Top Ten Similarities Between the Republican Right Wing and the IRI

Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

As much as the Islamist crowd on this site bad mouths the Republicans, it should be pointed out that Republicans (and especially the neocon and fundamentalist branches of it) and the IRI have many things in common.  Here are the top ten similarities between the Republicans and the IRI:

1)      They are both bullies;

2)      They like to create terrorist organizations and use them to achieve their goals;

3)      They are both expansionists;

4)      Neither one of them has the smallest hesitation in sacrificing innocent civilians to achieve their expansionist goals;

5)      They both like to silence their opposition;

6)      They both love money;

7)      They are both religious nuts;

8)      They both claim the right to control the Holy Land via proxies;

9)       They are obsessed with militarizing the country;

10)   They are both messianic.   


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Anon. Ob. can you think of a big country, a real big one that is

by Ostaad on

run by a one-party system with two right wings - albeit one nuttier than the other?


Although your posts remind me of what comes out of my avatar's derriere, I have to admit you have a point there about Obama wasting his time on the one-of-the-kind American Pravda, The Fox whatever.

BTW, Obama can always use a "tea-bagger" and you sure seem to fit the bill, homie ;<{)

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I have no problems with you having these disgareements with, and views of, Obama.  You are certainly entitled to them.  I don't have to convey it to him, please feel free to do so yourself, by emailing the White House.  Here's the White House contact information page:


Nousha Arzu


by Nousha Arzu on

"Although I would have preferred not to have been called retarded, but, hey, it's a free country."

Tell that to your democratic president. Tell him to fix the unemployment problem, which is at 10%, and has been negatively increased in 49 out of 50 states since he took over -- instead of whining like a baby about Fox News busting his nuts for his administration's incompetence.


Grow some skin, man! You already have EVERY SINGLE channel on TV and cable on your side (abc, nbc, cbs, msnbc, and the rest) and you have seemingly all the major publications on your side, are you that pathetic and desperate that you can't handle ONE freaking news agency (FOX) standing up against you?


Why don't you shut them down with your record and accomplishments, instead of trying to bulley and silent dissent with the prestige and force of the White House! Can you imagine Ronald Reagan ever whining over and over about CBS on a national stage?




Anonymous Observer

Nousha, Craig & Cost

by Anonymous Observer on

Nousha, thank you for voicing your opinion on the subject. Although I would have preferred not to have been called retarded, but, hey, it's a free country.

Craig, I actually didn't expect you to be one of the ones yelling and screaming.  You're usually pretty calm in explaining your opinions.  Thaks for the comment.

Cost: very true.  Couldn't agree more. 


The beauty

by Cost-of-Progress on

of a truly democratic system is the fact that those who belong to various ideologies can voice their opinoins. The problem with today's political system in America is that this country really needs a viable 3rd party - but that will probably never happen. There are too many special interest groups lobbying to push their agenda on both sides.

America is a unique country in that it was - and is still - made by people who came here from different cultures and backgrounds and made it what it is today. One needs to ask why they did not put to use that energy in their own homelands, but that is an entirely different subject.

Democrat or Republican, Americans are united in their resolve to keep their country strong by whatever means it takes. True Iranians (those who put Iran first) will need to learn from that and unite. 


ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

I suppose it's "cute" or "not cute" depending on ideology. If I'm one of the people who was supposed to come in here guns ablazing to bitch and moan about it you guys are gonna be disappointed, though. I read the title of this post and it seems like "top 10 similarities between North Korea and Switzerland", to me. I'm drawing a blank here.

Nousha Arzu

This list is mindless, if not JUVENILE

by Nousha Arzu on

First off, many things on this list can be applied to the democratic party as well. It's interesting that you admit you are a life-time democrat, so there's no denying your blatant bias.

But specifically, numbers 1, 5, 6, 7 and 9 are borderline retarded when it comes to objectivity. 

1)      They are both bullies;

5)      They both like to silence their opposition;

6)      They both love money;

7)      They are both religious nuts.

9)       They are obsessed with militarizing the country;

As for #5, don't you think at this very moment that Obama is trying to silence FREE SPEECH by attacking FOX news? Forget your hatred of Fox news for a second -- I mean, who the F does this nubie president think he is? Doesn't he have more important things to deal with? The economy, healthcare, Afghanistan, etc.

And yet, the White House is WHINING about FOX news (teaching us what is news and what is not.) Are you kidding me? For all his faults, you never heard Bush whine about Keith Obermann on MSNBC, who practically EVERY SINGLE NIGHT bashed BUSH as the worst person in the world! Bush stayed above this petty nonsense!

This weakling, Obama, is so pathetic.

And his White House is the real BULLY, trying to SILENT dissent! What if Hugo Chavez or Ahmadinejad try to silence a news organization (which they already have), but how can this White House, having attacked a news agency, preach to 3rd world countries to allow freedom of press and speech when our own president is too thin-skinned to take criticism???   

This is America, for F'n Chrissakes! Freedom of the press and freedom of speech are what makes this freaking country so great! Stay the hell above this PETTY bitter nonesense, you're the President of the United States of America for Chrissakes! It's sooooooooo small, pathetic, something an insecure dictator, i,e., a bulley, would resort to!

As for #6, are you actually saying democrats don't love money????

Are you out of your mind? Obama has done 22 FUNDRAISERS in 9 months in office! By comparison, Bush only did 6 fundraisers in his full first year in Office! And Obama spent $800 million dollars to get elected, AN ALL-TIME RECORD in presidential politics! And a great portion of that money was raised through pre-paid credit cards, which cannot be traced!  As far as we know, Hugo Chavez and Rafsanjani both donated millions to Obama!

Dirty money??? Who, the Chicago gangland that is the Obama Presidency??? Are you kidding me with this childish list????

Both parties are corrupt, but to pick on the Republicans as somehow evil and corrupt and give the democrats a PASS is absolutely 100% mindless, sophomoric, moronic, and categorically biased.

Let's not forget that the Iran-Iraq war was started by a DEMOCRATIC president, who gave Saddam Hussein a green light to attack Iran. Let's not forget that a DEMOCRATIC president started both the Vietnam war and the Korean War. Let's not forget that a DEMOCRATIC president used (and one could say allowed) the Pearl Harbor attack to get America into World War II. Let's not forget that it was a DEMOCRATIC president that groomed Islamic fanatism in our country! It was a DEMOCRATIC president who launched a missile at a supposed chemical weapons factory in Sudan in 1999, killing 240 innocent people, based on ONE soil sample from the CIA! It turned out to be a freaking hospital. It was under the watch of a DEMOCRATIC president, the first "black president," when ONE MILLION people were slaughtered in Rawanda in ONE MONTH in 1994 and the US president didn't do a damn thing about it!

Are you freaking kidding me with this childish list?

And as far as the Republicans being dominated by religious nuts, who do you think dominates the democratic party? Far left loons! For once be honest, far left fanatics that dominate the democratic party are just as polarizing and devisive as the far right!


I would be a democrat if it weren't for the far let nutjobs that rule your party, like Nancy Pelosi,, MSNBC, DailyKos, Michael Moore (the equivalent of Rush Limbaugh with one-tenth the effectiveness), and the rest! Get a hold of your hubris, man, your lack of political descipline and wisdom is making you look foolish.


Anonymous Observer

Samsam My Brother

by Anonymous Observer on

You know me, and you know what I stand for and what I'm talking about.

Shad Zi.

Anonymous Observer

Kaveh Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

Welcome back. It's good to see your avatar again on the site. Obviously, as a life long Democrat, I disagree with you. I don't think that Democrats use ACORN as their muscle. Remember, ACORN was supported, and funded, by both parties. In fact, they received federal funding throughout the time that Congress was controlled by the Republicans, and also the Bush years.  Moreover, McCain gave a speech to ACORN while he was running for president when he was soliciting their support. 

As far as Obama apologizing to the IRI, I am not really sure what he could possibly do.  Bush isolated, ignored and snactioned the IRI for 8 years.  Where did that get the Iranian people? Nowhere.  I don't think that at this point in Iranian history, there is much that any foreign power can do to effect the IRI in a significant way.  It is time for the people of Iran to take their destiny in their own hands, which they are doing.  If the U.S. wanted to "get rid" of the IRI, the time do so was the 1980's, when the IRI was weak, was being chellenged internally and was involved in a devastating war.  But our good [Republican] president did exactly jack squat about it, and instead put all of his eggs in Saddam's basket, something that was sure to ensure the strengthening and the survival of the IRI into the monster that we see today.  But who knows, perhaps the IRI was the bogeyman that Reagan needed in the region so that it can carry on with his military expansionism in the Persian Gulf region.

And as far as Obama thinking that he's God, I seriously doubt so.  If anything, i think that he lacks self confidence.  Otherwise, he would have been able to push his agenda much more rapidly than he's doing now with the majorities that he enjoys in the Congress.



AO jaan

by SamSamIIII on


 I have no problem When a true patriot such as yourself says it but when the Arabo-ommaties bring this argument they have one thing in mind and that is to legitimize Qadesiyeh regime. & their subtle game goes something like this ; IRI is not that bad folks ,heck ,Americans are dealing with the same thing(Republicans) that we have to deal with(IRI)  so stop the drama it,s no catch the draft !

Cheers pilgram !!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //



by capt_ayhab on

Just saw your name and wanted to pop in and say welcome back.

Have a great day pal.


P/S I did sent you a private email while back.

Kaveh Nouraee

This Applies To The Democratic Party As Well

by Kaveh Nouraee on

1) They use ACORN as their bullies (IR uses Basij)

2) They had a president who helped create a terrorist organization (the IRI) and they now have a president who apologizes to them

3) In the realm of the free market capitalist economy, they are expansionists as well as obstructionists (IR is more pure obstructionist in this regard)

4) The DNC with the help of various entities think nothing of sacrificing the very people they so boldly profess to be trying to help...the way the IR is Irans worst enemy

5) They believe that they should have no opposition

6) They loathe the wealthy, but taking their money and pissing it away by the billions sends them into mutli-orgasmic rapture

7) They're just nuts

8) They think they know what's best for everyone, in essence, declaring themselves least holier than the rest

9) The Democrats are obsessed with being indebted to the Chinese for the next 100 years.

10) Have a president who thinks he's God.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Very similar indeed!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

The interesting fact is that the republicans (at least on this site) are also doing their best to help IRI stay in power by supporting the military threats of Israel and air-tight sanctions, but they are calling the moderates and liberals "Apologist" and "IRI sympathizers".

Great observation.



So True!

by Khar on




by yolanda on

Thank you for your succinct blog. I strongly agree with you on #6. I have a comment for #6. I have followed the show trials a little and I noticed that IRI set bail for the protesters to leave jail and show up for trial. I feel the bails are kind of high for the political prisoners, of course, the charges are also vague. 

 A couple of days ago, IRI let Maziar Bahari (Iranian Canadian) leave Iran and join his wife. I read that the bail is $300,000. I don't know what exactly this guy did....... IRI called him a spy, blah, blah, blah...... the bail is too high. I am not sure who help him pay the bail, Maziar's family? Newsweek? the Canadian government ?......It looks like IRI will keep the money 'cause I don't think Maziar wants to go back to Iran to finish the trial.....IRI like to screw people up physically, mentally, psychologically, and financially!

Thank you again for your blog and for listing the parallels! 

Anonymous Observer

Cost and American Dream

by Anonymous Observer on

Thanks for the comments.  I guess there used to be a time when the Republican Party was not dominated by right wing nut jobs.  Unfortunately though, that era came to an end in the late 80's and mid 90's with the take over by the likes of the Christian Coalition, Rush Limbaugh, Ralph Reed, Newt Gengrich and the other assortment of nuts---and let's not forget the sluts (since nuts and sluts always go together) such as Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

American Dream

There are Iranians who view themselves as Republicans

by American Dream on

Any Iranian who is a member of the Republican party should pack their bags and go back to Iran.  The theocracy is the only place for closed minded individuals who align themselves with the crazy Republican party.



by Cost-of-Progress on

You said..."Mullahs have not yet tried expanding the territory of Iran, if that is what you are saying."

The theocracy could careless about "Iran". Their ideoalgy is to expand Shiaism - to export their brand of repression all over.

The observations made by Anonymous Observer are right on. Keep in mind, though, that while all religious nuts are right wing nutcases, not all right wing nutcases are religious nuts.


Anonymous Observer

Captain and Farokh

by Anonymous Observer on

Thanks captain.  Actually, I won't be surprised to get the tongue lashing from both sides.  Neither one can take criticism very well.

Farokh, yes, I was talking about ideological, as well as, physical expansion. 


Mostly correct

by farokh2000 on

I think you are right on most of these, except your number 3.

"3)      They are both expansionists"

Mullahs have not yet tried expanding the territory of Iran, if that is what you are saying.

If you mean they are expanding their crooked ideas, then that one is correct as well.

The U.S. version of Mullahs is territorially and ideally expansionist. They think they should take over the World.

Maybe the Mullahs in Iran wish they could do the same, but don't have the means for it, just yet!?

But remember, Khomieni was brought back to Iran by CIA, after hiding him in Iraq and France for over 25 years.

So, maybe they schooled/trained him well there.


Mr. A. Observer

by capt_ayhab on

Love your observations, they are right to the point.I am certain though that you are going to get some tongue lashing from our resident neocons and right wingers. ;-o)

Thanks and keep  sharing your wisdom with us.