Hey "Greens." How About An Apology?


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

For thirty two long years you praised the Islamic Republic.  For thirty two long years you shut your eyes and closed your ears to the truth that was all around you—the bitter truth of Islamic Republic’s atrocities.  For thirty two long years, by your silence and inaction,  you denied mass executions.  For thirty two long years, by your silence and inaction, you denied torture.  For thirty two long years, by your silence and inaction, you denied imprisonments.  For thirty two long years, by your silence and inaction, you denied the destruction of Iran’s economy and civil society. 

For thirty two long years, you worked for the Islamic Republic, hosted their officials in the West, tried to give the IR a civilized face, and tried to put lipstick on that vile monster.  You then reaped the benefits of your service to the Islamic Republic by buying real estate in Iran.

Now, thirty two years later, you want us to believe that you have had an epiphany, and have realized that the Islamic Republic is nothing but a petty and brutal dictatorship.  You have now all become born again an-tellectuals who follow a savior who is cut from the same piece of cloth.  A man who was the prime minister of the execution years.  A man who once declared in an interview that those who oppose the sacred system are deserving of the ultimate punishment.  He is your savior--another charlatan like yourselves--how befitting.  Perhaps that’s why you love him so much.  He’s “in it” just like you are. 

So, how about an apology?  Now that you are all trying to reinvent yourselves into pundits and thinkers of the “new movement” in Iran, the least that you can do is to say you are sorry for being…well, an intentional and self-created moron for the past 32 years.  Oh, come on.  No one believes that you didn’t know what was going on.  You were just hoping that the “system” will fix things and that you can “mast maali” all of those annoying crimes against humanity and you will just come out of it as the new heroes of “reform,” ---IR style, of course.  But then came a little short man called Ahmadinejad, and he shit all over your self fellatio performing cabal.  Now the dirt is on you, and you’re in a frenzy trying to put on makeup faster than a 50 year old French whore.

But none of your makeup and an-tellectual Botox is going to work until you come clean.  Just come and say it.  Say that you’re sorry for being an accomplice in IR’s crimes for the past 32 years.  Just say that you now understand that you were a complete douche bag for being—and acting—as such for the past 32 years.  Ask for our forgiveness, and promise that you will spend every ounce of your energy, until you breathe your last breath, to advance the cause of human rights in Iran.  And then actually do so.  Oh, one more thing.  And this one is a biggy. I’m not sure if you could handle it.  But no more emails to IR officials.  Understood?

Perhaps if you come clean and renounce your past, we can begin to understand you to the point that we may actually forgive you.  Otherwise, stop wasting your time with Op-Ed’s, blogs, TV appearances and all other nonsense.  We know what you’re up to.           


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Maryam Hojjat

Excellent & valid Points to

by Maryam Hojjat on

bring to the attention of GREENS & their supporters.  They are as guilty as all IRR/IRI thugs. 


I read the entire appology, the sections posted at least.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Not much of an appology for an entire system that has failed so badly and is wrotten to the core.

An appology based on defending the IMAM khomeini, who personally ordered the murder of over 10,000 people, and praising/supporting all imams moft promises/words yet not condemning all his actions. 

He is incapable of expressing true shame, like most muslims that rationalize their own crimes.

In short he is no iranian patriot,

He is and always will be a worm, who got caught supporting an evil system not on the side of goodness, but in a political power struggle where his side lost and the revolution ate its own children, which they truly earned for themselves.

Until he fully denounces islamic government and khomeini's betrayal of iranians and his part in that, why should anyone pay any attention to a snake that was eaten by another snake.

The entire concept of moderate was only a creation by the system to contain the people and manipulate them, which they failed to do.

Iranians never had fredom so good as when the Shah was in Iran.  He helped steal their freedom and does not appologize for that either.





Anonymous Observer

by Mammad on

You are not updated. The apology was already issued. See


The change started not this year but in 1989 after the end of the war with Iraq and death of Ayatollah Khomeini. It has been gradual, but continuous.



I love you, my words exactly, green was yet another micromanaged

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

attempt by our jailers in the west to steal our hopes for freedom, justice and democracy, they wanted to use iranians with power in the system, when they knew the nature of the regime they halped bring to power and hold in power for so long.

Greens are really no less black than IRI, but had many other groups joing them out of desperation for change..

here is my solution.  //iranian.com/main/blog/amirparvizforsecu...