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A couple of pieces of important news were not featured on IC’s news section for some reason.  Therefore, seeing that it is my duty as a regular contributor of the site to ensure that everyone is well informed of Iran related news, I decided to post them for you in this blog.

 Iran to Host Asia Gol Koochik Football Championships 

Envious and shocked by news that war torn Iraq has been granted the privilege of hosting the 2013 Gulf football championships, the head of Islamic Republic’s Football Federation, Hojjat-ol-Islam val Moslemeen Haj Seyyed Mojtabba Islamipour immediately announced that Iran will host the 2014 Asian nations’ Gol Koochik Championships.  When questioned about Iran’s ability to undertake such an important and massive endeavor, Islamipour pointed to the fact that Gol Koochik stadiums already exist throughout Iran’s major cities, and he added that by hosting these events the Islamic Republic will, as usual, “punch the Zionists in the mouth.”  Islamipour further pointed out that this event is also groundbreaking in that for the first time in IR’s 32 year history, it will allow Iranian women to attend the matches as spectators by opening the front doors of their “hayat” and watching the games.

Reaction to the news was mixed.  Asked for her comment at the Rose Restaurant at the corner of 5th Avenue and 96th Street in Manhattan, Iranian American Niloufar Solh Doust responded (as she put down her glass of pinot noir and glanced at her American boyfriend) by saying “I think this is great.  It is a symbol of Iran’s progress and advance in all fields.  As for Iranian women, they complain too much anyway.  They have it much better than many other women in the region, such as Somalia for example.  At least Iranian women don’t get RPG’ed when then open their front doors.  That’s a privilege they should never forget.”  Our interview with Ms. Solh Doust had to be cut short, however, as she was planning on attending a rally in Times Square in support of scholarships for women in Gaza.

  New Searches for Iranian Passengers in American Airports 

Following the arrest of the would be Iranian-American terrorist, and part time Mexican soap opera actor, Mansoor Arbabsiar, U.S. Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano announced stricter searches for Iranian passengers who travel through U.S. airports.  The new instructions for Iranian passengers requires them to-upon approaching the security checkpoint at the airport—bend to a 90 degree angles, whereby they can examined in this method.  Reacting to this news, a group of Iranian guys stopped waxing their BMWs and said “but ve love Amrika.  Ve only travel to Iran for the summers and one meter long chelo kabob.  Vy the fisting? No sanctions please.” The Deaprtment of Homeland Security issued no further comment.


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Anonymous Observer

Thanks Rea and Sid!

by Anonymous Observer on

Rea - glad you enjoyed.Sid - considering this guy's level of intelligence, I wouldn't be surprised if that is the guy that actually tried to hire!


Great blog

by Rea on

Loved NP' pinot noir scene. 

Icing on the cake, the admin's comment. ;o))

Still laughing.


Picture of the mexican informant!

by Sid Sarshar on

Anonymous Observer

COP, TS9 and RG

by Anonymous Observer on

Thank you all.  Glad you enjoyed it.

COP - This guy is the ultimate schmuck, really.  he was down on his luck, probably owed child support, had two latin ex-wives chasing him.  Probably just wanted to make some money and get away from it all.  But look at what he landed himself into.  How sad...

Anyway, doesn't he look like every single cheezy Latin actor that you have seen in Mexican soaps? 

TS9- you have been accused of being Admin also?  Funny!  I was accused of that at some point also.   


"Vy the fisting? No sanctions please" :):)

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Great humour AO, cant stop laughing. Cheers. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Another hilarous blog AO

by Truthseeker9 on

Thanks for tha laugh. Seems Admin has a good sense of humour too!

PS: I wonder if Admin is me today ....   ;) 


Mexican soap opera actor

by Cost-of-Progress on

ha ha ha.

He was actually married to one. Poor schmock, wrong place, wrong time, or what?




Anonymous Observer

Thanks Faramarz Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

Admin's comment actually works in nicely with the theme... :-)


Funny AO!

by Faramarz on


For a second I thought that Admin had a sense of humor and was pulling your leg.

Niloufar Solh Doust is spot on!

Anonymous Observer

Admin Jaan - ummmm

by Anonymous Observer on

This is satire... :-))


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