The MEK and the Palestinians Committed the Same Acts Against Iran. So, Why the Disparate Treatment?


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

Our homeland is at the brink of war over the Palestinian cause.  Israel is afraid that the IR is building a nuclear arsenal, and is pushing the West to confront the IR.  Israel is afraid because the IR has declared for the past 33 years that it is its religious duty to annihilate Israel, and that it is still its number one mission to do so.  The IR’s policy of annihilating Israel is based on its religious duty to free Palestine.   

But the Palestinians essentially committed the same reprehensible acts for which the MEK is blamed day in and day out: this sided with Saddam Hussein and fought against Iranians in the Iran / Iraq war.  

Now we know that everyone—well, not “everyone,” but rather the manufactured outrage, IR Kool Aid crowd wants MEK’s head.  Their main reason for wanting MEK members killed, banished and kept on the terrorist list: MEK’s cooperation with Saddam in the Iran / Iraq war.  But the same crowd worships Palestine and is willing to sacrifice every man, woman and child in Iran to “liberate Qods.”  So, why the hypocrisy you nit wits?  Why shouldn’t the Palestinians be punished and be the target of Iranians’ scorn?  They did the same thing as the MEK.  They fought in Saddam’s war against Iran.  In fact, the MEK has a leg up on the Palestinians.  The MEK has never called the Persian Gulf “Arabian Gulf” and has never claimed that the three islands belong to the UAE.  Palestinians have--officially.  They are bigger traitors to Iran than the MEK.  So why do you worship them and want to sacrifice our homeland over their cause?



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We asked a similar question about the pattern of racism

by CIM on

You probably didn't see it because it was hidden on the backpages of this website:

 Shalom Mr. Javid, Mr. Amin, Ms. Siami, Mr. Khoshmood & Artificial Intelligence - 2 questions 


Why the racism?

by maghshoosh on


Whatever assistance Arafat and the PLO (A/P) may have provided to Saddam's forces is their sole responsibility.  It shows gross racism to attribute their misdeeds to Palestinians in general.  When discussing the misdeeds of Massoud Rajavi as head of the MEK, or Khamenei as head of the IRI, you wouldn't replace them or the systems they lead by the ethnic groups they belong to.  So why this double standard w/ respect to A/P vis-a-vis the Palestinians?  It's similar to those who want to criticize Israel, AIPAC or their leaders, but replace them with "Jews" in general.  There's nothing more to this conflation of an individual w/ his ethnic group than silly racism.

The assistance that A/P may have provided to Saddam pales in comparison to much more substantial ones provided by major world powers and the rest of the Middle East, with the possible exceptions of Israel & Syria.  Saddam was largely financed by various Arab Gulf states, and provided advanced weaponry and chemical weapon ingredients by the US, France & Soviet Russia, among others.  Yet, you wouldn't ask as to why the Saudis, Kuwaitis, Americans, French and Russians aren't viewed in the same vein as the MEK.  A/P's support was mostly symbolic, providing Saddam w/ the nationalistic credentials that the Palestinian cause has had among the Arabs.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

When I was very young back in the 1980's, we lived in a Persian Gulf country.  During that time, we, or rather my parents, as I was too young, would watch the news on that country's official government channel. My father used to videotape reports from the Iran / Iraq war, many of which he still has on old VHS (and some Betamax) tapes. I have watched a lot of those videos throughout the years--until VHS players went obsolete.  I distinctly remember one of them where a plane had landed in the Baghdad airport, and Palestinian fighters were descending the stairs onto the runway, holding and AK-47 in one hand and a photo of Saddam /Arafat together.  The report was about Palestinains joining their Iraqi "brothers" in fighting the the Iran/Iraq war.  Someday, when my parents finally convert those (and many other tapes) to some sort of a digital format, I will make sure to post them.  

That's my personal knowledge of the events.  But you don't have to take my word for it.  As with anything else in the Middle East, "supporting Saddam" and getting something [money and training] in return by Palstinians couldn't possibly have been for free.  What do you think Arafat have to offer Saddam aside from manpower? 


Anon. Observ., Is your silence admission of fabrication?

by maghshoosh on

So should we assume that you're still searching for the evidence that the PLO provided manpower or materiel to the Iraqi side during the Iran-Iraq war, or have you given up on that?


AO jaan, great point!

by Cost-of-Progress on

Funny how the ass kissers of the regime here "make" their point about the Pals and MEK and how they are different....

As we all know, the Palestinian "cause" has been used by the regime as a smoking mirror while they rob Iran blind and use her resources to advance their anti nationalist and sick agenda: to wipe Iranian identity.

It is amazing how stupid people can be. Again, as I've said before, with Iranians like this, who needs external enemies? 


Evidence of material support of Saddam?

by maghshoosh on

Anonymous Observer,

Since you claim that the Palestinians "sided with Saddam
Hussein and fought against Iranians in the Iran / Iraq war," what is the evidence for the claim of Palestinians fighting on the side of Saddam in that war?  I know that Arafat expressed support for Iraq in the Iran-Iraq and Gulf wars, and that since Iraq had citizens of Palestinian descent, they may have been recruited to military service like other Iraqi citizens.  But what support in man power or materiel did the PLO provide to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Because IRI (foolishly) is more afraid of MEK than anyone else

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

All the IRI sponsored entities, anywhere in the world, have one prime target for their attacks: MEK. Shah had the same mistaken fetish with Tudeh.

Because IRI only consider MEK a strong enough and organized enough force capable of toppling them. All the IRI lobby groups in US, have their primary directive to prevent only 1 thing:

Delisting of MEK from terrorist designation.


Dear AO, On "Palistinian cause"....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 I firmly believe that nothing has set back the "Palistinian cause", more than the sheer existance of the Islamist republic, this servent of Oil cartels, arms dealers and russian Mafia &  the most effective tool of enslavement and division of people of Middle east. That is precisely why all palistinian factions, even Hamas, have been abandoning the islamist regime.

As for the duplicity, dishonesty, shamelessness of "israel the rapist" cyber mob, well, they are only doing their job :)  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


why the disparity ?? I've learned to NEVER under estimate ....

by bushtheliberator on

 the factor of ethnic/sectarian hatreds in ME affairs.Could the different response merely reflect that the  beloved Palis' adversaries are the



We don't "advise in causes" - we verify facts & support speech

by CIM on

" by vildemose on CIM: Here is a website you can enjoy. They are some of the most enlightened and non-hateful people in America. You might be able to advise them in some of their causes:

// "

Anonymous Observer

Vildemose jaan -

by Anonymous Observer on

"CIM" is no other than "ILoveIran" and various other usernames.  He has his own site, that stupid iranianfacebook nonsense that he keeps advertising.

Anonymous Observer

SK - Palestinians are not beyond reproach

by Anonymous Observer on

They did the same thing that the MEK did.  They should be criticized accordingly--and they should be treated the same way, that is to the extent that MEK is blamed for helping Saddam attack Iran, they should be blamed accordingly.

Anonymous Observer

Thanks for the enlightening comment Faramarz

by Anonymous Observer on

Indded, Islamist terrorism was perfected in the Lebanese training camps, where notable Iranian Islamist terrorists such as Chamran, Ahmad Khomeini, and MEK members were trained.  

I actually believe that it's quite reasonable to believe that MEK members had interactions with the Palestinians in the 1980's in Iraq.  They may have even trained in the same camps.  Arafat and his henchmen were frequent visitors to Baghdad--so were the MEK who actually camped there.  And both groups received funding and military training from Saddam.  So, it's quite possible that they interacted together.

And of course, none of these nit wits really care about the Palestinians.  Neither does the IR.  The IR--and its supporters--is just the newest tyrant that is using the Palestinians to advance its crazy ideas.  Just like Ghaddafi, Abdel-Nasser, King Hssein, the Saudis, Saddam, Assad (father and son), and of course, the Israelis.  

I have always said that I really hope for the Palestinians to get their own country as soon as possible.  Not only it will be good for them, it will close the mullahs' "dokkan" as we say. 

Artificial Intelligence

Thank you AO for an Excellent Blog!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Great points!

Anonymous Observer

CIM- I will agree to your interview request under the following

by Anonymous Observer on


1) You must pay me an interview fee of $150,000.00.  Cash.  All in crisp $100.00 bills.  And no funny money.  I know what your IR bosses are up to...with the North Koreans, printing counterfeit $$.  I'll have someone check them out.  So, they must be delievred to me at least a week prior to the interview via a stretch limo.  This way, I will have the time to examine them;

2) The GPS coordinates for the meeting will be as follows: 27 59' 17" N 86 55' 31" E.  Transportation to the meeting point shall be your responsibility.  I travel first class and nonstop only.  I will need to delivered to all airports via stretch limos (must have bar).  In case limos are inaccessible, you must prepare a helicopter for my transportation to and from airport(s);

3) Throughout the duration of the meeting, you shall be dressed ONLY in the following: an Israeli flag (wrapped around you) and a black fedora lined with aluminum foil;

4) Every 15 minutes for the duration of the interview, you must stop your questioning, grab a cane and do a three minute belly dance to my choice of a Haifa Wehbe song.  You must incoporate the cane in your dance and you must keep the Israeli flag wrapped around you at all times;

5) You must bring a Panthera tigris altaica for me to pet during the mesting to relieve the anxiety that I may experience during my travels to the meeting point.

Please advise immediately if you're agreeable to the above terms so that we can arrange the interview as soon as possible.  Thank you. 


 Westboro Baptist Church

by vildemose on

 CIM: Here is a website you can enjoy. They are some of the most enlightened and non-hateful people in America. You might be able to advise them in some of their causes:



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Maryam joon and Masuod joon are proud of your reasoning here.    Great job comparing them to the Palestinians    Ahhhhhh, now my heart aches for Masoud joon. 

By the way, I am vacationing in northern CA , at Pebble Beach now but heading to Canada and the autocorrect  on my iPhone sucks!!!!

Missed all the daily fights here at IC !!

: )

First Amendment

"You can even disagree with yourself all by [yourself]."

by First Amendment on



 CIM: you need to open

by vildemose on

 CIM: you need to open your own website and fully engage in a monologue with yourself. You can even disagree with yourself all by yoruself.

You can even put the owner of the blog on a mock trial and sentence him to death. Please stop spamming every thread/blog.

You have no credibility among the "un-enlightned" IC users. You need to deal with it. It's not the end of the world. Good luck debating with your deteractors on your new website.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


 MEK and their

by vildemose on

 MEK and their supports = Palestinians = Reformers and their supporters= VF and supporters =toudehis and supporters

They are all equally treasonous to Iran and Iranians. If The US can make a backdoor deal with the reformers, they can certainly do it with MEK, VF et al or Palestinians.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


There is only 1 faction on this website

by CIM on

Which faction?  The point here is that chooses the pieces of the chessboard and how they get played: I.e., It chooses who is heard/not heard; who gets banned; and who gets comments removed based upon criteria that lacks objectivity, lacks regularity, and lacks uniformity of application. The site also controls who can join. Unless and until the site allows people to (a) join with impediment, and (b) write whatever they want (so long as it is within the confines of the law) not a single comment here can be taken seriously except the ones that demand access for all people to be able to participate and be heard.  

The idea that this blog poses a question that banned users cannot respond to is patently absurd.   




MEK, Palestinians and

by Faramarz on



Thanks for your blog AO.

The roots of MEK terrorism and their military training date back to 1970 when the first 13 of these guys went to the PLO camps in Jordan and Lebanon and brought the skills back to Iran. Those trainings were instrumental in fighting the Shah’s Imperial Guards and ultimately the ’79 revolution. Coincidentally, Yasser Arafat was the first foreign leader to come to Iran after the revolution.

Fast forward to today. MEK has renounced terrorism as of 2001 and the Palestinians under their elected leader Mahmoud Abbas are pursuing a peaceful approach to resolve their conflict with the Israelis. However, that’s not acceptable by the anti-Israeli faction here on this site. I challenge you to read every single post by the anti-Israeli crowd here and show me a single reference to Mahmoud Abbas or a mere mention of his name. As far as they are concerned, they decide what’s good for the Palestinians, and not their elected leaders. I guess it is the “Velayat Faghih” thing! They know what’s good for everyone!

They see the Palestinians the same way the Japanese soldiers saw the Korean and Chinese “Comfort Women” during WW2. They are there to satisfy a need while they are fighting their battles.  


You asked a question that you know cannot be fully answered

by CIM on

You seem to have missed the point: (1) Nobody at CIM is named "Wahid." (2) We invited you personally to sit down with us and the owners and administrators of to address the allegation that, and others, have made against this site which in essence is that, ' is a site that has received funding from Israeli military and Bahai special interest group (and others) and is committed to disseminating propaganda against the Iranian people;' they further allege that this site locks out many voices that seek to object, which we have been able to verify is true (look at the appalling number of banned accounts - they can't all be named "Wahid").  (3)  We do not own any news websites.   And defaming someone named "Wahid" - who as far as we can tell cannot even respond to you - does not change the fact that you are asking questions that many banned users cannot respond to while you are basking in the hypocrisy of attempting to silence people that disagree with you.    

Anonymous Observer

Wahid / ILoveIran / CIM joon

by Anonymous Observer on

Stop advertising your stupid site.  As I told you before, no one cares about your Baha'i / Jew hate site.  I'm glad that you set it up though.  It's your right to do so.

PS- One of my "ideological opponents" left a comment opposing my point of view below.  He did so respectfully and without calling anyone a "f**king k*ke."  Perhaps if you learned not to spew racial hatred you wouldn't get banned either.   


The hypocrisy of asking a question of banned users

by CIM on

As you are undoubtedly aware a group of people that were banned from this website went on to start their own at and they appear to have addressed this topic on their website under a heading called the "Israeli government's crimes against the Iranian people."  Since they agreed to an interview with us, which we conducted, but this site's operators have not: We can tell you that they do not censor comments, so you might be better off asking your question of the people at who are in position to reply to your question.  The hypocrisy here is that your question relies on the artifice of hiding behind a platform that censors your ideological opponents and they appear to number in the hundreds from the information we have been able to gather.  If you think you have a good question to ask of them, you should make sure they can answer you.


Anonymous Observer

I Don't think so FA

by Anonymous Observer on

I don't think Israel had a problem with the Shah.  Remember that Israel was selling Iran weapons--and technology in a lot of areas, including agriculture and other high tech stuff.  It even tried after the revolution to somehow maintain a channel of cooperation--mainly through weapons sales during the Iran / Iraq war with Iran.  But at some point decided that the Iranian regime was too ideological and abandoned its efforts.  It just makes sense too for Israel to have been on Iran's side pre-1979.  It was the best ally it could have in a very hostile environment.

And as far as the Palestinians and the MEK, I think the situation is quite similar, despite the fact that one is a foreign nation and the other is an Iranian group.  They committed the same act.  Plus, don;t we punish foreign nations also for what they do--or even what we think they do-- to us?  How about the U.S.? 

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Our homeland being on the brink of war over the Palestinian cause is a gross overstatement....the state of war is being imposed upon us for Israel's fear of losing her regional hegemony......Israel has always had issues with a strong Iran.......the Shah's army didn't escape Israel's attention........One thing to remember: the Shah was weakened by the Democrats.......if you remember, prior to 9/11 the Arabs and Palestinians voted for the GOP, and Jews were almost entirely Democrats..........

Answering the question(oversimplified): MKO is a terrorist cult from within........Palestine is a foreign state, outside Iran...........