The Occupation Of Iran Is Only A Matter of Time


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy


This First Link focuses on the misinformation put out by the Main Stream Media. Why does the West want to only Vilify the Evil Regime they put in power in Iran, while helping them stay in power? Why does the west not take up Reza Pahlavi's offer of Giving the Iranian Opposition a Chance to Remove the Regime in place of going for a Military Solution? Why Is the USA Govt opposed to allowing Reza Pahlavi from giving Speeches to the Iranian Diaspora within the USA? Why does the West oppose any government in the Middle East and North Africa from having A Steel Industry, A Nuclear Power Industry or a Multifaceted Complex Economy? In Turkey's case they make it very clear, no Turkish Govt can pursue these things. In Iran's case post 1979, they can only request these things from Russia and China and if they pursue them they will face opposition from within, by groups wanting democracy, freedom and human rights (but those are not the real issues of concern for the USA just used as a tool). Some Iranians wrongly assume that the Pahlavi's were not good for Irans Freedom, Justice, Human Rights and Democracy.

The truth is the late Shahs Team made more progress in all these areas than anyone/group In Iranian history, he was not removed with US/UK/French support because of any of these issues, he was removed so that his team could be stopped in continuing their tremendous progress on areas that they disapproved.

Are the Actions of the US Govt in North Africa and the Middle east in keeping with the region's peaceful development, Something the late Shah cared deeply about and Succeeded In Producing? Consider All of the Actions of the USA, Regarding Each Countries Core Interests such as its sovereignty, national security and unity which it uses various games to intrude on.

When the USA/UK on the one hand create a situations that they don't want to resolve amicably like the Nuclear Issue and on the other hand do everything they can that the Regime not fall and stays in power, this points to a desire for the Occupation of Iran, a step that will coincidentally also mean that Iranians in the future will not be able to pursue their legitimate interests and be suppressed from being able to restore Freedom from Western Hegemony.

On the other hand Giving Irans Opposition a chance, as Reza Pahlavi has asked for, will give Iranians the ability to Restore their freedom and pursue their own interests for development with out the west blocking the sale of anything to Iran or putting in power a group of yes men like in Saudi Arabia and Turkey that don't even dare ask for the Industries their people need.

I think its obvious why Iranians name a certain person "Khoda Biamorz" for a Leader that broke western Hegemony over Iran for the last 15 years of his Rule, only to face a wave of manufactured and disingenuous disunity.


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Shirazi the process is complex

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Has Political & Executive sides to it.

Political side based on Internationally Observed elections as requested by the opposition, Referendum.  All political groups that agree with a separation of church and state (hence regime change) are free to organize abroad in the west, without being arrested by wests police and organize as many opposition groups as possible, which will be the ones wth influence in Iran, capable of starting mass strikes (this has to include all elements dissatisfied with regime including basiji's/secular mullahs/bazaris etc etc   

Exacutive side. Bring together of the several million iranians in exile those with the task of rebuilding iran, University Professors and Phds (around 45,000 in various fields)  put forward depts and institutions needed in first 2-4 years after regime change and based on exertize and qualifications prepare job openings.

Build momentum with protection against terror of regime and after mass strikes have gone on for a few months move to iran whe regime can no longer provide securty for itself and all elements are fighting to save themselves. Irans military will not involve itself in politics except to ensure security of irans borders.  Fighting force of citizens will need to come together/created to handle die hards supporting regime who will not defect and will fight to the death.

This cannot be like syria or Libya, we want to build Iran not hand it over to extremists.  West will have to accept Reza Pahlavi's and other opposition leaders "open for all to see" conditions for Irans future before he puts his support behind this plan or it is put in to motion so we don't end up with a govt but the west denies it technology or tries to subvert the new govt or plays games between usa, eu, russia, china, written guarntees will do fine from western govts.

This will help with support within Iran for example, the west will have to agree to provide open bidding for the 30 Nuclear power stations Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was planning on ordering, to be built within 10 years.  General Industrialization and multifaceted economy that was the real reason Shah was removed, this needs to be guarateed in writing. 

Some points will be less specific but verifiable. So before oppositio go to work, they need the guarantees that west is not trying to Africanize/neocolonialize Iran and cares for the welfare of the people and their human rights.  If the west does not want to do this, no loyal Iranian opposition will work with them and they will actively denounce military action against Iran, even with IRI since the west is not providing the people of Iran a better alternative, but a worse one.

Then a united opposition will deliver a nonstop mass movement through actions, that is when you need serious bravery.

Problem is the truth.  The west says Iranians can go and screw themselves, we don't want to lost 50,000 iranian phDs and give Iran a Future, by the way the oil is ours and we'll just kill you all, that explains why they haven't taken Reza Pahalvis Offer Yet, they are hoping with MEK and enough Traitors they can keep Iran like they will be able to keep Libya.  The Problem is not the Iranian people wanting change, nor is it Reza Pahlavi's Leadership, it is the Corporate Interest that Run the West and only want the option of worse for Iran, not change for better.  They are the ones who removed the Shah (using the people) and brought Khomeini (using the people).  Ad no one knows their plan, because if we knew it, they wouldn't be able to implement it.




by iamfine on

Please provide us with more reasons why Iran is a super power. I like to see it that way, but just saying it doesn't cut it



by BacheShirazi on

Why does the west not take up Reza Pahlavi's offer of Giving the Iranian
Opposition a Chance to Remove the Regime in place of going for a
Military Solution?



What was Reza Pahlavi's offer? How would the west do this? 



by MRX1 on

I don't think so. the country is too big for occupation and niether U.S or Nato has enough man power to do some thing like this. IT will be mostly sorties performed by the air force or missile from the ships.  Rest assure if the country does go though the occupation, it will lead to the disintegeration of the country and loss of Iranian islands in persian gulf for sure.

I aslo agree with the posting from Kourush: you either set your destiny or others will do it for you, it's that simple. In our case apparently it can not be done by us for many reasons (fear, lazyness, lack of care, balkanization,etc,etc) so no surprise if others decide to do some thing about it.Lets' face it  No one wants to see bunch of kaleh khar with obession with Imam zaman and shahid bazi to obtain nuclear bomb, it's simply too dangerous.



Iran as a super power of the region

by Abarmard on

Interesting article with some very valid points:



Did you see the video, please see the end

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Funny comment at end about Mother Theresa, baba Americans can't even handle their own govt, how can we?

Its not blame, what has been done, what is being done.


Blame is in our culture

by jmyt17 on

Blame is in our culture  Not totally agree, we have to do something’s by our self.We do not need Reza to give us a speech, or anybody else.We have to do by our self and stop blaming others


In The Video Posted above GeneralWesleyClarksays from his Source

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

within the Pentagon Iran is to be occupied.  This won't be possible next year 2012, due to Economic reasons, but the time that it will be possible can't be too far away and the USA turned down the Russian proposal to resolve the stalled negotiations, which means the IRI case will not go away as the US intended all along.


Fesenjoon makes me miss Iran, can't wait to have fesenjoon soon

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

As for being occupied, you have a good point.  Most iranians call the occupiers "the Hezbollah Party in Iran."

What a Nightmare, the USA set us up by bringing these guys to power, they help keep them in power in many ways while putting up an image that they are trying to pressure them (classic mass manipulation of their own people) and give the Mulahs the technology they need to know the exact physical location of any protestor or organizer and by not resolving the Nuclear issue in a couple of years time they will have a case to invade Iran, to liberate us no less from the henchmen they imposed on us that no longer serve their #1 purpose, keeping Iran backwards.

I wonder if their is anything anyone can do to stop the West or to get them to change course, allow the opposition to organize and change the regime?



Iran is already

by Fesenjoon2 on

Iran is already occupied.


It's already occupied by The Islamic Republic of Iran. 


KouroshR99: Why don’t you put your $$ where your mouth is….

by Bavafa on

And be a "man" as you accuse the rest of Iranians not to be and go and fight the Mullahs instead of rambling here (god knows how with how many different UserIDs) and accusing most of the same thing yourself practice of? 

In many circles of the society, a person who crumbles and shakes in defending himself and hires a bully to do it for him, is consider to be a coward.

Undoubtedly you will earn far more respect among Iranians by fighting IRI than by soliciting mercenaries to go the fighting for you.  

So speaking of pathetic… take a look at the mirror and tell me if you don’t see one?



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by KouroshR99 on

Oh God... blaming the West for Iran's problems.

That is beyond... beyooond pathetic.


Kourosh Do you understand why Iranians have been Incapable

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

of changing their country for the better?  Are you aware that the West is saying one thing in the media against the Regime, while helping the Regime stay in power and giving them the help they need to execute, imprison and torture Iranians?  They are setting Iran up to come and occupy it.

Read this link or stay clueless forever, //

They are opposed to Iranian Development and Freedom, which is why they removed the Shah by force, deceit and manipulating a country and put the IRI in power, while betraying Irans democrats.  Reading their hand is easier than reading a childrens book.  Seems like you don't yet know who Irans enemy is, who removed shah, who put IRI in power and keeps them there.


Occupy Iran

by KouroshR99 on

If Iranians aren't man enough to put a bullet through the skull of a Mullah and pick up an assault rifle, then get some real men, some Americans, to do it for you.

Iranians have not shown themselves capable of changing their country. Hey, maybe I'm wrong, but I've yet to see an Iranian prove me wrong. All I see is Iranians holding peaceful protests while their daughters are raped, their children killed, and their lives ruined.



Hirre the UK cannot do something contrary to US Policy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

They take each step with US approval (after consultation).  Is this what you mean by strong support for the Green Movement in 2009?  // The Tehnology resulted in successfully suppressing the green movement with thousands of executions (not yet made public) and tens of thousands of imprisonments and tortures. For now there are economic, monetary issues that is holding the USA from doing it.  And lastly electoral, so they have to wait until after the US elections and we'll likely see another false alarm before the election.



by hirre on

I think you have missed some informaton that has been posted here before.

The Obama administration has actively, especially in 2009 tried to support the opposition (if you are refering to the green movement). But the response was strongly that america should not get involved. As far as RP I'm a bit confused why he can't make any speeches in democratic countries, isn't that against the law? Maybe the US thinks by putting too much light on RP the IR and iranians in Iran might interpret it as a sign that US wants regime change and that they already have selected a candidate without the help of the iranian people, I really don't know why...

As far as the green movement the followers are split, some want the IR to reform, but most probably want it to be completly changed. But as far as the leaders and the closest people around them they are all for the IR and only want reforms...


Reza Pahlavi said on Air,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If the Iranian Opposition is not given a chance at overthrowing the Regime in Power before an Attack on Iran led by the USA, this would be a Crime of Historical proportions against the people of Iran.  I totally Agree with him.  It's interesting that none of the main opposition groups Reza Pahlavi is in contact with have been given any asistance in pursuing regime change yet.  I'm not including the MEK as they're an active Terrorist/Islamist organization which works closely with and for Israel and we are aware some EU states assist them.