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Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

As I have mentioned before, I rarely share my poems on, as this is mainly a political site.  But the one below touched my heart so much that I decided to share it, and all the feelings that went along with it, with you, my online frenemies.  I truly believe that I achieved “irfan” when I was done with the poem. So, enjoy…

Hassan’s cow comes in three types…

It has no teat and it gives no milk…

They took his cow to India…

Get yourself an Indian wife…

Name her khalghezi…

With a red rimmed hat…

I threw a rock at a nightingale ….*

Its call can be heard in Istanbul…

Istanbul was also destroyed…

My dear grandmother’s heart was broken…

1, 2, 3, 4….

I dedicate this poem to the memory of all the Basijis and Paasdars that I saw dragging women into waiting white vans for bad-hejabi the last time I was in Iran.  I also have a previously unreleased video of the last meeting between Khamenei and Ismael Haniyeh of Hamas in Tehran that I like to share below. Khamenei is the one on the left.  Enjoy:

C-3PO aka Cheshmeh…

* If you’re interested in the relationship between nightingale and the African BulBul, see this.


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Anonymous Observer

Oon Yaroo Gerami

by Anonymous Observer on

As far as I am aware, and based on my extensive research on this subject matter, the acts depicted in the above video are mandatory as part of the curriculum in all Hozeh Elmiyehs around the country. 



by Yana on

So you are not Anahid Hojati? because your poems are similar to hers!

Mohammad Ala

I did not . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

AI jan;  I have been busy and cannot reply promptly.  I did not report this to JJ and I did not flag your comments.  You can ask JJ to verify.

However, you have lowered your standards and quality of your posts have been less desirable.

Oon Yaroo

AO Jaan, the actions depicted in the video must be !?

by Oon Yaroo on

only taught as described by Akhoonds' Ressaleh simulated in Boshkeh using freshmen Talabeh in the holly city of Qom.

It's only then when it can be approved by the folks of faith!

Thank you for your attention. 

Anonymous Observer

Very true RG, very true...

by Anonymous Observer on

We've all seen the photos of children being taken to the public suqare where people are hanged from cranes.  I've never seen the ususal suspects object to the psychological effect on the children in those situations.  


What is more offensive for "families with children" to watch?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

1) the video clip of two pigs having sex?

2) A human being hanged (no...slowly suffocated to death for about 15 minutes by hanging.....) in public in downtown Tehran by the islamist regime? 

Now go on, flag me too.......

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

Very true MG jaan (can I still call you MG?)

by Anonymous Observer on

In the wakco/ Islamo world, they put diapers on dockeys.  True story.  Taliban were planning on doing it to conceal their you know what.  You're right though.  I shouldn't have insulted those poor animals.  I should have known better.  

Post modern interpretation, ha?  Our friend Dabashi didn't have a hand in this translation, did he?  He seems to be an expert on all things post modern.

PS- can you add to the above poem by translating the "atal, matal tootooleh" part?  I couldn't come up with anything good.  

Siamak Asadian

Don't you know,this type of 'filth' don't happen in Islamic zoo

by Siamak Asadian on

And if it does it's very Halal.

Anywho, you really brought out the poet in me.

So this one, in the post-modern, deconstructionist style, is dedicated to you know who:

I have a Ball, its round.

It's red, white and blue.

When I hit it on the ground it goes up in the air.

It's beyond you ken how far up it goes.

AO jaan, seriously speaking: how dare you insult those poor, magnificent, horny little pigs like that?


Anonymous Observer

Have you ever been to a zoo dear professor?

by Anonymous Observer on

It happens there live.  Children visis too.  Did you send JJ a complaint email since you can't flag the blog as you often do with my comments?

Mohammad Ala

How low will IC allow posts to get?

by Mohammad Ala on

Families with children visit IC.