Everything is IR's Fault


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

Don't let IR's well trained and well funded cyber army fool you by blaming everyone in the universe, aside from the real culprits--the IR--for Iran's troubles. Everything that has happened to Iran, every misery, every economic hardship, every episode of mass murder, every imprisonment of innocent men, women and teenage children, every instance of torture, the long war with Iraq, sanctions, threat of looming war for the past three decades, the loss of respect that Iranians have suffered, and are suffering, around the world, and every other bad thing that has happened to Iranians for the past thirty one years is the direct result of IR. And they can all be traced back to one of the following IR characteristics:

-Its uncompromising ideological nature;

-Its warmongering;

-Its mafia style organization;

-Its deeply rooted terrorist character;

-Its reliance on terrorism as a means of advancing its foreign policy goals;

-Its dishonest and deceitful nature;

-Its belligerence;

-The criminal nature of its players;

-Its players’ intent on holding on to power at any cost;

-Its, and its players’ absolute hatred for the Iranian identity;

-Its religious messianic ideology; and finally;

-Its incompetence.

And how can I say this with any degree of certainty? Easy. Look at Iran pre-revolution. We had no sanctions, no wars. Iran was respected around the world. People had peace of mind. Women wouldn't get harassed, beaten and jailed for showing a few strands of hair when they went onto the streets. Sure, Iran wasn't a political democracy then either. But hey, the degree of repression was one millionth of what it became post revolution. And given the nature of the Iranian society, I am sure things would have democratized with Shah's death.

So, rest assured. None of these hardships will go away until the IR and its despicable operators are removed from Iran by the Iranian people and its criminals are put on trial for their crimes against humanity. That is the only way in which we can bring closure to this dark chapter in Iran’s history.


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

Sargerd: what's the point of freedom from foreign meddling, if

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

the country becomes slave to domestic demons?



by Mammad on

While I appreciate your effort in posting the blog, do you not think that we have moved from "see what has happened to us" to "what should we do"? I mean, we need to debate the possible solution(s) to the present debacle.



didn't you hear ? President Obama confessed in Egypt !

by bushtheliberator on

dear Anonymous Observer,

  Maybe you should stay "Anonymous"; you may not have many friends left here if you start suggesting that the ME's dysfunctions can't all be blamed on the Great Satan.,or that Iranians themselves had ANY hand in creating their own history .



by Agha_Irani on

Yes my previous post referred to the intelligence ministry corporal.

I found his comment about freedom astonishing! 

Anonymous Observer

Agha_Irani & MM

by Anonymous Observer on

There has never been any political freedom under the IR, period.  It's all an illusion...smoke and mirrors for the gullible and the ones who are too eager too see good in the filth that is the Islamic Republic. 

Anonymous Observer

OI, Maryam, Iraniandudee3

by Anonymous Observer on

Thanks for your comments.



by Agha_Irani on

i see the islamist groupie is making absurd statements again.

What kind of freedom does the islamist regime provide? Its not freedom of expression, nor freedom of thought, nor freedom of religion.

Perhaps he is referring to the freedom to stone women...FREELY, or freedom to hang people on street corners...FREELY.

And if he or his hezbollah friends think that the islamists aren't in bed with foreigners then please explain how they run to the russians and the chinese everyday to keep the country running or how they invite every low life islamist terrorist (Hezbollah, Hamas etc) to Tehran to share and learn from their islamist ideologies 


Maryam Hojjat

Thanks for your Blog AO

by Maryam Hojjat on

Because is based on the facts.


I hate the islamist filth

by Iraniandudee3 on

With every fiber of my being, and I hope the shameless Hypocrite members and supporters of the regime suffer by the hands of the Iranian people soon. They have had it coming to them for a long time.


SP - Freedom vs. Subjugation

by MM on

The bids of Freedom is what was preached by Khomeini under an apple tree in Paris, France, and, sent to Iran via cassette tapes that soon became illegal to own by Iranians.

Subjugation was the result of the constitution that was, for the most part, written after people's vote for an Islamic Republic that was meant to give freedoms as well as free naft, free electricity........

Fortunately, some of us saw the disguised snake in the apple tree, and read right through his forked tongue.  This is a bitter lesson for the people of Iran to ralley around a written constitution that guaranttees freedoms, and NOT a flag or a person.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I agree.  That's what I meant by saying that the IRI is a mafia style organization.  And just like any other organized crime family, they will inevitably have infighting once a while.  


everything is IRIs fault, includes reformists

by seannewyork on

IRI is to blame for all of our problems.  not usa, britan, iraq, palestine.  IRI only and the reformist are in the same camp as they have stood quite or been inlvoved with the murders of thousands of iranians.

 give me a problem in iran and it will explain how they are the cause of it, from traffic deaths, to sanctions, to inflation, to unemployment, to suicides ect.............................


Well put AO

by Onlyiran on

Of course it's all their fault.  Only a brainwashed propagandist (see Sargord below) will argue otherwise.  

Anonymous Observer

Red Wine Germai

by Anonymous Observer on

Thank you for your kind words.  Glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous Observer

Sargord, did you get this quote from a bumper sticker?

by Anonymous Observer on

"Nobody ever said freedom was cheap."

What in the world does this mean?  31 years of hardship for the Iranian people in the sole pursuit of some dubious messianic, ideological cause, and all you have to say is "Nobody ever said freedom was cheap".  Give me a break.  Iran would have evolved into a democracy had it not been for the 1979 devolution.  That's a fact that no amount of history revisionism can take away.  

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

One of my favorite english blogs ...

Thank you Sir .

Sargord Pirouz

Nobody ever said freedom was

by Sargord Pirouz on

Nobody ever said freedom was cheap. And that freedom from foreign meddling was earned the hard way, starting in 1978/79.