So Much For Akhoonds' "Homemade" Tank!!

Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

Video shows how IR's "homemade" tank is nothing more than a hodgepodge of various old tanks put together. This should leave no question in everyone's mind about IR's claims of "manufacturing" defense equipment and machinery. Just look at how old the interior of this supposedly "new" tank is.  Even the operator's seat looks like it's a thousand years old.  Enjoy:


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Look on the bright side

by asadabad on

The military is so inferior, it  makes an Iraq-style invasion superfluous.  This makes an Egyptian/Tunisian style overthrow much more likely in the cards.

Anonymous Observer

This is more like a coffin for whoever is in it than a tank!

by Anonymous Observer on

Feel sad for young Iranians who may be sacrificed in this  pieces of scrap metal as a result of IR's warmongering.

Artificial Intelligence

This is an instance when

by Artificial Intelligence on

I miss Sargord Pirouz with his BS explanation of how this is State of the Art IRI technology:))))))


AO jon, don't you know this is cloak

by Cost-of-Progress on

underneath, there's most sophisticated islamic technology blessed by the holy islamic spirit (there is one I am sure, at least for shia's - perhaps emam zaman himself).




Maryam Hojjat

IRR Technology= Bluff

by Maryam Hojjat on

You are absolutely Right.  Nothing good comes out from these akhoonds.  There are competent people who do not agree with IRR and do not have any job. 

Akhoonds are great in Lying & Plundering the wealth of IRANIANS.  We Must return all of belonging which was accumulated since 1979.