Proud To Be An Iranian

Proud To Be An Iranian
by Anonymous Observer

We are a people of culture, arts, poetry, science and human rights.  Throughout much of our history, we have been pioneers and advocates of human rights and peaceful coexistence.  In fact, Iran, for the past three thousand years, has been the perfect laboratory, and a model for peaceful integration of various races, religions and cultures and of peaceful coexistence of the same.  Just take a look at our history.  Unlike many other multi-ethnic countries in the world which have had awful histories of genocide, apartheid and ethnic cleansing, one would be hard pressed to find any large scale ethnic or racial strife in thousands of years of history.  Sure, we have had problems here and there, but nothing that would even come close to what we have seen in the Balkans, Nazi Germany, United States and Native Americans, or the Turks’ ethnic cleansing of Armenians.

I have always been proud of our human rights track record.  But what has even made me more proud for the past three weeks is the outpouring of support that I see on this site for the people of Gaza.  It is indeed great to see that despite whatever differences we may have with the Arab world, or the current regime in Iran, our people (or most of us) have come to the defense of the besieged people of Gaza and are doing whatever we can, and that is to at least bring their plight to the world’s attention. 

Our humanity is our greatest achievement, and from what I see here, we have great of deal of it.


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Proud To Be Persian

by Anonymous-irany (not verified) on

Did you expect something else from us Iranians? We are the People of Persia. Cyrus the Great whose policy of generosity and tolerance toward other nations became standard Persian practice, remained outstanding in our ready toleration of local customs, languages and religions.


Proud of Iran and the Iranians

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Regardless of our issue we have never committed any act of genocide, ethnic cleansing, nor have we been the aggressor. And as you said, Iranians have compassion and make no distinction between people of any race, religion or ethnicity. This is called human descency, it is in our blood!

Those countries who proclaim themselves to be models of democracy, humanity and values have much to learn from Iranians.

Thank you anonymous observor for this well written article.


Well said

by IRANdokht on

Being human and caring for other human beings without prejudice has been an Iranian trait for milleniums. 

I am proud of all Iranians who still hold the same values and carry the love for humanity in their hearts.

Great blog and I absolutely love that logo.

Thank you



we are proud of you!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

we are proud of you!