The Most Courageous Man in the World


The Most Courageous Man in the World
by Anonymous Observer

For the past three weeks, we have been watching in horror as the senseless slaughter of a defenseless civilian population is taking place before our eyes in Gaza. Yet, in the face of this great human tragedy, which now appears to have been carefully preplanned (read: Aljazeera: War on Gaza), the entire world has remained silent, or in the case of the United States, has actually encouraged the carnage. The Arab and the larger Muslim world have been the most despicable of all, with most of them carrying on normal business with Israel, and for those who have diplomatic relations with Israel, such as Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Qatar and Jordan, refusing to cut their diplomatic ties with that country in protest over these atrocities. And as for Iran, well, God knows what they are up to. They are probably busy downloading pictures of dead children so that they can use them in their next set of propaganda posters.

In the midst of this deafening silence, an unlikely person stood out from the ones who have divorced themselves from their sense of right and wrong. A man, thousands of miles away from the slaughter, who shares no cultural or religious ties with the hapless and besieged people of Gaza, but who understood that he shares his humanity with them. That man was Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, the first country in the world to cut all diplomatic ties with Israel over its massacre of defenseless women and children and to go as far asking for an investigation of Israeli officials for genocide and war crimes. Our hats off to Mr. Morales, who chose humanity over political expediency and showed courage in a sea of cowardice that has been the defining word of the sorry bunch that we call “world leaders” and the impotent puppet that is the United Nations. He is now followed by Hugo Chaves, who has followed suit. Hats off to him as well. But the credit goes to Mr. Morales. Perhaps it is his background as a peasant which has given him the courage to stand up for the defenseless, but whatever it is, it is his humanity that has shined through.

I just wish that Mr. Morales had more power to affect this senseless carnage of the innocent. Can you imagine what would have happened if Arab oil producers had, for even one day, stopped the flow of oil to the west in protest of Israel’s attack on Gaza? This carnage would have been over in 24 hours. Unfortunately, there is no such courage within the leadership of the Arab or Muslim world, and that is the shame of this century.


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Kaveh Nouraee

A Few Facts About Bolivia

by Kaveh Nouraee on

2nd Largest Natural Gas Reserves in South America 

5th Largest Known Oil Reserves in South America 

3rd largest cocaine producer in the world (120 metric tons)

Lowest GDP of any country in South America

Minimum Wage: 45 Euros........per MONTH

Percentage of Population Living Below the Poverty Line:   38.2%

Bolivia is just another country that doesn't even care about its own people, just like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and that monkey in Tehran.

And if this bit of data was not enough to prove this is just political posturing on Morales' part, Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca told reporters the diplomatic break with Israel "will in no way affect" its burgeoning bilateral trade with Bolivia." 

(Niloufar Parsi, are you listening?)


Thought you might want all the facts, or at least more than what you have now.


Thanks AO and Kurush

by IRANdokht on

I was not aware of Morales decision! thanks for the news.

I have to agree with Kurush, and repeat: shame on the IRI mullahs who only talk the talk but when it comes right down to it, they support the zionist regime's every move.

They need the threat of Israel to survive and all they're doing is jang-e zargari, while the truly brave leaders show support for their own people and all the victims.

We can all be a little more courageous too. Here are some jewish women speaking up and condemning the massacre:




Why there is a persian resturant in Bolivia??

by using innocent Palestinians (not verified) on

I have seen a picture of a persian resturant in Santa Cruz?? My friends sent me. I am asking you all , that how many ordinary Iranians would choose to live in Bolivia???? Zion is right there are so many IRI people there that they have to have chelokabab???
If you do not believe me , google it , it's name is Zafaran.


They are in bed with the Mullahs, that's all

by Zion on

Both Morales and Chavez are fully in bed with the mullahs in Iran. Hardly someone worthy of any praise at all, either of them.


Evo & Hugo: The Defiant Unsung Heros

by Kurush (not verified) on

Both men have indigenous blood and know a thing or two about the bloodthirsty West. But when their forefathers, the Incas and Aymaras, were being exterminated by the Spanish conquistadors and their civilizations laid in ruins, there were nobody (Montaigne being the exception) to cry foul. The two unsung heros can look back and see that what happened to their forefathers is now happenning to the Palestinians, and, hence they can not bear to keep quiet. Shame on Moslem collaborators who have neihter the moral courage of these two men, nor any shame while they acquiesce to the Zionist aggressors in the full view of the world!

Anonymous Observer

Souri - I Agree

by Anonymous Observer on

Palestinians have been used as propoganda pieces for despotic Arab leaders for decades.  They would have shut off the oil of they cared.  The fact that they didn't (and still haven't) taken any effective measures to stop the bloodshed speaks volumes.


Our hats off to Mr. Morales ...!!!

by Souri on

Now, that is an ACTION ! He is a great man of the history.

But what you said here :

"Can you imagine what would have happened if Arab oil producers had, for
even one day, stopped the flow of oil to the west in protest of
Israel’s attack on Gaza?..."

Most of those Arab oil producers countries, don't really care about Palestine, don't you think so ? The life of this poor nation wouldn't be so miserable today, if those countries would ever cared !