Question for Our Resident "Citizens of the World"- What If Roles Were Reversed? Part I


Question for Our Resident "Citizens of the World"- What If Roles Were Reversed? Part I
by Anonymous Observer

Our “citizens of the world” (“CW”) are usually up in arms whenever there is news out of Europe that building of a mosque was banned or that a woman in burqa was arrested for some anti-hejab law in France.  They spill they manufactured outrage all over the internet, tear themselves apart in debates with Western friends and then go about contributing to the West by dining at their nearest chelo Kabob restaurant.  As to whether or not CWs are hypocrites, there remains no doubt in any reasonable person’s mind.  They are.  But just to get a glimpse of the extent of that hypocrisy, I will offer a brief scenario, if you will, of role reversal, and see what our resident manufactured outrage specialists have to say about it.

Let’s say that we all live in Islamic Iran (or another Middle Eastern Muslim country-take your pick.)  Suddenly, and within the span of a decade, we have an influx of millions of Western Europeans migrating to Iran looking for work and a better life (I know-it will never happen, but bear with me, we’re in fantasy land.)  Now, these new arrivals want to enjoy their own lifestyle.  So, they will walk around our streets in tank tops and miniskirts.  They also like to drink in sidewalk cafes.  So, let’s give them that as well.  Also, their youth like to date openly outside of marriage and have premarital sex.  They would like to show their affection for one another openly in public.  The new immigrant’s women would like to go to the beach in bikinis, and occasionally even sunbathe in the nude.  Their children would like to go to our schools in miniskirts as well.  They also like to have their own TV stations.  Last, but certainly not the least, they would like to build churches.  Many churches in fact, because they are growing in numbers want to have enough places of worship to accommodate them.  Oh, I forgot, they will also be running for office and want to have a place in the legislature so that they can pass Western culture-friendly laws. 

Now, tell us, CWs, do you have a problem with any of the above?  What is it that you say?  That stuff is incompatible with your culture?  Really?!! REALLY?!! 

Anyway, please save the safsateh.  I already know how you will react to anything remotely resembling what I mentioned above.  Hell, you will tear yourself apart if you see a hundred Americans in Tehran, and will scream that you’re being “colonized.”  But, of course, millions of Turks, North Africans and yes, even Iranians, migrating into Europe is not Muslim colonization of Europe, which should raise alarm for Europeans who want to maintain their culture and way of life. Or at least, it’s “good” colonization, because it’s done by you.  Just like warmongering is good when it’s done by you, but bad when it’s done by the “West!”

 Blog photo: Boulevard des capucines by Jean Beraud.  Somewhat related to subject of the blog.


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Anonymous Observer

Divaneh Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I think in this case, it will be our chelo kababis. :-)

Anonymous Observer

Dear Rea

by Anonymous Observer on

I was merely saying that you have picked up some of our bad habits.  You are always welcomed here.

PS- I just got back from Europe.  :-) 



by Rea on

"You've been on this site for too long".

Thx for pointing out.

Europeans are not welcome here, evidently. Took me a while to figure out.

Greets and out of here.

PS. you have no idea of what Europe is 

Anonymous Observer

So, if they cannot wear it in public schools, there's a law

by Anonymous Observer on

Against it! You actually sound like Iranians trying to justify things that are not true by irrelevant nuance. You've been on this site for too long.


AO, yes they can

by Rea on

In religious schools.

But not in public schools. Entirely different.

I don't write about schools in the US. For I know nothing about it, except reading in newspapers.

So, leave France out of it !

Anonymous Observer

Rea - can female students wear hejab in French schools?

by Anonymous Observer on

If there is, which I believe there is, that's an anti-hejab law for you.Also, and anti-burqa law IS an anti-he jab law since those who wear it do so for religious reasons.


Simple, more simple, simplest

by Rea on

People should not write blogs about things they know little, if anything, about.

There is no anti-hejab law in France! I'd be the first one to go against. It's anti burka, anti-niquab, it's not the same !

PS. I understand your blog is about something else. But don't get France involved in the issue. 

Maryam Hojjat

AO, Great Issue to bring to our attention

by Maryam Hojjat on

I agree with you that Moslems are very Hypocrites.  In my opinion The West must have curtailed activities of these moslems in their countries long time ago.  But I guess their liniency is due their fat contracts with countries such as Soudi Arabia, Abu dobi, Koviate and other oil rich moslems.


 Most excellent and

by vildemose on

 Most excellent and poignant insights and thoughts.

You have accurately diagnosed that  hypocrisy is a terminal illness that has beset most of our Islamic societies.

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt


Everything but Pizza

by divaneh on

They cna do what they wish but they should not try to open Pizza shops and compete with us in such traditional industries.

Anonymous Observer

Very true afshinzad

by Anonymous Observer on

khoda khar ro shenaakht keh behesh shaakh nadad!


You are talking about if we

by afshinazad on

You are talking about if we were civilized, which means Islamic countries if they were civilized and modern and tolerate others like human not subject to religion or race.

Can you imagine if 911 would have happened in any Islamic country and if these countries had a military power like Russian or American or even French and attach was from Christian side so called fanatic sector of religion. I would leave that to your imagination what would have happened to world.

In Islamic countries they cannot bear each other, never mind other Immigrants, just look at Afghanis in our countries over 3o year in our country their kids not allowed to go school, which this is simplest thing they should have.

Christian in Iran being living long before Iranian and yet they are treated as a foreigners and they are not allowed to built any new church and today 0ver 90% of Christian Armenian and Assyrian have moved from Iran to western countries because of they cannot get a job and cannot afford to live and they are treated as a enemies.

Sunnies in Iran have no right, after all they are Muslims, but they have no rights like Shiite cult and they cannot build their own kind of mosque or practice their own way.

Minorities have no right and they are treated as separatist and label them the as a terrorist and separatist and agents of CIA or MI6 or other labels.

If we could only compare ourselves in western countries we live in, we come as immigrant with a lot of baggage, starts from cultural to religion problems and instead of copping with society and culture of the country that we immigrated to, we try to change the landscape of the country and society with everything we have. No wonder we are domination to our own society.