Nowrouz Pirooz!

Nowrouz Pirooz!
by Anonymous Observer

Wanted to take a break from my usual antagonistic rants and wish everyone a happy new year.  That is everyone except for "Multiple Personality Disorder."  Just don't like that guy.  To the rest of you, though: happy Nowrouz.  May the spirit of Pirooz Nahavandi be your guide and your companion in the new Persian year!


PS_ MPD Jaan, obviously that was a joke.  Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.    


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ببین دکتر مهندس



از قدیم گفتن، "عسل را با دوستان خوردن بهتر از زهر مار و به تنهایی خوردن است!"

حالا کاری که ما میکنیم اینه که برای سیزده بدربا آناهید و بقیه بر و بچه ها هر چی شیرینی و آجیل وغیره و ذالک داریم رو ورمیداریمو همگی باهم میریم به صحرا. مش قاسم هم قراره یک فلاسک پر از چایی بیاره که همگی صفا کنیم!

بعدش پیرژامه و زیرپیرنی رکابی میپوشیم وروی گلیم  با نوار ایرج  میخونیم و صفا میکنیم. اونوقت عصر هم که شد یه سبزه ای گره میزنیم که اینشالله در این سال جدید کار همه راه بیوفته! 


Soosan Khanoom

DM & Anahid

by Soosan Khanoom on

Life is one big party when you're still young
But who's gonna have your back when it's all done
It's all good when you're little, you have pure fun
Can't be a fool, son, what about the long run?

and the rest of the song

: )  



by Doctor mohandes on

Yes to god! God is witness you are right!

Principally, Order is your order! No man on top of our heads and no woman Boss!


Anahid Hojjati

OK, DM jan, dn't get married

by Anahid Hojjati on

It is true that some married people complain.  If you don't like to get married, then stay single. I have been single after getting divorced too for many years. No agha balasar which is nice.


Anahid khanoom

by Doctor mohandes on

Hamsar chie... che asshii... che kashki khanoom??!!

One has to leeev de lyfe to de foolest and just enjoooy... Why would anyone vant to deel vveet de head pains of Ayal vaari??!

I just kaame baak from a partee in our Dehkoore and everee one vaaz komplaining about their spouses.!!! You tell me... This has become the situation (akhe inam shod vaz?) No. You turn your hat into a Judge and say it:)

May faramarz marry both my Future hamsar and his own Hamsar!


نوروز همگی فرخنده و پیروز


نوروز شما و همه دوستان دیگر پر از شادی و شادکامی. امیدواریم که غم و غصه های ایران نیز با برفها آب شود و شادی به آن سرزمین زیبا باز گردد. 

Anahid Hojjati

Dear DM, don't worry

by Anahid Hojjati on

I live close to Iranian and Afghani stores. If your gozar dropped to my humble home, I can quickly get you some Persian sweets. Aghaye Doctor Mohandess, hasoodi barazande shoma neest. Shoma aslan anghadar sweet hasteed ke be sheereeni ehtiaj nadareed. Ghahr nakon, akhm nakon. Ghorboone oon akhmet bere hamsar ayandat nature willing.

Mona 19

Happy Naw-Ruz :)

by Mona 19 on

به جمشید بر گوهر افشاندند
مر آن روز را روز نو خواندند
بزرگان بشادی بیاراستند
می و جام و رامشگران خواستند
چنین جشن فرخ از آن روزگار
بما ماند از آن خسروان یادگار

به امید روزی که در ایران زیبا نوروز باستانی را جشن بگیریم


نوروز خجسته باد





by Doctor mohandes on

AjabA! I am proud of this gheyrat!!

Anahita: No me , No you from this point on. Totally forgot that it vaaazzz mee who even beeruuutt de ideaa Op to save this moon-struck, stroy-teller of a man, coookeeesszz and now my head remains hatless??? My eyes on fire! my eyes Alight!!


Only be careful to not fall into the claws of law!! and don't be singing tonight is the moonlight night... I want my dear... If my dear is in the bed... i want my other dear... If she is asleep...wake her up... If she is drunk...sober her up!!!

Eyd nighti it does not have goodness if something bad happens to you!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


NowRuz PiRuz

Happy new year to you all. 


Red Wine Jan: NowRuz is the greatest of our Jashns. I will not allow IR or any other transitory regime ruin it for me. People; regimes come and go while NowRuz remains now and always.

We may chose to celebrate or mourn. I have so much going for me. A great family; children and much more. Plus a nation that offered me refuge when I needed it. I am happy.

Yes I want to celebrate the next NowRuz Iran. But until then I am not going to just sit back and be sad. It is our happiness that will keep our culture going. It is a good way to resist Islamist ***.


It is not Eid NowRuz; it is Jashne NowRuz.



ای‌ او جان


ای‌ او جان

نوروزت پیروز هر روزت نوروز  


Anahid Hojjati

Dear AO and Faramarz, I have not had one berenji cookie yet

by Anahid Hojjati on

I am waiting to eat Iranian sweets tomorrow when my relatives and I, we all gather for Norooz celebration . I am going to take the sweets there; except one box that I am keeping for Faramarz. However, Faramarz now is talking about the moon tonight and he wrote:"This phenomenon happens every 18 years or so and causes some strange behavior by many moon-struck people including yours truly!" so let's see how he behaves tonight, just kidding. On the other blog from Persian westender, Soosan Khanoom and I were discussing how we both write poetry when feelings arrive and not when we decide to write poetry. However, full moon tonight; which will be larger than it has been in 18 years, seems to be an occasion to decide to write poetry about.


امشب شب مهتابه!



Happy Norooz to All My Dear Friends Here!

May Amoo Norooz bring you crisp and fresh Eskenaas! And thank you Anahid for saving me some Shirini and Aajil!

I am looking forward to the New Year with lots of interesting, funny and insightful blogs and comments from all of you talented friends.

Tonight, March 19th, we will have the full moon. Actually, our moon is at its closest elliptical orbit point from the Earth. That would make the moon appear quite huge and very close to the Earth. This phenomenon happens every 18 years or so and causes some strange behavior by many moon-struck people including yours truly!

So, live it up tonight! Blame it all on the moon and promise to be good in the coming year!

Anonymous Observer

Thank you all --

by Anonymous Observer on

I again wish that you and your families have a great new year.  

The photo is indeed nice.  To be honest, I found it online.  I decided to use it because of its meaning and alos because I didn't want to upset my brother Samsam by using a photo that contained Tazi words. :-)

And Anahid Jaan: eat and be merry.  I have so far had quite a few "brenji" cookies.  I do have to say, though, that I did a 10 mile run last night to burn it all off.  More to come today though.  Going to a nice Greek restaurant!

Red Wine-e Germai:  Do notbe blue my firend.  We have each other here in "ghorbat."  :-) 


Happy Nowruz

by Reality-Bites on

to all who care about Nowruz and other Iranian traditions.

Soosan Khanoom

Dear AO & Everyone

by Soosan Khanoom on

Happy NowRuz  to you all 

Spring is life ......
Spring is hope ....... So is love and happiness........ Spring renews........ Without spring, life is forlorn........ Spring is nostalgia after bitter storm........ Put spring in your heart........


Archie Greenidge 



by Doctor mohandes on

Anahid jan

I think your Mohasebe gar/Rayaneh has found etessali! You might want to turn the "hendel" the other way... the next time you light eet on:)))

With delivery of appology to mr. AO... I am doing over-chinning again... sorry... sorry...embarrassed!

Anahid Hojjati

Dear DM, I will save some for Faramarz

by Anahid Hojjati on

I think it is actually best for one not to start eating these sheereenihaye noroozi ra or delay eating them. It is easy for me not to start eating them even if I have them at home. However, if the Noroozes past (when I was very young) is a guide, when one eats one naan berenji, then they eat more after that.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear AO, what a nice picture

by Anahid Hojjati on

You have on your blog.


AH jan

by Doctor mohandes on

please leave some for faramarz too:)

you know how he is....


Hozzaree Geramm... Va Jenabe AO

by Doctor mohandes on

Eyd Ol norouz be hameh Al mobarak baad.

Shadkam o Seemeen Ravan! basheed.

Hope to see a day when we see the Iranian/israelian/arabic all rolled into one site. And of course with our good ol' JJ still at the driver's seat.

PS. Ma belakhare nafahmidim!! Eyde "jamsheedie" ya Pirooz nahavandi (sargord pirouz??)...

Sharabe Sheereen va AO jan... Guidance kheesh ra bar ma Jaree dareed.!

Anahid Hojjati

Happy Nowruz to AO and other IC friends

by Anahid Hojjati on

Wishing that by next year this time, we will have freedom in Iran. I will try not to eat too much sheereeni during these ayame farkhondeh.



Greetings AO jaan

by SamSamIIII on


Noerooz et pirooz va shaadiat har rooz. barayeh tho dooste khoob va digar doostan gerami, saali khoob arezou daram.

khosh baashi & cheers pilgrim!!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

دوست بسیار عزیز و گرامی‌...

ما معمولاً نوروز را جشن نمیگیریم،یادی کوتاه..شاید اما..شادی نمی‌کنیم،آخر چه فایده دارد جشنی گیری که دور از میهن باشی‌،آخر کجای بهار این فرنگیان زیباست که ما را یاد بهاران شهرمان اندازد ؟! .. هیچ چیزی ندارد که یادآور پیام نوروزی باشد که ما شاهدش در مملکت بودیم،دوری از ایران زمین سالهاست که ما را پیر کرده است و تمام سالهای ما تنها پاییز دارد و یک زمستان سنگین تمام نشدنی‌ !

تنها دلخوشیمان یک عدد دفترچه تلفن است که در آن شماره‌های دوستان و بزرگان را داریم،اگر در پاریس باشیم که زنگ می‌زنیم و نقش بازی کرده و تعارفات می‌کنیم و تبریکاتی میدهیم،اگر هم که در پاریس نباشیم که هیچ.. !


با تمام این حرفهای و این دلنوشته ها...ما رسیدن نوروز جمشیدی را به شما و خوبان و وابستهگانتان تبریک میگویم.

خدا حفظتان کند و سلامتی پیوسته دهد.


شراب قرمز.


ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

Happy Nowruz to you too aziz.


Ebi aka Haaji


My dear wonderful AO: Happy

by vildemose on

My dear wonderful AO: Happy Norooz to you and your lucky family. May this year be the last year of IRI.



Happy Nowruz 2u2 - nice pic

by MM on

I whould have wished happy Nowruz to all MPD's personalities.


نو روز شما هم پیروز هم میهن گرامی


نو روز شما هم پیروز هم میهن گرامی . امیدوارم که خوش باشید و تن درست


Anonymous Observer

Thank you Mehrdad Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

and happy Nowruz to you and your family as well.  


To you and your family as well

by Bavafa on

نو روزتان پیروز