Islam Hates Puppies

Islam Hates Puppies
by Anonymous Observer

FYI - I am writing this bolg with my little puppy sitting on my lap.   So, have you ever wondered why Islam considers dogs “najes” and prohibits having them around?  Well, according to Dr. Fouladvand, it goes back to when Mohammad and his new Muslim mafia were just a little band of brigands in the Arabian Desert.  Apparently, their modus operandi was to attack caravans that had camped overnight in the desert, Mohammad having declared their personal property “halal” to his band of marauders.  The caravans usually had dogs as security against animals and thieves (Mohammad being a thief) and use to keep them around their overnight camps.  Expectedly, most of the damage to the bandit crew of Mohammad and his mob was inflicted by the dogs when they attacked the resting caravans.  And Mohammad, being a master of self serving fatwas, issued a fatwa declaring dogs dirty and worthy of death, just so that he can steal in peace.  Naturally, the blind faithful have followed the edict ever since.  

I also have another theory of my own.  Islam cherishes violence and death.  Dogs give you unconditional love, and love is frowned upon by Islam.  So, they want to avoid it as much as possible.  See, the logic must have been that if you have a dog at home that gives you love and affection, you may be less likely to strap two kilos of C-4 to your chest and blow yourself up in a bus loaded with women and children.  And in the old times, it may have made you less likely to decapitate 800 people in one day—and then brag about it.

My suggestion to everyone: get a dog.  It’s worth every dollar of expense and every moment of effort you put into taking care of it.



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AO jaan, something interesting

by Truthseeker9 on

".... owners of toy dogs were more open to new experiences .... more conscientious."   :)




by Fesenjoon2 on

Putting lipstick on a pig isnt what worries me. What worries me is that these people actually believe the fallacies and fabrications they write.

Anonymous Observer

Thank you all for the comments

by Anonymous Observer on

A few observations:

Fesenjoon: Demo is trying to put lipstcik on a pig.  It just won't stick dude, no matter how hard he tries with his revisionist mumbo jumbo.

RB and Pashmaloo: this shouldn't be a contest between cats and dogs. Both are good as pets.  Dogs interact with people better because they're ack animals, wheereas cats are solitary.  

The term "pussy" shoud not be applied to women.  It's degrading and sexist. How about  If we calll all men "dikcs?"  Would that sound good?

Divaneh jaan: My dog is doing fine and barks hello back.  She needs a bath after much running around and digging outside.  It's like trying to keep a walking white carpet clean.  On another note, have you heard the term "Ali sag kosh" being applied to out beloved first Imam?  Apparently, his other hobby, after kiiling Iranians, was killing dogs.




What do you expect from bandits?

by divaneh on

What do you expect from a religion that has its root in banditry? Of course it does not approve of dogs. No other philosophy has done such disservice to humanity as the Islam has done by keeping all those Muslim societies backward. It is against anything but killing, stealing, plundering and slavery.

I want to add another theory. Mohammad was a revengeful person and used to keep grudges against anyone or anything that ever annoyed him including dogs and donkeys. It is possible that a dog had bitten him at some point and now he wanted revenge.

Thanks for your good blog AO jaan and say hello to your puppy. Tell her that she is a very lucky dog not to live in a Muslim country. Just like any other creature.




by Fesenjoon2 on

You shouldnt be saying things about Islam when you know nothing about it. The Quran is not the only source of guidance in Islam. If you think it is, then youre not a muslim; youre a follower of something else. In Twelver Shia Islam, the words of the Ahl-e-Bayt are also considered a source of guidance. There is no doubt in that. And Imam Sadiq has specifically called dogs Najes. 

This article has been written in answer to those who think that the story of As-hab Kahaf is proof that dogs are not Najes:


Dogs are Najes in Islam. No ands, ifs, or buts. 



by Shepesh on


Why do some men use this term about women and why does IC keep these vulgar reference to women if they are flagged? 


AO And Demo

by Raoul1955 on

AO: Wonderful one and loved reading it.

Demo: You need to explain the true nature of islam to the few hundred million muslims worldwide who misunderstand islam and are so hateful and violent, and not to us.


Did I read that right?!!

by Reality-Bites on

Quoting Pashmaloo:

"..Did you know that  women and cats share the same name: pussy!..."

the only reaction I can muster:



Reality-bites: simply put, you have never had a cat

by Pashmaloo on


You have questioned the following:
  • Cats and beauty: are you real Reality-bites? How many times have you seen a beautiful woman (generally accepted as a symbol of beauty) being compared to a dog? Did you know that  women and cats share the same name: pussy!



  •  Cats are less violent than dogs. How many times have you seen a a guard-cat or a patrol-cat or a hunt-cat? Hardly a cat is being muzzled but dogs frequently are.
  • Cats are more independent than dogs
  • Cats are less servile than dogs. This means they have more colorful personalities and more sophisticated than both dogs and humans. 
  • Cats calming effect on humans:
  • Cats are cleaner than dogs - I added 'more' for empahsis :0)
also read this: //
  • Cats evolution is more perfect than dogs: cats don't pant like dogs and they are far easier to care for than dogs. See the coments here:
  • BUT Hey! Cats and dogs can be best of friends:
// So no hard feelings :0)) 


G. Rahmanian

Is Fred lying?

by G. Rahmanian on

Fred has written a lot about Islamists' "lap poodles." Reading this blog, I think he is either lying or he may be referring to something else.



by Reality-Bites on

You make a number of statements in your comment as if they are all facts!. So, if I may, I'll repeat your statements with my own questions/comments next to them in brackets.

  • Cats are generally far more beautiful than dogs (according to whom and on what basis? Isn't beauty subjective?
  • Cats are far less violent than dogs (Sure cats are smaller, but what is the evidence to say they are less violent?)
  • Cats are far more self-suffcient than dogs (What, cats grow their own vegetables and cook their own meals?)
  • Cats are far less slavish than dogs (In other words, they are less loyal and couldn't care less about their human companions)
  • Cats are far more comforting than dogs (What does that mean exactly? Do they give their owners massages and rub their feet? And whatever it means, what evidence is there to support it?)
  • Cats are far more cleaner than dogs (true enough, I guess, but the correct English is either "cleaner" or "more clean", not "more cleaner")
  • Cats don't need to be "walked" twice a day (No, but I'm not sure if dogs "need" to be walked twice a day either, but I guess it is advisable :) )
  • Cats' evolution is far more perfec than dogs (Really? Says who and on what basis?
  • Cats were (and still are) worshipped as Gods (So?)
  • Cats are loved in Islam (So?)

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

What a DOG has to do with DEEN?

they both bark ; one for food and the other for blood.



Islam vs Judaism

by Demo on

Both Islam & Christianity share the noble sentiment of opposing Judiasm on the basis of its strict emphasis on the 'rules' & 'laws.' Even though Quran calls only for the 'teachers of religion,' the self proclaimed Akhoonds act like Jewish Rabiis, issuing laws & orders of their own with the pretense of following 'Sunnahs' & 'Revayats', most of which are 100% fabricated as they do not match with the Quranic instructions. Calling DOGS as well as any other pets as 'Najas' are some examples of those big lies!

PS: The above statement was written under the oath & may GOD punishes the commentator if anything but the truth was stated!


Islam Hates Fun!

by Faramarz on

Thank You AO.

I have never had a dog but I love dogs and I am going to get a puppy soon.

Ever since Hooshang Khan, my cat (my avatar, named after my good friend's father who hated cats) passed away I have been thinking about getting a puppy.

I'll change my avatar as soon as I get Haapoo!


Thanks for a great Blog!

by bahram9821 on

AO, I totally agree with you get a dog. It’s worth every dollar of expense and every moment of effort you put into taking care of it". I have a 14 year old Standard Poodle named Paris, he is the best dog I have ever owned. He is considered to be very old for a big dog and  no longer can go on walks with me, I don’t even want to think about what I have to do in the  next few months. Thanks for a great blog.

Maryam Hojjat

AO, Love your Blog &

by Maryam Hojjat on

 I love dogs.  I have a 4 yrs old maltese. Her name ia phee Bee MooShoo. They are great loving, innocent creatures

Oon Yaroo

Ostaad AO, Islam is against anything that walks!

by Oon Yaroo on

May this evil force disappears from the face of the earth soon and for ever!

Anonymous Observer

Pahmaloo & Mousa

by Anonymous Observer on

Pashmaloo: I love cats too. My problem with them is that I am alergic to them. VERY allergic in fact.

Mousa: you shouldn't insult your dogs by naming them after murderers and Iran haters.

Anonymous Observer

So, Demo / Tavana

by Anonymous Observer on

I don't have the akhond ruls down like you do, but aren't Islam's rules a combination of the Quran and "sonnah?"Are you saying that Islam allows keeping dogs as pets? Because if you do, you are lying:


Anonymous Observer

TS-9 & Vildemose

by Anonymous Observer on

Thanks. TS-9: I love bichons. In fact, my new puppy is a Bichon I am finding though that theyr (or at least mine) is not very bright. I used to have a border collie who just died of old age. He was 14 and my family had him since she was a puppy. I finally took him to graduate school with me and kept him until he died. But I am happy that he lived a good, happy life. border collies are very smart. But I love the little bichon. She is finally getting the house training down. Still a puppy though.


I have two very cute chiwawa puppies myself.

by mousa67 on

I have named them Hasan and Hosein. As sign of my love and affection to shia martyred sainsts.


What about us: CATS?

by Pashmaloo on

To start with: 


  • Cats are generally far more beautiful than dogs
  • Cats are far less violent than dogs
  • Cats are far more self-suffcient than dogs
  • Cats are far less slavish than dogs
  • Cats are far more comforting than dogs
  • Cats are far more cleaner than dogs
  • Cats don't need to be "walked" twice a day
  • Cats' evolution is far more perfec than dogs
  • Cats were (and still are) worshipped as Gods




  •   Cats are loved in Islam 





2 Super Sized Lies!

by Demo on



1. The word 'Najes' in Quran is used only once in calling those who ascribe 'divinity' to aught beside GOD. The mentioned 'fatwa' in the blog is a fabricated one along with its told story. One of the 'Cave Compatriates' among many of the revolutionaries young in the story of 'Asahbeh Kahf' (Surah 18 of Quran) was no animal other than a 'DOG!' Thus whoever hates 'puppies' or 'dogs' must then hates the true words of 'GOD!'

2. Islam is all about 'Hay' ('Life' in English) & cherishes nothing but 'Justice' for all!


Too true. Well done. A

by vildemose on

Too true. Well done.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


AO jaan

by Truthseeker9 on

What a sweet blog and so true. The picture is cute too, I love Bichon Frise.