You Can Run, But You Can't Hide


You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
by Anonymous Observer

Just a reminder to all big mouth tyrants, especially the one in Tehran: we are coming.  No tyrant who has flaunted his power to crush his domestic opponents and its defenseless citizens, and then taunted us, has lived to brag about it.  Just look at what happened to this guy, this guy, this guy,  this guy, or even this country. And some of these guys had massive, technologically advanced armies.  You're just a microbe with a bunch of 1950's North Korean junk and 1960's F-4's.   

So, keep running your mouth Khamenei--you turbaned fuck.  Sooner or later you will be in an orange jumpsuit and will be joining the other viruses and terrorists as our guest here. 

And to the rest of you who defend this atrocious regime as its propagandists abroad, your day of reckoning with the Iranian people will come too.  You will all have to answer for your crimes—and yes, propagandizing for a murderous regime is a crime—in a neutral and independent court, where you will be afforded the opportunity to properly defend yourselves, something that the regime for which you propagandize has denied the Iranian people for the past 33 years.


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Hah hah

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Well done.