Why is Roozbeh Gilani Blocked?

Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

Come on JJ.  He was a great contributor.  He had good observations and good understanding and grasp of issues and wrote good blogs.  What did he do to get blocked?  I didn’t see him in a fight with anyone.  You keep getting rid of these good contributors and soon you’ll be left with “fati and hozesh” as we used to say in the old country. 

Come on dude, please give the brother a break and reopen his account. 


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by yolanda on

Yeah! I am glad that he is unblocked! So he got blocked for 100 hours, it feels like eternity!

Anonymous Observer

It worked! Roozbeh Gilani is back!!!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

Just read souri's comment on Divaneh's blog about Roozbeh and checked by myself. Thanks everyone for your support. Roozbeh jaan if you're reading this please start commenting. Finally, thank you JJ for unblocking the RG.

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

AO: you're too kind. Sorry about the name calling, it must have been before I had my 'herbal' tea, I'm kinda of cranky and...

It's funny how  in RG's absence (hopefully temporary) we all (well most of us) bond, and recall his qualities.

On the HD front: I must say that I have my own criticism of Hamid, and whenever he comes to Toronto he gets an earfull (that's why he doesn't come here than often anymore).

VDM: It's just a hunch. Call it Free Association!


 this maryam

by vildemose on

 this maryam baghi??


Reform requires the consent of the corrupt

Anonymous Observer

MG - you are one cool, intelligent homo sapien!

by Anonymous Observer on

And I am saying this despite the fact that you recently called me a hypocrite and something else...I think it was "obtuse." I do respect your intelligence and no BS attitude. I think intelligence is the key. So long as you have an IQ above the curve, one should tolerate your other short comings, which is the case with you. And by short coming I mean the fact that you like Hamid Dabashi ( or may be are Dabashi himself?!!) are you? If you are, sorry about the blog I wrote about you! Let's let bygones be bygones, ha? What do you say? Fat people have forgiven me. I don't see them holding signs outside of my home anymore. Or may be they just got hungry, and went home to eat their eighth meal of the day.Seriously, though, I do appreciate your intelligence and coolness. Thanks for commenting on the blog.


What is needed

by aynak on

First I just noticed this blog not in the main thread but on the side.  (I am not subscribed to any thread, so unless I actively look for something I will miss it).

Back to the subject:   A long time back I had made a suggestion to IC that in the interest of democracy, all posters must be limited to N number of posts per day.   (I suggested 3, but I think 1 would really be sufficient).

another suggestion was thread editing.   We do have people who *pollute* each post with same set of one liners or irrelvant information.   Perhaps a thread could have "Others/edited/moved" section where thread creator can move comments unrelated to her/his topic there.  (not delete though).

If the motto of this site is nothing is sacred, then by the above 2 rules everything can be handled, without resorting to any ban or removal of users.   I think overtime, people have found posters they find interesting, and avoid those they don't connect with.

At a minimu, I hope we hear a word of explanation about this ban (how by the way do we know if someone is banned, or off to vacation?  shouldn't that be publicized somehow?).

my 2 cents.




Mash Ghasem

TL aka CC aka DA, & SK aka NP, you both got from him, as good

by Mash Ghasem on

as you gave him.

Any why do  both of yous, with your multiple IDs remind me of Maraym Baghi?


Nobody should be blocked as long as .....

by Siavash300 on

Free speech is foundation of any democratic society. That includes our little society by the name of Iran.com. Aside being smart, Rozbeh Gilani had a heart of gold. He cared deeply about iran and those who are in iran prisons for political reason. The prisoners of conscious. There is no reason for him to be blocked as long as he doesn't use profanity against any individual. I personally disagree with many of his ideas, but that doesn't mandate blockage. The same goes with Soosan Khanoom and the other gal by the nickname of Niloofar Parsi (Fatima) who liked to talk none sense. I think onlyIran misses her more than anybody else on this site.   


Why RG got blocked?! You mean, why so late? :-)

by Disenchanted on


       I don't know RG. But from few of his posts I could tell what is he about! You almost don't need to read these blogs all the way as it is easy to guess.

       He was loud and ready to call names. Everyone who disagreed with him was an IRI agent! He was against IRI and that was enough for him to embrace any other jerk and criminal and unsavory character.

      Under pretence of opposing IRI he was giving his blessing to Israel, MEK, PKK and you name it! I am sure we have more than enough folks subscribed to that ideology to fill his shows here!

      I have nothing personally against him. If I remmeber correctly I liked one of his blogs. Don't remember the subject buyt it was well written. Well as long as he breaths caring for IRAN he is ok in my book!

G. Rahmanian

بقول ديوانه: "عرض نكردم؟"

G. Rahmanian

Dear Maziar: Didn't I tell you there were holy things on this site?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

flagging is o.k and sometimes is temporary.

as long as no one is flogged in here thats a good one to pray.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

شاید با یه نامحرم حرف زده

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Flogging is a cure-all for the women's evil tendencies in Islam.


Why is Soosan Khanoom being flagged?

by Tabarzin on

She hasn't said anything flaggable.


AO, "dominant" was not meant for this topic, was for IC.


AO, thank you for bringing it my attention. Perhaps, I needed to be more clear. I didn't say anyone was bullying anyone on this topic tonight, I meant, as a whole in the past so many months and years, there are those individuals who agitate others forcing them to respond in way that is flagable, while they theselves stay safe. It is just poking others.

Anonymous Observer

Vatanam - while I agree with the underlying message of your post

by Anonymous Observer on

I do not  really see anyone "dominant" on this particular thread.  Everyone, pro and con, is stating his / her opinion freely about the subject matter, which is RG being blocked.  I don't see anyone being attacked for stating their  position.  

What is really derailing the subject of the blog is the troll who has jumped in with the accusations, etc.  His / her comments are flagged, but they are unfortunately still there.  It's just a distraction. 


You are a diminshed community. Survivor of the fittest!


I am not defending anoyone here, but I don't think rules are enforced equally on everyone. I don't know how some get special treatments and don't get blocked regardless of who they insult.

Notice how many old timers are no longer here. Look at the names on this blog alone, you guys are almost 15, with about 5 who are the dominant ones. This is supposed to be about our community, not a handful of people who know how to survive!

I have learned that some who don't like what some others say, when they know that they belong to the Untouchables, they irk that person making him/her to respond harsh enough so they can flag him/her, while the instigator is always safe. That is how I have been blocked many times, especially in the past 3 years after being here for over 11 years off and on. The guy would come back under a different name. Anytime I come back, I let you know who I am, and may be that is one of the reasons, I get kicked quickly again. However, I don't want to hide, since it would make feel as I am in Iran. Cheers!

Goldust, Obama, Jonny Dollar,


Anonymous Observer

Samsam, Baradar-e gerami

by Anonymous Observer on

Hopefully it will not come down to you leaving this site for a year.  Because if you dod so, I will  have to leave as well.  Stay strong my brother. 

Anonymous Observer

What the hell is going on here?

by Anonymous Observer on

I haven't looked at my blog all day, and I log in and on the first  page, there's flea market quality detective work going on instead of focus on the subject!! 

OI, dude, why do you waste your time on this nosense?   Read my comment below.  I have been accused of being so many people that I just laugh it off.  Here's Q  on the old blog that I talked about here, claiming that Okataby and I are the same people and even bragging about his intelligence and memory in making the discovery, strangely like the poetic scientist below.  Who knows, may be this is Q, reincarnated as a female poster.  He has been absent for a while under his other username.


Just laugh it off dude, and ignore these trolls.  I also see that her (his) comments are flagged.  Hopefully JJ will intervene and clean up the thread of this nonsense (including your comments, hope you don't mind).

In any event, yes I am you, and Amir and Oktaby, and Fesenjoon and everyone else these nit wits have accused me of being.  Happy now?  I am proud, like I said before, to be in such good company!

BUT, this blog is about Roozbeh Gilani, and despite all the pleas by everyone here on this thread, we have not heard from the funkmaster general JJ.  Can we please hear a response Jenab JJ?  Is Roozbeh going to be reinstated? 


Agreed VPK -

by Onlyiran on

I should ignore this sorry character, just as I did when she first started yapping on her own thread.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

OI, OY, whatever :-)

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Now I am getting confused on who I am. I just have one thing to say: Let's not bicker and argue about who is who.  


What is this paranoia about multiple IDs ?

by Rea on

Even so, let them be.

As for Benross, still remember the avatar, a water splash. engaging comments.

But that's life for you.

People come and go even in real life. In the virtual one they move faster than light. As per latest discovery. ;o)


Oon Yaroo - Did you catch a misspell?!! You must be me then!!!

by Onlyiran on

This thing gets funnier and funnier.  See, people place misspells in their comments  to catch multiple ID users.  Especially when you catch them once in the same thread with a misspell.  The second time you catch it, it was actually meant for someone else, but you walked into the trap, even though that someone else wasn't really the person who had caught the mispell first.  It was actually you.   But somehow, the second misspell was put in a s a trap for the other person because the detective would know that the other person will not come in, but you will, and you will get caught.  They're not just bad spellers, but it's all a grand plan.  See how this works?  Also, if you read and understand comments that are directed to other users you are using multiple ID's.  See how you can be caught?  It's pure genius!!!

VPK Jaan - You may even be having a discussion with NP. :-) 

Oon Yaroo

VPK, I am OY not OI. :-)

by Oon Yaroo on

Don't mean to be picky though!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Got it. I know she is not blocked just checked on her name. As for being on this blog maybe so.


Oon Yaroo

by Tabarzin on

You might wish to look up the meaning of the word integrity. I also believe you have me confused with Salman.


VPK - Oon Yaroo is right

by Onlyiran on

NP is among  us on this thread.  Just look a ltiile closer and you will see. :-)

Oon Yaroo

VPK: NP is NOT blocked! Just click on her user ID & you'll see

by Oon Yaroo on

her account intact! If she is posting under another user ID, that's totally a different story!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Female Posters

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


on IC get blocked and booted all the time. Examples were NP; Rosie. I don't know the geneder of most posters unless the reveal it. And even then how do I know they are truthful. You guys are out of line. 

I agree it would be nice if admin told us the reasons. But go read the exchanges between RG and Baron. That should speak for its4elf. Now go stamp your feet; insult me as one of the posters does. 



by Truthseeker9 on

Write an obnoxious blog and insult IC members and Admin, then delete it. Use profanity in it. That seems to be acceptable here and your account will remain intact. What a farce ...  you can see why Roozbeh was upset, and why people like Paykar, Benross, otehrs have gone. I'm out of here.


What happened to my comment?!!!

by Onlyiran on

Now I know why poor Roozbeh got blocked! No consistency in moderation. My comment gets blocked and the nut job "detective" who probably flagged my comment is leaving comments with impunity!

She had a plan that worked!!!!!LOL!!!!