The Curious Case of Islamic Republic Lobby and US Human Rights Activists


The Curious Case of Islamic Republic Lobby and US Human Rights Activists
by arash Irandoost

This past September, Ahmadinejad paid yet another visit to the UN to deliver his message of hate and demonization of Israel and Jews. In reaction, the usual walkout ensued and pundits pro and against this “ little big man” spoke in his admiration or his arrogance.

Ahmadinejad’s inflammatory remarks such as denial of holocaust and wiping Israel off the map are deliberately orchestrated to fuel the “1400 year old anti-Semitism” fire among his Muslim sympathizers. Ahmadinejad is fully aware that hatred for the Jews runs deep among many Arabs and left leaning groups. Even though Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric has been mostly intended for internal consumption, most reporters have been unwilling or incapable to challenge him with his assertions.

Afraid that their slippery leader might eventually be caught off guard and trapped by smart questioning, his handlers have changed tactics and limited his visits to private meetings with trusted and proven supporters. Ahmadinejad met with communist sympathizers, representatives of anti-war, labor, alternative media and Iranian and Palestinian solidarity organizations. Among the participants were former attorney general Ramsey Clark, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Brian Becker of the ANSWER coalition, and Amiri Baraka, poet and activist. According to Bill Baar who was in attendance, activists admired Ahmadinejad but overlooked Human Rights Abuses by the Islamic Republic guest after guest delivered prepared statements, posing no questions or challenges to Iranian delegation. They lauded Ahmadinejad as a hero for standing up to the bullying of the United States government.”  Mr. Baar, disappointed with the meeting, continues:  “Speech after speech failed to address any calls for solidarity with the brave young men and women in Iran who took to the streets and demanded their rights in the face of government suppression.

Wednesdays’ gathering comprised of many Iranian groups, including American-Iranian Council, American-Iranian Friendship Committee, and Coalition Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran, as well. These organizations are known for their support of the Islamic Republic among the Iranian opposition groups. Some are engaged in lobbying for the regime such as CASMII under the guise of “anti war” and “human rights”, and AIC an advocate for dialogue, diplomacy and removal of sanctions. Other organizations are engaged in anti war propaganda, but do not trouble themselves with current internal affairs of Iran, aware that such exposure might anger American general public and ill-informed politicians alike against the Islamic Republic.

These Iranian-American organizations have adamantly denied their role as the “lobbyist” for the Islamic Republic in the past. However, on Wednesday the cat was out of the bag and all Iranian-American groups admiringly expressed their support for Ahmadinejad.

Closely and carefully examined, it becomes clear that being anti war and human rights is only a facade and orchestrated to hide their anti-Semitic beliefs. One can conclude that these lobby groups are commissioned to excuse Ahmadinejad’s incitement to genocide and keep hidden from the public eye atrocities committed by the Islamic Republic officials.

Since the presidency of Ahmadinejad, anti-Semitism has been heightened and played up by the regime inside Iran. The regime leaders are actively engaged in Israel bashing and annihilation of Israel in the strongest terms for the purpose of showcasing themselves as Islamic leadership in the world and Middle East.

As early as 1997, Trita Parsi, President of NIAC, made confrontation and fight with AIPAC as one his primary goals.  His doctoral thesis focused on Israel and the only book he has published deals with Israel. The basic premise of Parsi’s book is that IRI does not pose a threat to the United States and is very much interested in establishing diplomatic
relationship with the United States. He further claims that the United States is interested in establishing diplomatic relations with Iran as well, but it is the “Evil” Israel that prevents it from coming to fruition. According to Dr. Parsi, the reason is very obvious, Iran, united with the United States, will weaken and harm the position of Israel.  Therefore, Israel and its powerful lobby are vehemently opposed to Iran and the US establishing friendly ties. The United States under pressure from Israel pressures the UN to turn Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear program as the threat to world peace and security. Therefore, Israel and not Iran should be perceived as the world threat!

Needless to say, AIC, NIAC, CASMII and others fail to provide an answer as to why the “peaceful” Islamic Republic leaders as a UN member state call for wiping a sovereign UN member nation off the map? Or, why Islamic Republic continues to fund terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbullah, and provide military and technical assistance and financial support to Iraqi and Taleban insurgent to kill American soldiers? If the mullahs are indeed interested in having friendly relations with the Great Satan, then why they have a special “Quds Day “Jerusalem  Day?” and chant “Death to Israel” , “Death to America” and walk on and burn the US and Israeli flags?

Confronted by such questions, in the past they used to seek refuge in the reformist camp. Their reply, once Mousavi is elected, he is pragmatic enough that it will end such militancy and bring about the needed reforms. With Mousavi officially out of the picture, such lobbyists do not play the pragmatic card anymore.  They have received new marching orders.  They do not demonstrate in front of the UN and talk about human rights violations by the regime anymore.  Talking about rape in IRI jails by its Basij and Hamas thugs is now out and unconditional support for Islamic Republic and Ahmadinejad is in, all this to ensure regime’s survival. 

Amazing what a difference a year makes! The same lobbyists who distanced themselves (at least publicly) form Ahmadinejad are now openly admiring his statesmanship and love for peace and human rights.  One of CASMII leaders, after attending the dinner reception and being granted a long interview with Ahmadinejad, referred to him as “a great
man misrepresented by the media”
.   As we say in Iran bisharmi ham haddi daarad!  Mildly translated: the gall of some people!

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Dr. Arash Irandoost is the founder of Pro Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI) focusing on human rights and pro-democracy initiatives. He is an Iranian-American activist, who works to inform and educate about the threat posed by Islamic Republic and radical Islam. He believes that Islamic Republic cannot be reformed and regime change is the only viable option. Dr. Irandoost is a researcher, a literary translator, an essayist, and a political analyst. He writes regularly for online publications such as New Media Journal, The American Thinker, Faith Freedom International, Free Republic, Israel National News, Right Side News, Global Politician and the Iranian Online magazines. The pen name Arash Irandoost is used due to his concerns for personal safety.



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arash Irandoost

Dear Sargord

by arash Irandoost on

Actually, I have backed up every claim I have made with links to credible sources. Like it or not Israel is member state at the UN and your anti-semite (hate Jews) attitude is not going to change that.  What business is of Ahmadinejad to interfere in another countriy's affairs.  Are'nt the mullahs who cry foul when other countries interfere in their internal affairs?

I do not consider Ahmadinejad my president and I do not consider elections in Islamic Republic fair elections, so I am very much for my beloved country:Iran, but against the Islamic Republic, that is my right as an Iranian. I do not have much use for a government that rapes its own citizens.

About my education- why don't you ask those Islamic Republic thugs who have one after another had fake degrees, where they got theirs from? before you question one the best universities in the US where I got my real degree through hard work and sweat of my labor?

The point of the article, since you seem to have missed it, is that the "so-called" human rights activists are silent about human rights abuses and dining with a prsdient who has the blood of his country men on his hands. Please do your own research, next to China Islamic Republic is the second most violator of human rights.






Dear Arash: Interesting post

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Well written, factual and good read.

Thank You 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Sargord Pirouz

Arash, you are ignorant of

by Sargord Pirouz on

Arash, you are ignorant of the facts. Nearly every ordinary Middle Easterner believes Israel is an illegitimate, aggressor state bent on ME hegemony. The people that forcibly immigrated into occupied Palestine are east European foreigners. 

Now I'm sure you're aware of President Ahmadinejad's one-state solution: hold a referendum for the territory on its political makeup, to include jews, muslims, christians, druze, etc, and all displaced people desiring to return.

It's that simple. (Why didn't you mention this?)

But of course your anti-Iran rant doesn't include this: you've an anti-Iran agenda, typical of your exiled class.

You call yourself a doctor. What university did you attend and what did you write your thesis on? I call this into question as you've obviously offered here a very partial and flawed attempt at analysis. Did you not gain formal instruction in the constitution of the method of analysis? It doesn't appear so.