Would YOU Fight for America?


Would YOU Fight for America?
by Anonymous Observer

The writings below were inspired by this blog from Fesenjoon. 


The United States Oath of Allegiance (that’s the oath that all you naturalized U.S. citizens took to become citizens) states:

 "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the armed forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God."

I’m sure you all remember the day you took this oath.  For most non-Iranian people who become U.S. citizens, that day is a joyous, happy day.  For some—not all—Iranians, it’s a day where they can brag about their “zerangi” and prepare to file petitions to bring the rest of their family over to the U.S.  Nothing wrong with--except for the fact that now that you have put your John Hancock (or, if you prefer, Abdullah Islaminejad) on that form, you are legally obligated to do certain things.  One of those pesky little things is the obligation to bear arms on behalf of the U.S.  This means that in case there is a war and a draft, you will have to put down the chelo kabob dish, say goodbye to the summer vacation and cheap opium parties (and more chelo kabob) in Iran, get out of your leased Mercedes and mosey on to the nearest recruitment center and be shipped to whatever area of the world the U.S. government thinks is appropriate for you to be--and fight for your new country.  That’s right.  You’re now an American.  And it’s not “golabi” or “velesh kon baba, ki halesho dareh” type thing.  You’re in it for the long haul. 

Now let’s say that IR and its supporters’ wishful thinking actually comes true and the U.S. gets engaged in a war with Iran.  See, in a democratic system like the U.S., there is a debate process about this sort of thing.  But once the debate is over, and the decision is made to go to war, you can’t argue and “safsateh” about it any longer.  The time for debate is over.  Your representatives in the government have voted.  It’s time to put the gear on and suit up--and shut up.  What would you do if and when the time comes? Hide in Canada?  Are all of you all of a sudden going to become “conscientious objectors?”  Hey, Japanese Americans had to fight in WWII-some of them while their family members were interned in internment camps.  Sen. Daniel Inouye had to do it.  His parents were Japanese immigrants.  He volunteered at Pearl Harbor and then fought the Japanese and was heavily wounded, receiving the Medal of Honor. Many German Americans fought in WWII.   John Abizaid is Arab American.  He was Centcom’s commander during the war in Iraq. 

The scenario is one that actually happened in Iran as well.  During the Iran / Iraq war, we knew a family who was Iranian / Iraq.  The wife was Iraqi and her husband was Arab Iranian who also had relatives in Iraq.  Their son fought for Iran, knowing that most of his family was Iraqi.  There were many other examples like that. 

But let’s say that you’re too old to fight.  Or that you’re openly gay (hey, they haven’t repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” yet) or you have some kind of a medical issue that prevents you from becoming a soldier.  The other part of your oath says that you “will perform noncombatant service in the armed forces of the United States when required by the law; that [you] will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law …”  That could mean spying you know.  It could also mean translation service for U.S troops, making shells for tanks, etc.  How are you going to get out of those things?  Remember, no one has forced you to be a U.S. citizen.  I assume that you all had green cards before you become citizens, which didn’t place the obligations of citizenship on you.  Why did you take on this legal obligation?  So you could stay in Iran for more than six months and not have to worry about it?  So that you could bring your cousin here?  Too bad.  Whatever your reason was, that whole citizenship thing comes with a lot of baggage.  So, here’s what I propose to you fake U.S. citizens: give it up.  I mean your citizenship.  It’s not too late.  It can still be done.  In fact, I have taken the liberty of preparing the following form letter that you all could use: 

To:       U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

            U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

            (insert your local office address)

Dear Sir / Madam, 

            My name is (Hassn Hossein / Fatemeh Soghra) Iranipour.  My alien number is (insert your immigration number).  I filed an application for citizenship on (date).  On (date) I appeared at your office and took the citizenship oath.  But now I realize that I no longer want to be a U.S. citizen.  This is because I am (insert one or more of the following as they apply to you: an America hater; an IR lover; a coward; I don’t consider the U.S. to be my country; I am a “cause head” and hating the U.S. is my main cause; I am a leftover Iranian Marxist; I love Hassan Nasrollah; I love Ayatollah Khamenei; I love Osama Bin Laden and believe that he is a freedom fighter).   I am also a liar because I did not tell you about any of this when I took my citizenship oath.  But never mind that.  In our culture we do these things.  We think we are clever.  But, where was I?  Oh, yes, can I get my green card back please?  Attached are my American passport and my certificate of citizenship.  I am returning it to you…and no, I have not reported it lost and gotten a new one.

PS- how log can I stay out of the country in Iran now that I only have a green card?  I have 4 pieces of land and six houses there that I need to rent / repair / sell.

Sincerely yours;

(Hassn Hossein / Fatemeh Soghra) Iranipour

See how easy that was?  Now, for once in your lives, print the letter and send it to your local immigration office.  Consider it a charity work for the new year, the charity being our honesty toward a nation that took you in and embraced you when your homeland was giving you the middle finger. 

Blog photo courtesy of Fesenjoon.  


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AO jan

by Aryana-Vaeja on

You disagree with me about the Baha'is because you simply do not know what I know, and also you have been drawn into hype (like many other well meaning Iranians), not to mention that the current North American Iranian media establishment has been mobilized behind this organization with the Neo-Liberal foundation and big corporate lobby dollars that has thrown its propaganda machinery behind them. People like yourself have no choice but to disagree with me. If you agreed with me or even allowed yourself to, you would be marginalized by the spin machinery and your reputation and even livelihood would be destroyed if you pushed too far.

But 32 years ago people like yourself also disagreed with people like myself about Khomeini, and look where that got us. Whether you believe me or not, like Khomeini 32 years ago this organization is attempting to lie its way to power in Iran. These people have played the mazlum/victim card very well and you have uncritically and gullibly bought it like the generation of our parents who bought it about Khomeini. But these Haifan Bahais are wolves in sheeps clothing and are zalim/tyrants to the core bar none. I know this because I was once amongst them and have been at the receiving end of their zolm/tyranny since I officially cut my losses with them in 1996. I know their true history. I know about all the skeletons they have hidden in their closets. I know every wart and mole that people like yourself don't see. I know this organization, its mentality, its internal culture, its tactics and its transparent fibs/lies like none of you do. I am telling you, you guys in North America are making an enormous (maybe even fatal) mistake by giving this organization a free ride, and I promise you the day will come when you will live to regret the entanglment with these people just like all Iranians collectively lived to regret their gullibility and entanglement with Khomeini and the devolution.

Now I don't support America's policies. As you know I am not exactly tickled pink with the prospect of a Chinese superpower ascendency either. In fact I believe this could prove the planet's complete undoing because an unchecked Chinese ascendency would be disastrous for this planet on every front as they are showing now in Africa in raping that continent of its raw materials and resources. But America's chickens are finally coming home to roost and as such its fall is an inevitable and foregone conclusion. That country destroyed ours and that of many others. The reason why Iran is in the situation it is today with a military theocracy in power that is about to lead it over the precipice is because of America. Given this, no Iranian (especially the ones who hate this regime) should be fighting or cheerleading for a country who got us into the mess we are in the first place. That is not to say Americans are bad people and America is a bad place. Americans are wonderful, warm hearted, giving, compassionate, even a great people! But Americans are also amongst the stupidest most short-sighted and arrogant people on earth and have one of the most corrupt and myopic governments (not to mention the most greedy elite establishments) on earth. America was once a great place. It was the greatest place on earth when it still lived up to the Masonic ideals of its Founding Fathers. But America betrayed those ideals long ago and instead became something truly grotesque.

As far as Iran is concerned, I am out to put my King and Sovereign back on the thrown of Iran and re-establish the Farr/Xvarnah. I am also here for the long haul in order to stand vigilant against the Haifan Bahai organization and be the voice (even if the lone voice crying from the wilderness) warning you all about these wolves in sheeps clothing. One day you all will finally get what I have been saying all this time.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9

hamsade ghadimi

fair enough.  you wanted

by hamsade ghadimi on

fair enough.  you wanted ben laden's extended family arrested after 9/11. 


Hamsade ghadimi:

by Bavafa on

Jailing them would have suit me just fine had it followed due process. And if you aren't crying foul for the disgracful treatment of US citizen of Japanees decend during WWII, then we probably don't have much to agree on, well beside the fact that bush is the biggest idiot [after AN].

Now you got me lost at "my entire grievance with america" comment.


hamsade ghadimi

bavafa, which part of it

by hamsade ghadimi on

bavafa, which part of it bothers you about emperor bush?  that he let out the billionaire ben laden family instead of jailing them?  if he did, you wouldn't cry foul and liken it to the japanese detention in wwii?  is it that he let them out on 9/12 instead of waiting until 9/13?  or was it just convinient to use this info to offer your entire grievance with america as in your last comment?

btw, i think bush is the biggest idiot.  i know you're actually talking about bush administration and not emperor bush because he was probably wearing his adult diapers for a week after 9/11.  :)  sorry masouda. :D


MassoudA: if you feel changing my userID give your argument more

by Bavafa on

 if you feel changing my userID give your argument more weight, then by all means… do so. This may end up your strongest point but not much for a logic.

But the facts remains that the family/friends of Ben Laden were allowed to fly out of US despite the fact that the US airspace was completely shut down. It is also a known fact that Ben Laden has been accused as the master mind and responsible party for the 9/11, after all we went to war for that very reason, or at least we were told for that reason.

Now if you think this is a lie, then that is your prerogative and can remain in that state if you wish so.

Now, it has been proven that ignorance does not solely exist in a third/forth world country only, but it is rather sad and even shameful that despite so much information available at our finger tip, some insist of remaining ignorant (I am talking about you MassoudA) and this seems to be much more prevalent to the republican camp but as it says in shahre gheseh "age khar nabood ke shohar nemeeshod" if it wasn't for ignorance, s/he wouldn't be republican :)

Getting back to the ignorance

- Some sizable American [republicans] still believe Obama is a Muslim

- Some still believe that Saddam was funding terrorist (Al Qaeda), this is despite the non-partisan commission report to congress of otherwise

- Some still believe Saddam had WMD despite the official report to the contrary

- Some still believe that Americans had nothing to do with the coup of 1953 in Iran, despite the fact that Secretary of state had acknowledged it and adding that intervention by the U.S. in the internal affairs of Iran was a setback for democratic government




by masoudA on

why do you spread lies?  Bush allowed some Saudi Royals in AMerica to fly back.   What are you saying now?  Bush should have arrested them?  


"Bush made after 911 was in protection of American Moslems"

by Bavafa on

GWB emperor did much more then just a speech, he put the family/friends of those suicide bombers, responsible for 9/11, in a plane and allowed them to fly home. This is all the while the US airspace was completely shut down.




by masoudA on

There are idiots in America - and there are idiots in Iran too.   I do agree with you that if suicide bombs begin to explode in America - many innocent moslems shall suffer - but let me poit out two things to you:

1- If something like 911 had occured in Iran, Germany, Japan,........many many would have been rounded up....... The first speech the US president Bush made after 911 was in protection of American Moslems...

2- Moslems must take the biggest steps against Moslem extremism, terrorism, suicide bombings, etc......If they think they can sit idly aside - they are mistaking and will pay a price. 

Anonymous Observer

Bad news for some

by Anonymous Observer on

The repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don'T Tell" was just signed into law:


So, those of you who are openly gay, or were planning on becoming, or pretending to be, gay and use that as an excuse in case of a draft have now lost that opportunity.  Sorry!

I'll respond to the comments later.  Gotta run for now. 



When the suicide bombers begin in the USA

by Escape on

You will see discrimination rise against Muslims to the fullest extent it ever has.Noone will get on a plane or a bus with one.In the cities they will be beaten,shot and killed in the street.What the politically correct think is discrimination and 'Islamophobia' now,will be nothing compared.

This is not Isreal,don't expect America to take the same sh*t and the Idea we should live with __ that want to kill us.I don't care what line on the map they are hiding behind anymore.Enemies that want to kill us with good means and will,will die first.We're not going to let them sit and plan attacks on us.

This is what fighting for America is about.


LoooooL AO - Great Blog

by masoudA on

This is a fantastic Blog and a great topic.   I also loved the cartoon of the Resident Iranian American.

But on a more serious note - I am an Iranian/American with the usual Brown hair and eyes!!  - will fight for America against anybody except Iran and Iranians (does not apply to IR).   I can honestly tell you I am as Iranian as any Iranian - not just because I was born there - but because I have studied Iran's culture, history, literature...... At the same time I am as Yankee as they come - again because I have studied the foundations of USA - believe with every ounce of my being in the documents it was founded on, and thank god for "Cyropaedia" the Persian Pillar USA stands on. 

One more note - As one who actualy lives and works with Americans, let me assure you all -  Educated Americans have very little respect for the likes of Sargord - even if they have blue eyes and blonde hair.  Here - it is all about what you bring to the table and what new taste you bring into the melting pot.   To simplify - an Iranian who sings a great Persian song gets far more respect than one who can sing all Michael Jackson songs......


hamsade ghadimi

ao, with all due respect, i

by hamsade ghadimi on

ao, with all due respect, i have two objections to the logic of this blog.  i admit that i haven't read any comments on this thread; therefore, i may be redundant.  the first objection is the first 3 lines of the citizenship oath which has been successfully contested previously.  the oath has not been changed for an obvious reason.  you can go the following link to see how one can legally violate that part of the oath: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afroyim_v._Rusk

secondly, the duty to serve the u.s. in non-combatant duties such as "spying" is much riskier than combatant duties.  that is my opinion.  i don't trust the u.s. gov't to keep confidential information as confidential.  this may result not only in loss of life for me but also for my family living inside iran.  was it ames of c.i.a. who gave up the names of many spies in return for his tab at a strip club and a few bucks.  the people he turned in were executed. wasn't it during the bush senior's administration where the names of iraqi opposition who were fighing saddam were revealed and they were summarily executed?  wasn't it during the bush junior's administration, that for political gain, they blew the cover of one of their spies?  i trust the c.i.a. as much as i trust the gov't of iri.  even if i'm gung-ho and don't care about losing my life, i need to get approval from my family members because it also affects their livlihood and lives!  that won't happen.

it's not always about zerang bazi.  each individual will do a cost-benefit analysis for the actions they take or the employment they choose.  however, i do find the people who live and enjoy the liberties in this country and have nothing but hatred toward it as truly despicable people.


You do get freedom from the point of a gun.

by Escape on

The Minutemen Military created Freedom with Guns (muskets rather)

If you understood that your country would be free.Despite that you don't know how freedom is created,you also expected the United States to cower under Saddam Hussein,live under his fear and put up with his funding of terrorism.

It's not a wonder to me people like you live under dictatorship in Iran.We American's don't need you advice thank you.



13th Legion

by Parthianshot91 on

 None's talking about ressurecting the Persian empire. We don't wanna invade anyone, the islamists want that, not the nationalists. we just wanna be left alone to rebuild our nation, our Iran. of-cource If our neighbors start something, and there's a huge possibility they will whether this regime stays in power or not in the future, we should show retaliation, not cowar.


Further more, I agree with you on the fact that if we wanna get anywhere, we need to be organized. Just read one of my blogs about how we should have created a new party through out these 30 years for the Iranian people both abroad and inside, with membership included. The shah and the other activists aren't a certian powerful political force to deal with this regime fully. I don't agree with you on the fact that it needs to start IN Iran, no, it would be better if it did, but it does NOT have to. Infact, seing how we have more political freedom here and the internet plus the media, we could gain our numbers here and from there on move it into Iran.



"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Freedom of Speech

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Paykar has a point

The freedom of speech is indeed the result of the vision of the framers of US constitution. Not the recent wars. The last war that really matters to US security was WWII. The last "just" war was that against Taliban. 

The history is littered with mremains of military powers. They did not gain freedom of speech with bullets. 

Freedom of speech comes from tolerance of opposing points of view. We can yell and each other and criticize but not shut down. I have been a strong advocate of freedom of speech. When others were arguing for "comment removal" and censorship etc. I said let people say whatever they want. If we want freedom of speech we need to accept a culture that allows it. Not a bunch of troops with AK-47 or similar things. You will never get freedom at the point of the gun.

You may need military to DEFEND freedom. But it military will never create freedom.




by Paykar on

Freedom of speech is the result of Bill of Rights, not illeagal invasion of other countries you seem to be so proud of. This freedom has never been really challenged by any "outsider," it has been under attack by the STATE at various historical turns, but thankfully, it remains the best offering of this country due to efforts of so many brave citizens standing up for their Rights.


Let me ask you a hypothetical question: Assuming you could have signed up for service and further assuming that U.S. invades Iran under whatever pretext; would you use your bullets against people on the streets carrying out your 'duty," lets say at a check point. Hundereds of thousands Iraqi casualty are not all terrorists. How would you feel if you killd a few civilians because you thought you might be in danger; or would you even go further and shoot or rape your ex hamvatans because you migh get a kick out of it.


Ask "the few and the proud" relatives of yours the same hypothetical questions!


Jonny Dollar

I'll fight for Vancouver!

by Jonny Dollar on

I almost moved to canada 16 years ago when my daughter was born since canada is a better environment to raise kids, but the pay and opportunity for growth is better here! Bought a house and rented to friends. It would make a good retirement place between iran and canada. Much safer place and civilized people (at least the canadian ones).



by yolanda on

My former colleague is a Canadian.....she went to Canada for Thanksgiving....she told me that Canadian currency was worth more than US dollars! US dollars have devalued at pretty rapid rate! .....the deficit is getting bigger.....Scary! I am thinking of buying Canadian currency....

VPK, you are right! 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

US Citizenship

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I would advise Iranians moving to North America to go to Canada. The USA is in trouble. The level of corruption in both politics and business is out of hand. National wealth is being wasted on war. You will do much better getting a Canadian citizenship.

That is what many people I know are doing now. US was once the place to go. But I do not want my kids to remain here. In fact I will be urging them to move. If IR is gone then we go back to Iran. If not then I will urge them to move to Canada or some more sane nation. I would have considered Europe except that they are overrun by Islamists making it a terrible choice. Of course it is each persons decision. But US has stopped being the place I once saw. I have been hter over 30 years.

Anonymous Observer

No. Here's the significance of the names

by Anonymous Observer on

They are a mixture of Shia Islamic first names mixed with a pseudo-nationalist last name.  A weird mixture that is becoming a distinguishing characteristic of the Islamic Republic--with Ahmadinejad being its poster child.  I found most of IR supporter / sympathizers in the U.S. to fall under this category.  That coupled with a healthy does of hatred and paranoia about the "West" and a dash of the same about Jews.

Nice guess though on the link.  BTW, dude, no matter how many times I look at the blog photo, I still crack up.  You're a great artist!! 



by Fesenjoon on

No AO. You got me there. I dont know what the significance there is. Anything to do with this perhaps?

Anonymous Observer

Fesenjoon Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

You want to take a crack at answering the pop quiz?  I just wanted to see if we're on the same page on that subject. :-))



by Fesenjoon on

Sure mehrdad, Ive got you and your family under 24/7 surveillance. Chi fekr kardee?! Ive got you under my skin :-)

Anonymous Observer

Remember everyone: service guarantees citizenship!

by Anonymous Observer on


Isn't it great that we live in a society where we can say whatever we want without fear of retribution?  Please remember, though, that we owe our freedoms to the hundreds of thousands of brave men and women-including Iranian American men and women--who have volunteered to serve in the United States armed forces.  They are currently in the mountains of Afghanistan and deserts of Iraq, defending us against enemies who won't hesitate a moment from dropping a nuclear bomb on us if they could get their hands on one.

So, this Holiday Season, take a moment to thank a veteran.  Our gratitude and love are the best gifts that we can give these brave men and women. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Sir, when you go and call pacifists "cowards" you are being personal. You basically said that anyone who does not embrace war is a coward. I respectfully disagree. 

In fact I had said in another blog that I will take the conscientious objector view. So you basically called me a coward. Now you claim that I am getting personal. Well, when someone calls me a coward that is pretty personal.

All you folks who are so big on going and "fighting" let me tell you something.

Bombing people from 20,000 feet is not bravery. Shooting those SLBMs that AO brags about from 20,000 miles away at helpless people is not brave. Riding tanks with ten times the range of the other side and picking them like flies is not brave. 

In fact brave are those who went and fought against Iraq. Bravery is going against difficult odds not when you have all the guns and the other side has 30 year old third rate technology. So don't give me this bull. 

I am as opposed to IR as anyone. But I don't go around bragging about "my" guns. By the way, those submarines are not YOURS. They belong to the United States. Not to you or me. We are no more in charge of USA than we are in charge of Iran.

Now back to bashing Iranian people and belittling them. By God I am sick of this nonsense. 

As for being a "Liberal Democrat". I used to be one. Until Hillary the "Obliterator" came along. No thanks I left the Democratic party and became independent. Being a Democrat does not mean being peaceful or sane. They got their nut jobs as does the other side. Mind you it was GWB who vetoed the planned Israel attack on Iran. Maybe some are disappointed. But that would have been a disaster. Thank God GWB had more sense than some and actually did something right for a change.

Anonymous Observer

Simorgh jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I take people at their word...most of them.  If they say they served Iran, I will respect that.  For me, I was barely a teenager when the war with Iraq ended, so service wasn't even an option.  I do remember, however, being a war refugee, with three generations of my family living in a three room apartment with one bathroom.  I also remember, as a child sleeping in mosques as a war refugee until we moved into that tiny apartment.  We also had many relatives, cousins, uncles, etc. who served and fought in the Iran / Iraq war.  



by Simorgh5555 on

Lots of FANTASISTS on Iranian.com. A lot of people who pretend to have done fighting. A lot of hot air...enough to melt a glacier!


VPK has a very valid point about the caricature

by Bavafa on

And the way it portrait the Iranian-Americans. Now Fesenjoon claims that he has gone to mosques and actually knows of such people, then one wonders why he is not doing his civic and moral duty to report these people to the authorities. I guarantee you that, if I know of some folks here in US that are planning on blowing things up not to mention innocent people in a mall, I surely would report them to the authorities. Of course this is only if I know it for a fact and not just because we had a fight in a soccer game, or a dispute on IC that is based on witch-hunt.

Secondly, the blog along with its tasteless caricature insinuates that if you don't fight for America, then you are one of those pictured above. To that I say BULLSHIT if such suggestion is made. In fact I believe it is your moral and civic duty to disobey, resist and protest against any act that you know it to be illegal or criminal.

Now in regards to patriotism,

here is a question I have for those who have a strong nationalistic belief to Iran and still consider it and call it "vatan", "Meehan" and call Iranians "ham-vatan" and on a regular basis call for the "Arabs" to be removed from Iran;

Will you fight to defend Iran, should it be attacked and/or occupied illegally?

And as a follow up specially to the author and artist of the caricature

When Iran was attacked by an Arab nation, bombed civilians in the city of Tehran and other smaller cities, had occupied with all the intention to annex South (Khozestan) from Iran, did you go to fight for Iran?

Should Iran be attacked and/or occupied illegally once again, will you defend your Meehan and ham Vatan.

Please all should make a note, my question is about Iran and not IRI?

And so that I have answered the blogs question directly, however sinisterly has been put, YES I will fight for this country should it ever be attacked or occupied by a foreign nation and/or enemy. I LOVE this country as much as I love my mother land Iran.



Not only

by Fair on

is Colonel Sanders' "native son" BS exposed as a bunch of crap, his desperation, ignorance, and xenophobia is also crystal clear.  First he tries to pass himself off as patriotic towards Iran, then he admits he is not Iranian and distance himself from Iranians in America by being "native son" and "az ma behtaroon", while going so low as to slurring and discriminating against Iranian Americans, one of the most accompished immigrant groups in the US as a whole in true KKK fashion.

Whereas if he had one bit of information and led a productive life, he would know that Iranian Americans not only serve in the US military, but have a HUGE contribution to the economic, scientific, technological well being of the United States and many other countries. Go to the top universities, companies, hospitals, professional centers, and you will see. Iranians at home not only accept this, but are proud of this.  Even the anti Iranian islamic republic admits this and brags about this.  Mind you that Iranian Americans did this all on their own and NO THANKS to the fascist government that the chicken colonel kisses up to.

Bevatan boodan yek badbakhtee va yek nekbate bozorgee hast, va een beechareh na vatan darad, na ensaniat.  faghat balade ghorboone yek mosht basiji vo akhounde adamkosh bereh.

Anonymous Observer

Aryana Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I accept your view, because unlike many others in the Iranian community, I find you to be sincere about your beliefs without ulterior motives.  While I disagree with your views on Baha'is, I do respect your intelligence, sincerity and your love of Iran and its culture.