Selfish, Stupid, Sick Iranians.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Secrets Do Not Remain Secret Forever.  Using Propaganda to Deceive Iranians in the 1970's that the Late Shah was a Dictator, Megalomaniac, Despot, Tyrant, Crooked etc was one thing back then, but what is the excuse of Iranians today?  How long do we allow foreign powers and internal opposition groups to deceive our community?  This Blog is not about making a point, ie my intention is not to have Iranians "Prove the title of the blog" in after viewing the video below and show how they like the former editor of IC JJ can call the late Shah was a Dictator and in doing so reveal the depth of their own stupidity as per ususal and reguritate popular lies that Savak Tortured Political Opponents to the Regime, it was a lie then and is still a lie today.

My Point is to inquire, how we can get to an Iranian Solution of appreciating Savaki's, the Late King and his Team, in an environment as we are all experiencing where the West Loves the IRI and Extremism for Iran, and also be an example for allowing people to hold any point of view for themselves they wish and to at the very least to care enough about our fellow man/woman and their impact on themselves and others to ask them to back up their views legitimacy for their own sake and the sake of others.  Make it sweet for Iran Lovers to read, your Ideas on getting our community to appreciate Savak employees, the Late Shah and his team are welcome. 

Please Watch the video


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