Rozeh In English

Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

I guess this Akhoond has seen a new market for his Rozeh.  He's expandng it to the English speaking world.


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maymoon kam nabood ino taab zadii

by SamSamIIII on


AO jaan, mindfull of the wastage of your precious time, eye sight & good name  introducing Arabo Ommatie lebenese waste, I must agree that the Ommatie apes are discovering a new medium, English,  to poison the herd of Lambs and I bet they will Fu** it the same way they Fu**ed Parsi and turned it into another arabic dielect "Farsi" .

Cheers pilgram!!!




LOL and pathetic

by oktaby on

Someone must have analyzed the psychology of the followes. They start crying before the young crook whose motive is clear, sets the ashoora scene. Reality is sadder and funnier than fiction