To All You IRI Apologists: This One Is For You

Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

All you IRI apologists and propagandists out there.  You know who you are, the out of touch exiles sitting in Boston and San Francisco drinking your wine and telling the people of Iran that a polygamy supporting, pedophilia propagating, modernity challenged, anti-Iranian, brutal theocracy is good for them because it has achieved “great technological progress”, answer these two simple questions:

1) If the IRI is so technologically advanced, why can’t it build spare parts for its civilian aircraft and stop blaming the aircraft crashing on sanctions from the West?  Surely, a system as technologically advanced as the IRI, that can grow artificial body parts and put a turtle and a mouse on the moon should be able to build a simple engine part for a Boeing 727.  Better yet, what can’t the IRI build its own aircraft like it does its spaceships?  

2) If the IRI is so technologically advanced, why does it have to beg and pay Russia hundreds of millions of dollars for the promise of S-300 missiles (only to be conned by the Russian mob and never receive it)?  Why can’t it just build them like it does its spaceships?

In your answer, please refrain from posting links to PressTV and other IRI propaganda outlets. 



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by Zereshk on

IRI claims to be a model to the world, via its Islam-e naab-e Mohammadi. So, please answer these questions:

#1 Why does Rasul e Akram say: "Women are genitals" (zan owrat ast)? Are women in Islam truly the equivalent of what urine and goh come out of? PLEASE ANSWER!!

#2 Why does IRI love Islam more than Iran, to the point of masturbating with 7th century Akhondic ideas trying to explain everything from nuclear energy to stem cells?

#3 Why does IRI love inserting Arabic words into the Farsi lexicon? Why does IRIB and any Akhond talking, sound more Arabic than farsi? Whats with the forced Arabization of the language?

#4 Why is Shahadat of 2 women = one man in the legal code of Iran? Why so much hatred against women? Rasulollah did say women are "sakheef" (un-intelligent), right?

#5 Why did Imam e Raahel say: "Economy is for donkeys" (eqtesad baraaye khar ast)? Was he a TOTAL MORON?

#6 Why dont most Akhonds even have a simple college education degree? Why do they think they can become an authority on EVERYTHING from gene splicing to heavy water reactors?

#7 Why do IRI muslims love to force Islam on every corner of the space-time continuum in the universe? Who do we have to see if we dont want your violent and retarded "olgoo" for life in Iran?

#8 More questions???????? 


Thank you AO

by Fair on

for your great work and the kind comments. You have really exposed these empty apologists here by asking such basic questions and receiving no response. The sound of their silence speaks volumes!



Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I think we will be more likely to see Khamenei become a liberal republican than to see this sorry bunch come of their fantasy and respond to these questions.


It's amazing

by Onlyiran on

that after 1400 hits and 47 comments none of the usual suspects who cheer every IRI propaganda and lie about its phony accomplishments have yet to come up with a convincing answer to the two simple questions posed by the blogger.  The silence says a lot.

Anonymous Observer

Hamsadeh Jan

by Anonymous Observer on

Let him be.  He's blown his fuse and is all over the place.  Let him vent.  He's one of the reasons that my blog has made its point.  

hamsade ghadimi

javat agho iii

by hamsade ghadimi on

it seems that you can't read either english or farsi.  why can't you ever answer any questions?  do we need to learn arabic to communicate with you?  do your masters only provide you with questions and not answers?  see previous posts and come up with answers and then we'll talk. if you answer us on iranian issues then i'll tell you why hillary never divorced bill, why tiger cheated, and all other questions that enquiring minds want to know.

ya hoo

Anonymous Observer

Fair Jan

by Anonymous Observer on

I hear you man.  I was under no delusions when I posted this blog that I would get anything more than the usual "it's the U.S., Israel, the Martians or whatever (that I collectively like to call "The Man") holding us back thing."  You nailed it with the comparison between what the U.S. did in its dealing with Iran as opposed to what the Russian mob is doing with the IRI.

And BTW, good response to "haj agha Javad".  He should take his diversionary BS to the sites that you suggest.  

Keep up the good work my friend. 


Dear Javad Agha

by Fair on

These are all very good questions, and indeed I have the same questions of any "USA apologists" out there. There is just one little problem:


We are focused on issues of Iran here. There are plenty of better places for you to pose these questions, and become active and participate in raising awareness about them without fear of rape, torture, execution, and imprisonment. By contrast those of us who want improvement in Iran have no such forum inside Iran, hence this website.



Questions to USA Apologists

by Javadagha on


Questions to USA apologists:

(1)    Why a country that went to the moon cannot make efficient cars (less dependent on oil)?  Is it because of power of its military industry? 

(2)    What was the main reason to attack Iraq?  The UN did not approve it but the allies (US, UK, and 8 US islands, and three other countries) attacked Iraq on their own.  Why?  WMD?

(3)    Who was responsible for American financial melt down which spread to all over the world?  Who were the thieves?

(4)    Why Wall Street thriving while Main Street struggling?  Have Ey-ranians been part of this thievery?

(5)    CIA has put dictators into power, is this true?  What if dictators get tired of doing what CIA tells them, then what happens?

(6)    Is it true that CIA has a history of illegal activities including selling drugs, meddling in other nations elections and affairs?  (hint: Iran Contra affairs).

(7)    The U.S. and few of its allies have illegally gone against national interests of other countries to benefit ruling elites and big corporations?  Are there any Ey-ranians part of this elitist group?

(8)    The new EU President, who was APPOINTED said that he does not need to answer to the people.  The EU Governing body makes the rules, and member states must obey them.  What is the role of the UN?  Keep issuing illegal sanctions against Iran?

(9)    Why do you think the USA administrations keep devaluing the $$ by more bailouts, wars, and stimulus spending?

(10)What are the roles of Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, and the like in the above questions?

(11)Is it true that Senate passed a bill where police and the agents can enter your house without search warrants?

(12)Why is so that people cannot keep off their eyes off their children in America?  People, especially women cannot go for a walk in major cities at night?  Why porno industry makes more money than good businesses?  Why an average American school child fails miserably in every exam compared to an Indian or an Iranian?

(13)More questions??????


Laughable SS Major

by Fair on

AO, please do not expect much better than such empty answers from a bankrupt crowd. After two such simple and well founded questions you have come up with, this pathetic response is the best they could come up with. "It is the fault of western threats" and "Russia is not a reliable vendor".

I love it- "not a reliable vendor". This is up there with "law enforcement".

Russia takes our money for S300's years ago, and then just tell Iran to go screw yourself, and doesn't deliver. That is a bit more than "not reliable". It is more accurately described by "robbery". And the IRI is begging Russia, and not even getting its money back. Not to mention the decades old nuclear reactor which was scheduled to be on when? And what year is it now?

Now imagine if the USA had done that to Iran while the Shah was in power. Can you imagine? These very phony people would be nagging without end how the USA "ripped us off" and "exploited us". Did you know that the first operational combat ready squadron of F-14's in THE WORLD was in Iran? That is right, before the US Navy itself. Iran paid the US, and the US delivered big time. Iran still operates these planes today, because the US transferred the planes AND the know how and technology to Iran. But somehow, they are the "great satan", and Russia is our "ally".

The other big load of crap is Waffen SS Major's description of "defense of our nation through deterrence". A nation which is purely interested in its defense does not go around like an idiot saying "Israel should be wiped off the map", "The Holocaust was a myth", "Death to America", and "All regimes in the region should be overthrown by Islamic revolution". This is not deterrence. This is asking for conflict. The fact is, the IRI needed conflict from day 1 to divert attention away from its own corruption and incompetence, and they continue that to this day, which is why they continue to make such idiotic statements.

Now, the notion of 'defense vs civilian air safety'. This is another load of baseless propaganda from the waffen SS major. Since when does a country have to sacrifice its defence technology to beef up its civilian air safety record? If anything, more technology development (as claimed by the IRI) should help that. If Iran has truly been able to master all this aerospace and propulsion and airframe and guidance technology, then it should be in a BETTER position to fly civilian airliners without incident. Especially when those airliners are RUSSIAN AND NOT SUBJECT TO SANCTIONS. It is very simple- 25% of all air fatalities in the world are in ONE COUNTRY- IRAN. Why does Syria have a better safety record? Are they American puppets or Zionist agents? Who did they sell out to? Why are Tupolevs being flown all over the world with nowhere near the dismal safety record of those in Iran? iran does not even need to build spare parts, it just needs to operate these Tupolevs correctly, like so many other such operators in the world. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WESTERN SANCTIONS.

In short, waffen SS Major, put a lid on it. All your blaming these completely unacceptable facts on everybody but the IRI is just older and older, and really, as you can see, nobody is buying it.





Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Let's assume that what you say is correct (which is not) and the IRI has been to busy "defending the nation" [i.e, defending itself against a forced regime change as the IRI doesn't give a rat's behind about Iran].  First, why couldn't it have developed the civilian aircraft technology at the same time?  Why does it have to "develop" one "technology" at the expense of other?  The war with Iraq ended two decades ago. Why couldn't the IRI start working on civilian spare parts at the same time.  Ahmadi has declared that Iran is a superpower.  Surely, a superpower could build spare parts for aircraft and develop weapons at the same time.  The Nazis did it (in a decade without help from any nation and they didn't even have oil money like the mullahs). The Soviets did it.  The Americans did it.  The British did it.  Why couldn't the IRI do it?

Second, the IRI claims that its "space program" [if you can call a missle shot from the back of a truck a "space program"] is for peaceful purposes and has nothing to do with defense.  So, why couldn't they put that on hold while they built spare parts for civilian planes and made sure that air travel was safe for Iranians?  How come they could go forward with a "space program" and a "defense program" at the same time, but they couldn't do it for a spare parts program and a defense program?  I know that making sure that a plane that takes off on a given day from Isfahan actually lands in Mashahd doesn't have the same propaganda value on the streets of South Lebanon as telling the clueless populace there that their sugar daddy is going into space.  I also know that the lives of ordinary, non "ommat-e-islam" Iranian are irrelevant to IRI's grand plans. But hey, perhaps fixing those planes would buy them some goodwill?!! No?

See, sargord jaan, you haven't answered my question. 

And as far as those S-300's are concerned, this is how they're begging: they paid for it.  Russia took the money and didn't give them the weapons.  Russia kept the money and didn't return it. They couldn't do jack squat.  They keep "asking" the Russians for the missiles.  One day Russia says yes, the next it says no.  The IRI keeps asking.  In my book, that's begging.

Sargord Pirouz

No, I do not fit those

by Sargord Pirouz on

No, I do not fit those descriptions. Thanks!

Yes, I've stated that there is a contract between the IRI and Russia for S-300 systems, but US/Israeli political leverage is holding up delivery. The IRI is not in the position of a beggar (it has placed a payment on this order). Rather, Russia has proven- yet again- to be an unreliable vendor. 

One of the main priorities has been a realizable  defense for the nation, based on deterrence. To this aim, so far, the IRI has been successful. In terms of its commercial airline industry, the safety record is not up to Western standards. However, its operations are not prohibitive based on such. Are measures taken to improve the situation? Yes. Are the sanctions against aircraft parts unfair? Yes. Should the defense of the nation be made secondary to complete retrofits using indigenously engineered and manufactured parts? Of course not. What nation on earth would degrade its defense to such a secondary role, below that of a single commercial industry? Especially a country which is threatened with attack on a routine basis. None. 

Let's not try to kid ourselves here, Anon. I've answered your questions with answers that are perfectly obvious and reasonable, in spite of your purposely demeaning and misplaced preamble. 

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

The U.S. is against us...the "West" is trying to hurt us...blah blah, blah...same old tired propaganda.  Might as well be reading an old Soviet communique.

As Hamsadeh mentioned, you have yet to answer a question.  Also, Hamsadeh properly responded to you.  But I do have a couple of questions for you myself:

1) which city in the "evil West" do you reside in?

2) how long have you been here?

3) how old are you?

4) what have you done to "defend" Iran in the past?

I think you would avoid an appearance of hypocrisy if you answer these question, and you wouldn't appear as a propaganda agent who is parroting IRI's talking points about its opponents like you do know.  

hamsade ghadimi

javat agho

by hamsade ghadimi on

although, you did not respond to any of our questions, i will respond to your miserable post.  you claim that everything in the west is bad.  all expats in the west are bad and evil and suggest that we do not "gossip" about the supporters of the regime.  what happens if we do that and the supporters find out?  more tortures, rapes and executions?  the west is so "yakkkky" (as you put) but their medicine and spare parts are good?  you see then by you own logic, the west isn't as bad as you make it out to be.  that's called a contradiction. 

do i know if any of these "westernized" expats have gone back to help?  yes, i do.  i know people who have gone back and are still there and have the same views as we "westernized" expats have.  i know of people who have gone back and were underemployed and unsatisfied.  unless you think that someone with a phd driving a cab could still be "helping out."  i know of people who've gone back as a professor in the university but were restricted, in a very unprofessional manner i might add, in what they could research.  not to mention that they claimed many of those in academia had falsified degrees and merely incompetent. 

yes, i know you're helping out the government by dishing out propaganda.  who knows you might even support those who are helping out the government by raping prisoners.  i know you don't have the capacity to answer to anyone's direct questions.  it's just these drive by commenting that you know best.  why don't you go and cut and paste some more talking points and chew on the bone that your masters throw your away.


I am an Iranian who will defend Iran.

by Javadagha on

It is getting tiring to read if we support our country, then we are regime supporters. 


Let us assume several things:

(1)   Our people, especially those who live in the West are namak nashnas.

(2)   Our people, especially those who live in the West are khasis and Moftkhors.

(3)   Our people, especially those who live in the West are the ones who left before or during the Shah (most are monarchists or MKO type individuals).

(4)   Our people are exposed to Western propaganda.

(5)   How many of you have returned to help Iran?  I am not talking about vacation visits.


WHO are you to question what Iran does???  Do we question what America does?  Do we need permission from the West before doing anything in a sovereign nation?  Or do you like us to be a puppet state?


Regarding civilian airplane parts, even Russia or China buys Western parts.  This applies to medicine.  The West is taking our raw materials for almost pennies on the dollar and selling back to us and other countries goods with enormous profits.  Remember, Science and Technology has no boundary.  Iran is sharing its knowledge with other countries.


I am for NOT exporting of any raw material to the West.  How do you like that?


Iran cannot make everything by itself from scratch.  But if it is in the forefront of a given  research that demonstrates that it is capable of producing anything.  As for the missiles, when the strongest war monger in the world wants to attack you and they are jamming every signals except those which are beamed into our country, what do you suggest us to do?  Defend ourselves or invite greengos to come in?


Many Ey-ranians have witnessed how the US has destroyed Iraq and now Afghanistan.  Iran also has been hurt through illegal sanctions and other means (especially Ey-ranians who are paid by CIA to work against us). 


I am not Ahmadinejad supporter nor voted for him, but you cannot blame everything on him or the regime.  What you see the U.S. is doing is NOT about Ahmadinejad what he said or did.  When Khatami was the President (the man who is supporting Mousavi) he did everything the US asked, but what we get?  Read:

 On January 15, 2003, a full-page advertisement appeared in the New York Times (page A19): “150 Members of U.S. Congress Declare Support for the People’s Mojahedin (PMOI), Call for an End to Iran’s Terrorist Regime”. This advertisement contained the names of only 6 of the signers of the “Iran Statement”: Democrats Bob Filner (California), Sheila Jackson-Lee (Texas), Edolphus Towns (New York); Republicans Lincoln Diaz-Balart (Florida), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida), Tom Tancredo (Colorado). Former Attorney General John Ashcroft, an MEK supporter while Senator, raided Jafarzadeh’s home to take boxes of documents. In July 2004, the American government recognized each terrorist as a special person under the Fourth Geneva Convention and required the American military to protect America’s enemies.  

While this group in Congress refused to reveal the names of the other signers of the Iran Statement,  5 of the 6 supporters of the MEK takeover of Iran have signed as sponsors or co-sponsors of the Iran Freedom Support Act.

 In summary, the boogey man Al-Qaeda is no one other than your Uncle Sam. 


 After two underwater cable cuts in the Middle East last week severely impacted countries from Dubai to  India, alert netizens voiced suspicions that someone — most likely Al Qaeda — intentionally severed the cables for their own nefarious purposes, or that the U.S. cut them as a lead-in to an attack on Iran. 

Iran has come a long way since cowboy days of Reagan, I suggest you keep up with the news and not gossip about supporters of the regime.  We are Iranians who will do anything regardless of who is in power to prevent our people from getting hurt when another country attacks us.  We will defend our country as we have for thousands of years.  We are Iranians.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I would only be referring to you if you think you fit the description of the ones that I described in my blog?  Do you?

Are you denying that the IRI paid for the S-300's more than two years ago, and that Russia has repeatedly reneged on delivering them despite IRI's request?  How's that not begging?  

Also, if I get your point correctly, are you saying that IRI priority is not safety of its civilian aircraft, but rather weapons.  Makes sense.  When was the last time that the IRI cared about Iranians anyway?  It runs them over in the streets with trucks, rapes them, executes them, says that they are all to be sacrificed for the freedom of, I guess making air travel for them into a game of Russian Roulette is really not that extreme in the grand scheme of things, wouldn't you say? 



by Onlyiran on


hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

and you call yourself an iri chearleader?  frankly, i'm disappointed.  ahmadi has declared iran to be a superpower and you call it a developing nation.  i think many of us are curious if a rat has a better chance of survival going to space or someone going for ziarat to mashhad.  fyi, ziarat means pilgrimmage and mashhad is a city in iran.  and keep on laughing because i don't think you give a rat's ass about iranians.  at the very least, perhaps you should try to get to know the iranians in your community a bit more.  i know your town has a vibrant and close-knit iranian community.  keep warm.



by Shepesh on


Sargord Pirouz

Anon: Are you referring to

by Sargord Pirouz on


Are you referring to me, by chance? (laughing) I don't consider myself a propagandist or an apologist. It might surprise you to know that I read Green blogs, and as you're probably aware by now, I voted Green in the 2009 election. What's more, I actually provide technical assistance- by request- to certain Green bloggers. (Did so yesterday, as a matter of fact.)

I try to be objective, wherever and whenever possible. The majority of my comments serve to point out flaws in anti-Iran comments and posts (flaws which are rampant on this site). Many of my posts have been provided solely to present the other side of the anti-IRI argument, for the sake of a more balanced discussion here at IC.

Anyway, to address your questions:

1) The IRI is a developing country. It admits this. It does not possess the  capability of manufacturing on its own full size commercial jet aircraft. That said, it has recently signed deals to open assembly plants to produce jet aircraft.

Iran has produced specific replacement parts for its military and commercial aircraft- especially military. Can it produce all of them? No. But it has managed to keep planes flying- no easy feat given 30 years of sanctions. Do deficiencies still exist? Sure they do. But air and military travel is still possible in Iran. And while the safety record is not good by Western standards, it is not prohibitive. That's the reality of the situation.

2) Iran didn't "beg" Russia for the S-300 (or the Tor-M1). In the case of the Tor-M1, there are reports from independent analysts that the Russians actually made this procurement a past precondition for the continued contractual development of the Bushehr nuclear facility. Whatever the case, the S-300 was ordered, and it has yet to be delivered as a result of US/Israeli politics. It will be interesting to see how this affects future Iranian defense procurements.

Question: Why can't the Iranians build an indigenous SAM system when they can build successful SLVs? Answer: A matter of priorities. For example, Iran has determined it is more logical to develop SSMs rather than put those resources into the IRIAF. More cost-effective, too. The SSM and SLV programs are, in many ways, self-supportive.

Where possible, Iran has provided local upgrades to its SAM systems (particularly the S-200 and HAWK) and, contrary to many Western reports, does possess an integrated air defence system (IADS).

Bottom line: if Iran put as much emphasis and resources on its many projects as it does on aerospace (SSMs and SLVs), yes, there would be more practical results in the technologies you identify. Like most anywhere, to varying degrees, it is a question of political ability (or inability) and effectively sustained resource allocation.


What is IRI Apologist?

by Mehdi on

Who is Sargord? Did he say he was an IRI Apologist? Or did others assign this labl to him? What does it mean anyway?

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

very nice and extremely funny.  That device is the crown jewel of the ommati culture.


Dear Friends...

by jamshid on

This was emailed to me by an IC contributor:

Observe IRI's use of "advanced" technology in the aerospace sector:

Note the use of the "state of the art" aaftaabeh by the engineer.

The other day, I was having an argument with an Islamist. He was hell bent to prove to me that the IRI manufactures some of the most "advanced" shock absorbers in the world. He tried to convince me with this picture:


Another time, some IRI Sargord argued with me regarding IRI practicing to build space age toilets for its future astonauts by uing Japanese spare parts. Here was his proof (WARNING, PHOTO MAY DISGUST YOU):


Thanks to the IRI, we can be proud to have advanced aaftaabehs anywhere in Iran:


**** And finally, the Green Movement's response to all of these IRI claims:


Have a great weekend!

Anonymous Observer

Samsam Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

That commercial is one of the funniest things I've seen.  The Ommati technology must have been developed in Qom. :-)))

Thanks bro! 



AO jaan

by SamSamIIII on


In case you are wondering , You are experiencing negative version of "silence of the ommatie Lambs" in which they become immobile when dealt with logic. & yes there is a positive version too in which they sit frozen & stationary for ours in friday prayers mesmerized by sheer nonsense & illogic. Cheers & many thx pilgram!!!


Here is Ommatie technology meets German engineering ;


& Kourosh little line was damn funny :).


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Come on AO. give them a break.

by pedro on

Khomeni had just discovered which foot you set in the MOSTARAH befor you enter the premises. Him and him alone is the mind behind the discoveries of step by step wiping of your ass the Islamic way. Iran's society was at the verge of collapse and ciaos bofore it. Now, who needs airplane, let alone its spare parts? 

Stop Execution of Iranians in Islamists prisons.


AO: Exactly, many of this

by vildemose on

AO: Exactly, many of this multi-billion dollar projects never pan out. Mostly, thats how they launder money out of the county into their own pockets...

Kourosh Aryamanesh


by Kourosh Aryamanesh on

ما شنيديم اين سرگرد اصلاً ايرانی نيست وفارسی بلد نيست بخواند. ما جوادآقا را نميدانيم ولی بنظر ميرسه که همه شان اهل بخيه و مغلطه هستن. به عبارت ساده تر , از طايفۀ آخوند وملاهان.حرفشان همه بی ربط و دوپهلوه. حکماً تو پاکستان يا بنگلادش بدنيا اومدن و ازجمهوری ايده ال اسلامی پناهندگی گرفتن . حالا برای جبران محبت  مشغول هوچی گری هستن. الأن هم تو تهران زندگی ميکنن. اتفاقاً آدرسش دست ماست. شهرک خيالات، خيابان هذيان ، کوچۀ علی چپ، پلاک دوازده بعلاوه يک.

Anonymous Observer

Here, javad khan

by Anonymous Observer on

can you explain why Iran has decided to import refined oil products from Venezuela because of the "fragility of its refineries"?  I suggest the IRI stop its [imaginary] "projects" in other countries and build some refineries in Iran if its so capable of doing so.  Here's the link:


hamsade ghadimi

javat agho

by hamsade ghadimi on

yes, iri is being squeezed out. mainly by iranians not by your friends the russian and chinese mafia.  yuck (same as yakkk!) to that one.  even the old refineries in iran were made by foreigners, now you want me to believe iri is building refineries on other parts of the world.  you must be a stand-up comic.  they can go to space, build refineries all over the world and you're still begging for spare parts for 30+ year-old planes.  please explain.  i'm all ears.