Name Five Mullahs Who Were Killed by the Shah

Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

On the sad anniversary of the passing of that great patriot, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, and after seeing the incessant gibberish against this Iranian visionary by those who want to justify their grave historical error by absurdity and prattle, I wish to ask this honorable crowd a simple question: how many akhoonds did the Shah kill in his three decades of reign over Iran?  You know akhoonds, right?  They are the same people who you blindly and purposelessly followed 32 years ago and brought to power.  And by “you” I mean not just the average Hussein “sineh zan” from South Tehran, but all the an-tellectuals, all the Jebheh Melli, the Bazargaans, the Sanjabis, and the other cadre of PhD holding political scientists and talking heads who so affectionately, devotedly and ardently followed the “mazloom” mullahs who were sooooo oppressed by the evil Shah.  Surely, the akhoonds knew best, and their “oppression” by the evil monarch gave them enough soundness and tenability to rather entitle them to governance, no? 

So, please tell us--Shah bashers--how many mullahs died at the hands of Shah?  Better yet, how many people did the Shah kill in three decades?  Was the number more than the sum of one day of mass executions under the Godly government that resulted from your grand and effulgent devolution?  And how does that number compare—when placed in context—with Iran’s political history for the past…well, 2532 years?


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Unfortunately, Shah didn't kill the mollah that mattered most

by AMIR1973 on

Objectively speaking, the Shah's biggest crime was exiling rather than executing Khomeini in 1964. That error led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iranian men, women, and children. Let that be a lesson as to how the U.S. and other countries should deal with Islamists. It's also interesting to note that the professor commenting on this blog about the "democratization" of Iran has stated that a fanatical Khomeini devotee such as Mousavi is a leader of Iran's "pro-democracy movement". Sure, just like the Emam himself was a leader of that movement in 1963-64.


Roozbeh, that's a little off.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Iran used to be a secular system and since mullahs were not in power they were free to have their mosques, like any free country and since iran was majority shia already that is what was mostly built.

But make no mistake, shah forced mullahs to give up their land during the white4 revolution ( a major source of their income and power) and political power.. out of courts out of law out of politcs.  Their rebellion was not because they were well taken care of or supported, but the exact opposite. 


AO, I dont have numbers , but

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Although no doubt there were mullas who were tortured or even killed, There is ample evidance to suggest that SAVAK far from killing the islamists, in fact used them to fight the secular forces.

I remember a story from a dear relative of mine (RIP, he'd have been 57 years old now....), that he was in the same SAVAK jail as Lajvardi, who later became Evin's boss and khomeini's favourite killer in islamist regime. He told me that Lajvardi and his gang were given privilages by SAVAK, were treated nicely. In return,  these islamist scum bags would spy for SAVAK and fight the secular prisoners. My uncle had a fight in prison with this vermin, lajvardi and gave him what he deserved . But Lajvardi paid him back many times more when he had him as his own prisoner under the islamist regime many years later... 

I actually dont hold a grdge against the shah himself per se. He was probably a patritic man, wanting good for Iran. Sadly, the fact remains that under his rule there were more mosques made than any other period in Iranian history. Islamists were given free reign to do what they want whilst any secular opposition from JM to communists were brutally suppressed. The result was when the revolution happened, the only organised force to take advantage of this political vaccume were khomeini and his  backers in CIA and MI6. That is why a lot of people blame the tragedy we have in Iran today on Shah himself.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


ao very were written

by shushtari on

we are still waiting for the paid cyber basijis and bache akhoonds to come out of their holes and say something LOL


Anonymous Observer

by Mammad on

I believe we are past such questions, but not because they are not important; they are. What you discuss has already been done too many times. We should go back to such issues after Iran become a democratic state. At this point, the most important issue is how to democratize Iran.

As for your question, I remember at least two, Ghaffari and Saeedi. There are many others, but I have to go back.

Yes, the IRI has killed more than the Shah did. That is understood. The IRI has executed close to 18,000.



Fact about cockroaches

by Cost-of-Progress on

They are hard to kill and no matter how many you kill, more will pop up!

It's a fact!





I love shah

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

He made no mistake other than being ill and betrayed by gnorant tyrants.

But truth is so many people for what ever motivation just won't change their view, no matter how much we try to inform them, there are others who have an interest to misinform them exactly to create division, so we have to think of the best path to uniting all iranians for good or else we will stay divided and screwed.

Here is my idea of what to do //


salman farsi

برادر "ناظر گمنام"

salman farsi

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