Tortured Iranian Photographer talks About His Ordeal

Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

This brave young man was arrested by three men, two of whom he claims to have been Lebanese, during the recent uprisings in Iran.  He talks about how he was tortured and what he wants to do with his life.


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pal,to them

by SamSamIIII on


there is no shame using foreign jehadists either in sepah or government or media since they themselves are foreign brewed & fuites of foreign impregnation.

As for your question my friend, I dont miss that occupied land one bit & not even %1 but  that day I,m afraid will come when we against all odds , comfort,logic , established roots,fun ,partying, kids,interests in the west uproot ourselves and venture inside Iran to join our ham-mihan and preach em directly on true Iran & her grand vision..we should all be toying with that idea and some day do it before turning old and carrying a cane. May God give us all courage & direction to give up a bit of comfort for the sake of the future generation to have a decent life.

Cheers bro!!!



Anonymous Observer

Samsam Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

That's funny my brother.  This is actually evidence for youe earlier blog that talked about jihadists being shipped from Lebanon and Syria to confront the demonstrators.

When is our country going to be free of these viruses? 


A good 1st hand account

by SamSamIIII on


If I were him, I would counterfeit a Ya lesaraat or Sobh-Sadegh(sepah magazine) reporter ID and every time I get caught would tell em to get lost since i,m under cover keeping tabs on zionist agents ;).

Cheers pilgram !!!