بود. او اشاره کرد که مسئله دسترسی ایران به انرژی هستی به سابقه  50 ساله دارد و در زمان محمد رضا شاه ملیونها دلار صرف آن شد. بعد از انقلاب خمینی ، اما علاقه ای به ادامه این پروژه نداشت . بعد از او در زمان خامنه ی تلاش برای از سر گرفتن این پروژه شروع شد . پارسی اضافه کرد که در زمان جورج بوش ایران چندین بار خواهان از سر گرفتن مذاکره شده بود ولی به علت سیاست عدم مذاکره با دشمن این هرگز به نتیجه نرسید . از طرف دیگر باراک اوباما با شعار و برنامه سیاسی کاملا متفاوت از بوش و با اعتقاد بر اینکه با همه باید مذاکره کرد حتی با دشمن ، در انتخابات برنده شد.
اوباما از همان ابتدا با فرستادن پیام نوروزی و در فرصت های مختلف علاقه آمریکا را برای مذاکره نشان داد ولی در ایران به علت مشکلات داخلی و بعد مسئله انتخابات ریاست جمهوری این تلاش ها به جایی نرسید و بعد از انتخابات در ایران این بار آمریکا علاقه ی به مذاکره با ایران نداشت. به نظر میرسد که این دو کشور تا کنون در آن واحد به ضرورت مذاکره نرسیدند  او همچنین  اضافه کرد که امروز مشکل در ارتباط با ایران مسئله حقوق بشر است نه دسترسی ایران به انرژی هسته ی.
در مجموع صحبتهای پارسی که با مهارت و تسلط به زبان انگلیسی به خوبی اجرا شد تکرار همان صحبتهایی بود که در چند سال اخیر در رسانه های آمریکایی  و ایرانی مرتب تکرار می شد و پیام  جدیدی برای شنیدن نداشت . 
در پایان صحبتهای تریتا پارسی فرد مسئول جلسه بریان مارک ریچ به پشت میکروفون رفت تا این بار به همه حاضران متذکر شود که فقط سئوالات به صورت کتبی پذیرفته میشود و هیچ کس حق حرف زدن و یا سئوال کردن شفایی ندارد. در این زمان یکی از اعضای کمیته برگزاری به جمع کردن سئوالات پرداخت.
چند سئوال اول فقط در مورد نایاک و سابقه کاری نایک بود . پس از آن برایان به خواندن سئوالی پرداخت که یکی از حاضرین به اعتراض گفت که این سئوال من هست و شما درست این سئوال را نخواندهید ، اجازه بدهید من خودم سئوال را بخوانم که با مخالفت مسئول جلسه روبرو شد.  او پیشنهاد کرد که هر دو آنها میتوانند به بیرون جلسه بروند و سئوال کننده آنرا به او توضیح دهدو ایشان دوباره به سالن برگشته و سئوال را مطرح خواهد کرد . در این زمان فرد سئوال کننده گفت چه اشکالی دارد که من خودم سئوال را مطرح کنم که مسئول جلسه از او خواست که صحبت نکند و به از پلیس حاضر در جلسه خواست که او را از جلسه بیرون کند که خود او همراه همسرش جلسه را ترک کردند.
در حاشیه:
آفتاب مفهوم  بی‌دریغِ عدالت بود و
آنان به عدل شیفته بودند و
با آفتاب گونه ای
آنان را
اینگونه دل فریفته بودند !!3  

از همان ابتدای ورود به محل برگزاری جلسه کاملا مشهود بود که برگزارکنندکان بشدت نگران بودند که این برنامه که با برنامه که همزمان با اعتراض جدی عده ای  به حضور تریتا پارسی در دالاس بود ، اجرا نشود . برای همین با پیش بینی قبلی دو پلیس را در محل گذاشته بودند و با کسانی که گمان می کردند که ممکن هست برایشان مشکل ایجاد کنند اتمام حجت کردند ، که یا مقرارات ما را رعایت کنید در غیر این صورت بهتر است که در جلسه حضور پیدا نکنید.
فضای داخل سالن بسیار پلیسی و غیر دموکراتیک بود .وجود پلیس در سالن باعث می شد که احساس امنینت و آرامشی که لازمه یک جلسه سیاسی بود از حاضرین گرفته شود. 
فرد انتخاب شده برای ریاست جلسه هیچ گونه انعطافی در مقابل حاضرین نداشت و کاملا مشخص بود که به او گفته شده که با عدم انعطاف کامل جلسه را اداره کند و به هیچ کس اجازه نظر شفاهی و اعتراض ندهد . او هم با تحکم  به حاضرین گوشزد میکرد که اگر قوانین این جلسه را رعایت نکنید از جلسه اخراج می شوید .
روی سخن من در ارتباط با شکل و محتوی این جلسه است : 
بیاد ندارم که در جلسه ی بوده باشم که برگزارکنندکانش از حاضرین بخواهند که از برنامه عکس گرفته نشود، برنامه ضبط نشود و یا هر چه در جلسه گفته و شنیده شود از سالن بیرون برده نشود و همین جا بماند. نمی دانستم که اینجا که قرار بود که جلسه سیاسی باشد  که در آن بحث و مجادله و گفتگو امری عادی است و یا جلسه تاپ سیکرت که هیچ اطلاعتی نباید بیرون برده شود.
مگر آقای پارسی چه می خواست بگوید که نباید مدرکی از آن به بیرون درز می کرد؟ یا اینکه ایشان قصد دارد انطوری که  مایل هستند از این برنامه و حضورشان در بین ایرانیان دالاس استفاده کنند و هیچ مدرکی از صحبتهای ایشان در جایی وجود نداشته باشد که احیانا مجبور به جواب گویی شوند ؟
و یا حتما از استقبال بی نظیر و گرم ایرانیان دالاس از ایشان در واشنگتن گفنه شود.
آنچه برای من به عنوان یک سئوال مطرح است این است که چگونه میشود که یک کمیته که متشکل از  کسانی است که سابقه مبارزاتی علیه بی عدالتی ونقض هر گونه آزادی بیان و اندیشه داشتند ،  تن به برگزاری چنین جلسه ای دادند . با چه منطقی میشود پذیرفت که پس از بیش از سی سال مبارزه برعلیه نقض آشکار حقوق انسانی در ایران ، حق آزادی بیان ، حق اعتراض و حق پرسیدن و زیر سئوال بردن کسانی که خود را نماینده جامعه ایرانی میداند و همه جا خود را به عنوان سخنران ما معرفی میکنند از مردم گرفته شود و با ایجاد فضای بسته و غیر دمکراتیک این امکان چه از حاضرین و چه از رسانه های عمومی سلب شود. 
این نوع برگزاری جلسات سنت غلطی است و باید از آن انتقاد کرد و نه اینکه اینور و آن ور از آن به عنوان نمونه ای موافق اشاره داشت. 
و اما نکته آخر در مورد آقای تریتا پارسی: 
مشکل بسیاری با آقای پارسی این نیست که ایشان ضد جنگ ، ضد تحرم اقتصادی و خواهان رابطه ایران و آمریکا است . ایشان و سازمان نایاک نه اولین و نه تنها سازمانی بودند که با حمله نظامی به ایران و یا تحریم اقتصادی مخالفت کردند.  مشکل با آقای پارسی در شکل  انجام این کار است.
 بسیاری از ایرانیان ساکن آمریکا مانند بسیاری در سراسر جهان با حمله  نظامی به ایران مخالف هستند، هر چند که امروز پروژه نظامی موافقان زیادی ندارد. بخش عمده ای هم با تحریم مخالف هستند حتی میشود پذیرفت که بخشی هم با ارتباط ایران و آمریکا موافق هستند و همه این گروها و افراد حق دارند که اینچنین فکر کنند و هیچ ایرادی به آنها نسیت بلکه اختلاف نظر سیاسی  میباشد.
 آنچه آقای پارسی و سازمان نایاک را از این گروه ها جدا میکند این است که آقای پارسی از طریق ارتباط با ایران و لابی گری برای ایران میخواهد به هدفش برسد. واز ما ایرانیان ساکن آمریکا به عنوان وسیله ای برای رسیدن به هدفش استفاده می کند. ایشان بخوبی آگاه هستند که عشق و علاقه ایرانیان به صلح و امنینت مردم در ایران آنان را به آن سو سوق می دهد که مخالف با حمله نظامی باشند . ملاقات با مقامات جمهوری اسلامی و نقش واسطه را بازی کردن و به آنها پیشنهاد عمل کردن که باید با چه کسانی در کنگره آمریکا صحبت کنند ، اما از جنس دیگری است. اینجا است که راه آقای پارسی و سازمان نایاک از بسیاری دیگر که هم مخالف حمله نظامی و هم مخالف جدی جمهوری اسلامی ایران است از هم جدا میشود .
سئولات زیادی بود که در جلسه آقای پارسی بی جواب ماند .....
شعر با چشمها از احمد شاملو
2 - -Bryan Mark Rigg is an American author and speaker who received his PhD from Cambridge University. He is based atSouthern Methodist University in Dallas. He identifies himself today as Jewish,[4] and studied in Israel at the "Ohr Sameach"Yeshiva. He also joined a short volunteer program at the Israeli army. He is author of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers. 
شعر با چشمها از احمد شاملو




by MM on

These guys do what they please and as soon as someone says "baalaaye cheshmet abroost", they scream "naneh man ghareebam".  For a while now, AI has been screaming about the long-arm tactics and NIAC trying to shut up Iranian-Americans.  But, as soon as someone tells them to hold on a second, they bring reinforcements to throw crap at the wall to see if it sticks.  

Meanwhile, 80 percent of AI's blogs and his own site are about NIAC and TP and how they are agents of IRI, almost to the point of being OCD.  They ignored my call to send their evidence to the FBI.  Now, as soon as Shawn's HP article (!) calls him an MEK in disguise, he screams foul.

I am not even going to flag those remarks about me so that everyone sees what a fraud these guys are.

arash Irandoost

Please one step at a time ...

by arash Irandoost on

Lets ask why Trita Parsi lied about two of the sponsors, first.

I am sure that you are not disputing the event sponsors...are you? Giveme your email and I will forward all my correspondence with the Dalals Press Club and World Affair Council with you.

Question: Why did niac lie about event sponsors?

Any takers?


arash Irandoost

Trita Parsi your lies are catching up with you

by arash Irandoost on

Trita, do not try to change the subject and distract.      You had listed four sponsors. Two of them never gave me an answer and the other two said they had never heard of you or NIAC.     Question:  Why did you lie about their sponsorship?   Please answer that and I have a couple of more questions to share and more documents to post.   Mind you they were 80 people and even Parvin Koohgilani the editor of Sharvand that tried to leav in objection, wrote a nasty and disgusting piece about you and what she witnessed in Sharvand I I have a copy of that as well) to refresh your memory (LO).     She is a credible newsreproter and saw all this and can verify that, not only I was not booted out, but I was exremely composed and polite, as I always am, and left the meeting stating that "there was no point for me/us to stay, since you were refusing to answer my question"  Me, my wife and a quest (eye witness) voluntarily got up and left.  There were 80 people there. About 10 other left in objection as well.   I am glad you are denying this.  Since I am going to share this with those who attended the meeting, so that they also will realize how much of a con artist and deceitful liar you and your ilk are.    Question again that I  and Iranian.com readers ought to know.   Why did you falsely advertise Dallas Press Club and World Affaris Council as the event sponsors?    Please answer the question.  So that we can procced!    

Ari Siletz

W.K.Martin III, a correction.

by Ari Siletz on

You can't disrupt a meeting on private property using the First Amendment free speech clause as your excuse. Since you are complaining about a Texas NIAC event, you may start with Republican Party of Texas v. Dietz. You can only claim free speech infingement against action by a state entity (government) or an entity reasonably associated with the state. There is no Constitutional right that allows you to barge into someone's private property and do whatever you want.

What you are demanding is "Baseej" rights. Sorry, not in a free country.


WOW, baby - here comes reinforcements

by MM on

Why don't you bring the rest of your 3500 membership to help you!  That is, if they can let go of their walkers and canes to grab a computer.

Look at the video you posted again.  That has been my only source (Ms. Hengameh Afshar regarding NIAC (Trita Parsi) February 26 2010 in Dallas Texas.avi ,//www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdm_sHrUoew).


Walton K. Martin III

Not So Fast MM: Habitual Liar and Admitted Tax Cheat

by Walton K. Martin III on


Is this not Trita Parsi's sign at the 'CENTER FOR AMERICAN AND INTERNATIONAL LAW' at 5201 Democracy Drive, Plano, Texas that was conveniently and temporarily posted for NIAC's event?


Ironically, this message is an infringement on the press and the people and something I would expect to see posted in Russia, China or Iran, not at a public event in Texas, at a center which promotes American and International law. 

This is not Iran Mr. Parsi and your thugs won't be tolerated here.  As Dr. Irandoost previously stated, many left your meeting in disgust at your refusal to answer questions posed after you yourself invited Iranian-Americans and the audience to submit them.  Your inapropriately rude comments directed at Dr. Irandoost and others in the audience about the MEK, who found your nonsense and Nazi like behavior  unacceptable and decided to leave, were right in doing so. 

You disrupted your own event by first requesting that a reporter not take photo's or notes at your public event and then by innapropriately disregarding the audiences questions that didn't suit you or your IRI agenda.

Furthermore, are these not your advertisements for the event?  Do they not list your sponsors, two of whom, have adamantly denied participation, support or any knowledge of permission granted to Terita or NIAC to use their organizations names as sponsors of your event?

Do not try to twist Dr. Irandoost words to suit your shameful acts of treason against both the US and the innocent imprisoned Iranians in Iran.  Your anti-semitism and hate of America have been well documented all over the Internet Billy Bob.

I personally invite you to get the hell out of my free country and take the rest of your NIAC Nazi trash with you.  You were spawned from an egg of evil and deceit and you are a pathological liar.  You are a disgrace to the Iranians who have recently been murdered in the streets of Iran by the brutal dictators you and your organization support by trying to circumvent santions at every twist and turn,  sanctions that truly hamper the IRI's ability to conduct acts of terrorism and murder all over the globe.  You do not care one damn bit about the Iranians suffering, all you care about is lining your pockets with blood money from the IRI thugs in Tehran.

You Billy Bob Parsi are a traitor to your own people, the majority of which, already despise you and what you stand for.

No Regards,

Walton K. Martin III - Director

The Iran Information Project



"facts" were taken from video AI supposedly posted on YouTube

by MM on

My last post was taken from the video that was referred to be Arash.  The YouTube video (Ms. Hengameh Afshar regarding NIAC (Trita Parsi) February 26 2010 in Dallas Texas.avi  ,//www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdm_sHrUoew) was Uploaded by on Mar 16, 2011, and in it:


"Kaveh222" says, in the description: "I had prepared a series of typewritten questions with supportive evidence from Trita Parsi own internal documents obtained in a lawsuit against Mr. Hassan Dai......... I was labeled as "trouble maker." Bryan Mark Rigg then proceeded to instruct one of the police officers to escort me out...... me and my wife got up and proceeded to leave."

So, Kaveh222 and his wife were booted out of the meeting. 


In the description of the video above, , the person who was boothed out of the meeting, along with his wife, due to his inappropriate behavior, states in the description that: "This event was sponsored by Iranian Democratic Society of Dallas, The World Affairs Council, The Dallas Press Club and Dallas Peace Center."



Also, around minute 11:50 of the video, Mrs. Hengameh Afshar states: Arash Irandoost's question was actually 2 statements and 5 questions, and the American moderator misrepresented AI's question which brought about the objections of Arash Irandoost.....

And, so, Arash Irandoost and his wife were escorted/booted out.


Mrs. Hengameh Afshar in the YouTube link above also states that when a real reporter objected to the rules, special accomodations were made for her since she was a genuine reporter, I guess. 

So, why didn't the organizers boot out the reporter?  Either the organizers did not like your haircut (!), or may be someone thought that this was a Laleh-zar cafe and they could "kafe ro shooloogh konand"?


The series of strings above, taken from the same AI's YouTube video/description/reference, suggests that and arash Irandoost are most likely the same person, unless two people and their wives were booted out of the Dallas meeting, which is highly unlikely due to the description of the meeting by Mrs. Afshar in the video.  If so, my statement were based on facts in the YouTube video, or Kaveh222 and Mrs. Afshar were just BSing. 

You just didn't think that the IC readers were smart enough to actually watch the video, read the description, and put 2 and 2 together.


arash Irandoost

vildemose: It depends

by arash Irandoost on

It depends of the circumstances: for example for you are under oath.  I am not a lawyer.

But this I know, it is very unethical. Ethics is not Trita's strong suit. He has lied about so many things and so many time-one does not know  where to start.  Give me your email and I will send you his court documents and you can judge for yourself.


I am sure Dallas Press Club and World Affairs Council could sue NIAC for lying, if they wanted to...but perhpas see it as a waste of time.

I am proving beyond the shadow of doubt that NIAC lied about advertised event (perhaps to make himself look big, get more people to show up..do not know what his real motivation was, I just called them to complain that Trita would not allow me ask questions).  Did not know that he did not have their approval.  Trita claimed that it was sponsored by these two and they clearly say he (Trita) lied about it.  (I have two local newspapers with his ads)

I have done my job, perhaps it is Trita's turn to explain.

Lets ask him. 

 تا سیه روی شود هر که دروغش باشد



Isn't that illegal to lie

by vildemose on

Isn't that illegal to lie about your sponsors?

Arash: Please provide your proof that MM is indeed TP.


"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

arash Irandoost

Trita Parsi Dallas Event lies is as Abaki as Sanctions Claim

by arash Irandoost on

Trita, ( I have documentation that MM is another IP to Trita Parsi)

Correction, there was no (Shollogh Poolooghi) I
was polite, composed and professional. I left the event voluntarily along with
10 or so Iranians after we realized that you did not have the courage to answer
my question.  

Here is the question I attempted to ask you, but
you refused to answer.  

Here, at Iranian.com, in front of everybody, and
here is the question again.  Please answer the question:


 Mr. Parsi,


It has been said that you are only as good as the company you keep.  You
have a propensity to associate with unsavory characters such as Roy Coffee and
David Di Stefano, who were investigated by the Justice Department for
activities conducted on behalf of former convicted Congressman from Ohio, Mr.
Bob Ney.



Roy Coffee and Di
Stefano arranged a trip for the Congressman to travel to London, where he met
with a Syrian arms dealer and a convicted felon, involved in a conspiracy to
circumvent United Nations sanctions and to sell prohibited aircraft parts to
the Iranian government.

Bob Ney pled guilty to
charges of making false statements and conspiracy in relation to lobbying and
bribery scandal and was sentenced to federal prison for 30 months.  More
specifically, Bob Ney received bribes from lobbyists and foreign businessmen, a
felon and an arms dealer (Fuad Al Zayat), in exchange for using his position to
advance their financial interests.


AIFC has charged NIAC
with 300 misrepresentations about your identity just in January alone. In a
recent memo to Coffee and Di Stefano you plan to use NIAC in a lobby enterprise
called NAIA aimed at opening up opportunities for trade but disguised by less
controversial issues  such as race, discrimination, racial profiling, 
yet you never admit being a lobbyist for the regime. My question is:

With such troubling
track record, conduct and murky affiliations, do you honestly think that you
are qualified to represent the Iranian-American community honorably, with
dignity, respect and integrity?



How many people did you turn away  because of their political
view points, that day in Plano, Texas?


Your thugs even stopped me at the door, before I
could enter the building.

The fact that the reporter had to leave in
objection as you admit here, proves my point that you wanted to censor the event.

1.  I have a photo that shows you did not
want photos or videos to be taken, what were you afraid of?, Iranian-Americans
that you purport to represent?


You lied about the event and said it was
sponsored by the Dallas Press Club and The World Affairs Council.  I
contacted both and they denied ever giving such permission to use their names
or sponsoring the event"

is the proof:




Titra Parsi from NIAC speaks on Iran and Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy
in the last 2 yearsسخنرانی تیترا پارسی  



Date & Time:
Saturday Feb 26, 2011 12:30 – 3 P.M.

Location: 5201 Democracy Dr. Plano TX 75024


Admission: $10.00


Here is my email to the
Press Club of Dallas and World Affairs Council:

From: Arash

Date: Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 9:57 PM

Subject: Re: Press Club Application

To: Paul Wahlstrom <pwahl1@verizon.net>

Dear Paul,

The event took place on February 26th here
in Plano, Texas and it was advertised in various Iranian media as a
"public" event, but there was nothing public about it as it highly
controlled. The first photo (see 1st link) which is a copy of one of the
advertisements clearly states that the  Dallas Press Club was
one of the (four) sponsors. Here are some links for some related


FYI, the lady in the video which was broadcast
on PARS TV (the largest Iranian ethnic television station)  is Mrs. 
Hengameh  Afshar a noted Iranian
journalist condemning NIAC and the sponsors.  There were also two articles
in Farsi in Shahrvand (a largely distributed) newspaper in Canada and
the US, plus a lot of Twitter and Facebook reaction to the event.

I will be more than happy to provide a more
detailed account of what transpired.  I sent an email in objection to Mr.
David  Dunnigan (Dallas Press Club)
President, but have not heard from him as of yet.

This is a matter of serious concern to the 
Iranian American community, considering the way this public meeting was handled
by NIAC and sponsors in attendance.  Please check with other members at
your club to see who sponsored it and how it was done.

I will be glad to meet with you in person alone
or along with other Iranians who objected to the meeting.  




I have a more detailed
account of what transpired and will be glad to share with you.  Here is an
article that I have prepared which I plan to send for publication in the
English speaking media.


Here is the email from
The Press Club President Mr. David Dunnigan;

From: David

Date: Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 10:41 AM Subject: Mr. Irandoost To: Arash Irandoost <hakemiat.e.mardom@gmail.com>, "Nikin@NikiMcCuistion.com" <nikimccuistion@gmail.com>, Paul Wahlstrom <pwahl1@verizon.net>, oliphantpr@sbcglobal.netdcaussey@sbcglobal.net,doswriters@worldnet.att.nethugh_aynesworth@swbell.netmichelle.bleiberg@mb.comwillowdiana@yahoo.com,dday5833@sbcglobal.netmgast@irvingtexas.comtkgough@flash.netmlindenberger@dallasnews.com,marklowry@theaterjones.comtpederso@mail.smu.edujrphilyaw@hotmail.comSmithr@vnatexas.org

Cc: jfalk@dfwworld.orgbhuddleston@dfwworld.orgjkoloini@dfwworld.orgmpowell@dfwworld.org,jbowden@dfwworld.orgsgordon@dfwworld.orgjlancaster@dfwworld.orgkrice@dfwworld.org,ntourk@dfwworld.org

.... If you need an
official statement from us, here it is:





 The Press Club of
Dallas did NOT(!!!!!) (REPEAT: 
DID NOT sponsor anything with this group.

David Dunnigan,



Here is from the World
Affairs Council:



Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 6:56 PM, Paul Wahlstrom <
pwahl1@verizon.net> wrote:


Dr. Irandoost -

I have sent an email
to all of the board members.  There have been some replys of concern that
our name was used without approval.  No board member has recognized
this event.

I will send another



Ardeshire Ommani, Presdient of AIFC, states in an email which I
have pasted a copy:



Ardeshir Ommani 

Subject: [traitorsusa] RE: Take
Action to Protect Human Rights in Iran

To: "'Jamal Abdi,

Date: Friday, February 11, 2011,
5:55 AM

Friends in the Peace


Last month National
Iranian American Council (NIAC) told about 800 lies concerning human rights
violations in Iran, including at lest 300 misrepresentations about its own
identity as the largest recipient of funds funneled by the National Endowment
for Democracy, an extension of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), into
its coffer. Any American or Iranian who would like to defend peace and prevent
another round of hostility and another series of sanctions against Iranian
people should loudly reject the rationalizations, under the cover of the
protection of human rights in Iran, for more US sanctions against that country
and the war propaganda spread by this group that not only hates its own country
and people but also does not give a damn about the lives of the American
soldiers who might be wasted during a probable war between the two nations.
This group of fake democrats and pseudo-humanist, like the Halabi bandits of
Iraq before March 2003 US invasion of that country, who lied about the presence
of the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq, try to demonize the people
and the Iranian government for their own financial greed and illegitimate

The NIAC people would
like to become like Hosni Mobarak of Egypt in Iran, led by such puppets as
Trita Parsi and Jamal Abdi, some of whom have not visited Iran for decades,
while carry the ambitions of Israel in their hearts.   


Ardeshir Ommani



Now that I have your
attention, a couple of more questions:

How much money was deposited
to your Swedish Bank Account and why? Did you report it on your income Tax to the
IRS? If not, why not?

Your denial of the
censorship of Iranian Americans at the Dallas/Plano Event on February 26 is much
like your ABAKI Iran Sanctions claims, not much to them.  Just as ABAKI
as what You and NIAC claim to stand for: (sholoogh Pooloogh) and Abaki


I have another question
for you:

 Why you do not allow
Iranians to leave comments on your website and weblog and news articles and
facebook pages? Do you not want to hear from Iranian-Americans that you claim
to represent?




by MM on

Better yet, I think AI should contact the FBI and give them his evidence that NIAC is an IRI lobby, and let the FBI take care of NIAC.  Then, he can say "Safar be-kheyr".


have u tried contacting

by vildemose on

have u tried contacting ACLU?


"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson


Milk it, baby

by MM on

As I understand it, it is due to shooloogh-pooloogh baazi of folks like you that the rules are in place to give some order to the meetings 

You say that you were asked to write your question in advance on Feb 2011 when TP talked in Dallas.  However, what you don't exactly say here is that your question (11:50 min, //www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdm_sHrUoew) was actually 2 statements combined with 5 questions, and the American moderator, Bryan Mark Rigg of The Dallas Press Club and Dallas Peace Center, chose to ask ONLY one of the questions in your manifesto.  And, when you started to object (shooloogh-pooloogh baazi), you were escorted out.

Mrs. Hengameh Afshar in the link above also states that when a real reporter objected to the rules, special accomodations were made for her since she was a genuine reporter, I guess.  And, I am sure that if you were allowed to video-tape, your shooloogh-pooloogh baazi would have been all over the youtube as a mark of honor.  This is a free country and I suggest that you ask The Dallas Peace Center (//dallaspeacecenter.org/modules/content/index.php?id=1) to invite you to refute TP's talk and put your own two cents in.


hmmmmmm - who should I sign as, today 

arash Irandoost

have you researched the press mafia -HUffPo?

by arash Irandoost on

Dear Azadeh, thank you for the advice, I have lived most of my
life and know the legal system.


I truly considered it.  I wrote certified letters to anyone I
could get a hold of, all the way to AOL.  many are in court battle for
years with Huffpo...just Google it or better yet explore the link below.
Do you realize how hard it is to get your hands on a phone number and
email, when complaining to Huffington post? It took me almost a week with the
help of some friends.  Also I have many family friends who are lawyers,
they advised against it, realizing the time required and potential



I am talking to some Congressman about this. NIAC and HufPo should
not be allowed to get by with this.



I contacted many and have not given up. Thought we could use PAAIA
muscle since they have lawyers, but HuffPo is their buddy and a mouthpiece for
the IRI as well as NIAC.  That is  why PAAIA will not touch it. 


Lawyers cost about 200 per hour and at a minimum you have to set
aside about 100K to fight this battle up all the way to AOL.


If you know of any lawyer who would take this case let me
now...they can keep the monetary award, I just need them to correct their


I am not following up with NIAC, since I do not think they are
going to be around much loner, just watch and see. Besides Trita  used
NIAC's gullible 22 year Ambassador to do their work (thug in training) ..Trita
wrote the letter and put his name on it.  Shawn cannot construct two
sentences without using profanity-just compare the writing style.  I have
writing sample from Shawn, he sounds like a Crocodile Dundee  from Australia
and uses words like mate and dude and  some such...not his style and


To learn more about the HuffPo mafia...please see:



everyone knows

by Fesenjoon2 on

NIAC is a stooge of the Islamic Republic.

arash Irandoost

Please use good judgement and be fair!

by arash Irandoost on


Mr. Bahmani, where do you get your info? This is the second time
you are writing about this, yet you do not seem to have any issues with all
other aliases used on the Iranian.com, why the double standard sir?

Do you know how many aliases Trita Parsi uses on Iranian.com? I
do, based on court documents and IP's. Have you ever objected to him as to why
he uses Karim S. (Karim Saddajadpour, I presume) as his alias? 

Have you ever objected to MM, Karim S. Ramin j. VPK, and slew of
others for using alias.  Don't you think I would not have included my
phone number, address and contact info when I contacted Huffington Post and
PAAIA? Please!

I have been on at least 2 TV and 3 radio programs within the last
week and have always told my real name and why I use Arash Irandoost as an
alias.  You have my email, I have subscribed to your blog,  why don't
you try to contact me first before your spew your inaccurate statements.

Besides why don't you consider the message and issues I am trying
to address? 

I know you apologize for NIAC and do not care to read any court
documents on NIAC as a responsible journalist should ( based on you own blog).
But Mr. Bahmani, you are getting things mixed up a bit...when Trita came
to Dallas I along with my wife and 80 Iranians appeared in person and challenged
him as an IRI lobby and his connection to former convicted Congressman Bob

He used his Trita Parsi (Terita is his real name), but did not
answer my questions.  Please ask him why as well.  Ask him why he
advertised it in a public place, falsely stated that the event was sponsored d
by two prominent organizations The Press Club of Dallas and World Affairs
Council (I have their emails), had three body guards, wanted to  have the
questions in writing before his speech, , would not allow any photos and videos
for the public event, screened questions and truncated 90% of my question.
Have you asked him why as an organization that represents Iranian
Americans, he refuses to answer their questions? If he indeed claims to represent
us...why is he afraid of Iranian American...why the body guard.  Does he
not feel comfortable among his own constituency? 

I sat in front row, about five feet from him...do you think I was
wearing a mask? If I were hiding my identity I would have done that?  Why
do guys buy into NIAC slander and propaganda so much?   I thought after
living in the United States for 33 years now, we all have learned at least
responsible journalism and not passing on judgment before we explored the

Now, if you care to bypass your biases, PAAIA claims to represent
us in matters stated above, I think PAAIA is a lobby much like NIAC, otherwise
they would want to help an Iranian with a real concern.  Suppose they are
in bed with NIAC, how about the Huffington Post?  As a responsible
Iranians and a fellow journalist, should you not be behind me and support
me?...This slander by NIAC and Trita's thugs can happen to anyone, including
you ... where is your good judgment?






Defamation lawsuit

by Azadeh on

I believe the only way to get a response is to hire a defamation attorney and let him/her contact them. NIAC systematically does the same thing to everyon...anyone who says anything against them is called either MEK or a Monarchist. They are not even original anymore (pathetic)!

My advice is to send a letter via a good attorney...I'm sure that will not go unanswered.

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on



Using an Alias is pointless

by bahmani on

While I can sympathize with your concerns over being misrepresented by PAAIA or NIAC, it doesn't do any good, to stay in the shadows and assume that being anonymous or having an alias, as cool as "Irandoost" sounds, will ever achieve anything.

Simply, the whole deal is about fear.

If you fear for your life, and think by remaining anonymous or using an alias you will get anything done, then you've lost.

I love you for your passion and concerns, but this isn't a comic book. And you're no superhero or some sort of mysterious political vigilante with a fiery logo and a blog, that will save us from the evil corporation of the IRI.

This is unfortunately real life. And to fight injustice, really, you need to actually be a real person.

And stop using the PhD moniker, it doesn't make you any more credible with the Irandoost alias, and you don't see "Batman Phd".

The struggle to argue that the IRI is wrong in it's current proposition that in fact it is possible and plausible to run a country in the 21st century using the romantic poetry of the Qoran, in combination with brutal oppression and oddly enough, all-Western-made hardware and software, can only be won with honesty, and the utter total rejection and defiance of FEAR.

If you remove your alias, you will also remove your FEAR of the IRI, and that, I think will go a long way towards progress in your noble mission.

Of course, the IRI might still very well target and kill you for it. That just depends on your level of finesse, or how much you manage to piss them off in the process of getting them to realize they're wrong.

Dying is easy. Living is hard. But living in FEAR is harder.

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Maryam Hojjat

Shame on NIAC & Their supporters

by Maryam Hojjat on

who are on IRI/IRR pay roll.