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Had Prime Minister Alam, The Shahs Personal Doctor Ayadi and the Shah himself Mohammed Reza Pahlavi not been given Cancer and Murdered at the hands of the Shahs so-called friend the USA it is highly probable that on September 26, 2001 we would be celebrating the late Shah of Irans Diamond Jubilee and that even September 11th 2001 would have never occured. 

Infact as his twin sister recently in good health celebrated her 90th birthday, it is also highly probable that Iranians would be celebrating Shah han Shah AryaMehrs Platinum Jubilee on September 26, 2011.  Instead Today, Iranians are trapped by that which the West & USA in Particular Loves for Iran and will do everything to keep in power. 

What do they Love for Iran? An Extremism that is A Brutal Dictatorship, A Tyranny, A System that requires even ordinary people to use bribery and function based on corruption, One that tortures, rapes and murders masses and one that is based on having the highest rate of executions per person in the world is one of the worlds most repressive states.

FOR IRANIANS THIS IS CERTAINLY A TIME TO REFLECT ON WHAT IS FOR THEM A JUBILEE OF BROKEN HEARTS AND SHATTERED DREAMS.  These are not merely words on a page, if one is sensitive they can realize these are deeply painful times for a people deceived and manipulated.  A people who are Victims of being Thwarted Intentionally And not entirely Aware of how they were used to do it.  Hopefully Iranians can use this time to think about what really matters in their lives and be clear about it, beyond cliches like democracy, health, family, friends.



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How does the Hot Today Link Work?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I posted this blog today "THE IMPORTANCE OF THE JUBILEE FOR IRANIANS," together we have like 15 comments yet we are not even listed on Hot Today.  Then I see An article, just 5 posts after this one on Mossadegh with only 10 posts and is #1,

Poor Mossadegh, he didn't even have good luck in his given name, MOSSAD egh, yet he has love from IC somehow.


SK so true

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

They love the US Govt too much to be communists.  My opposition to the USA Govt got me attacked a few months ago for being a communist which is a pity for people like me that have no issue with American People who are wonderful.  The thing is those who slander others have no idea that what they are trying to do is to shut them up instead of listen to their views and experience the richness that we all have to share with one another.


Soosan Khanoom,

by Albaloo on

Soosan Khanoom,

Have you read Fifty Shades of Gray?

Soosan Khanoom

Zia jan I disagree

by Soosan Khanoom on

You are saying that IC is full of Communists.  I think some here at one point in their lives when they were young and passionate; when both genders, the male and female comrades, could actually grow a mustache, some here indeed were communists.  But NOT NOW ... the magic is gone. I mean the mustache is gone. Now they love Uncle Sam. They no longer read Russian novels but fifty shades of gray !! 




mousa67 I am a regime supporter too

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Pahlavi's and the Monarchy , I would love to bring out my Iran/USA flag pin one day, however for the moment all I have seen in 33 years has been the USA & Allies Supporting these Terrorist groups like IRI & PMOI, while hypocritically openly condemning them and attacking them publiclly.  So I disagree with your view that the USA wishes to help secular democratic forces which are the majority of Iran to remove the IRI, what better alternative does the USA have to meet her real goals for Iran, which the USA keeps Secret and coveted, as discussed in Limit to Growth by the Club of Rome?


zia joon: nothing wrong with being called a "regime supporter"

by mousa67 on

i get called a "regime supporter" all the time. and i'm proud of it. you see, i support the great regimes of israel and the united states of america & theirleading roles & partnership in fighting islamist terrorism. in fact i wear a US/israeli flag pin

how about you "Z" joon. what flag pin do you wear?



Can you believe Vildemouse congratulated MK

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

And Labelled me, you or anglophile as pmoi/mek?

Look I don't agree with labelling people something opposite to what they say they are, its childish and uncivilized.  I can't believe so much labelling goes on here on IC with the aim of attacking a person.  Maintain higher standards it distinguishes you from others.

I enjoy both yours Zia111 and Anglophiles company online, as humans we continuously need to work on the rarest attribute being understanding towards one another, in place of having understanding, If you can appreciate the difference and the distinction, it will cause a positive change for you and far greater power & clarity zia.  Among each of these groups there are good and harmful for Iranians as a whole.  If our goal is to heal and transform Iranians of their treasonous character that harms iran worse than any foreign enemy then lets praise and celebrate those who do change themselves and are patriotic towards their neighbour in Iran.

Zia, lets face it, at this point in time we can only attack the character of the IRI and Mek as they are terrorists above all the other issues, they are actually far worse than all the others, and at no pont in time can we attack individual people for their views, though we can attack their views/beliefs themselves if we have good sound reason.


IC is full of Communists

by Zia111 on

The irreverent anti-Shah mentality here is the classic mentality of Communists. These same people destroyed Iran and handed it to the mollahs. Now they're here trying to sow dissension among people by labeling them as regime supporters when they have no answer to anything we say.


Blame versus actual facts: Shazde Asdola Mirza

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Shazde Asdola Mirza  I disagree with your analysis, I will give you my reasons and you are free to attack my values/ beliefs and reasons all you like.  Please no personal attacks on the late shah, views/beliefs that allow one to do such things are trashy, undemocratic, as well as uncivilized.    

If I were to Blame the late Shah as you suggest, thats what it would be, just blame.  Blame makes no sense, now that 33 years after 1979 have passed.  We need to give reasons that academics can look at and debate and come to a more definitive answer.

You will notice today in the USA/UK etc many angles of this subject are debated and much evidence is submitted, but entire topics are excluded from debate, they are intentionally not covered as it would show that their analysis was misleading.  At this point, No One Should be discussing 1979 in any book intended to make academic conclusions while completely leaving out the subject of the identical deaths, by the same type of cancer, for the Shah, his prime minister and doctor.

A cancer that can be scientifically proven was not part of each individuals genetic hereditary make up from.  It is not honest to call a person, me, a blamer, when I am in the process of trying to open peoples minds out of the deceptions they are still victims of today.  Untrue Beliefs that they are willing to fight me and personally insult me, to keep a hold of.

Can you see how harmful it is for academia to be making conclusions on the past without this Important piece of information on how he died and by who's hand?

Would you like me to discuss my case further with you, beyond the murder, towards the highly coveted reason, the real justification, for why Iran was destroyed?

FYI-Also it is highly coveted, because the USA does not want Iranians to be able to read their hand and know their plans and intentions for Iran, so they can continue manipulating and deceiving first western intellectuals and then in turn Iranians, in order to achieve their aims.


Thanks Asdola but when it come to being comedic ...

by anglophile on

you are peerless.

"Mosaddegh's only fault: He was blinded by hatred of British ..."



He served them in Fars and they returned the favour generously by putting in a good word for their good servant. He duely respected his benefactors when he was asked to be the prime minister by saying: no one becomes a prime minister unless approved by the Brits!


Now you see what I mean Asdola! 


This book proves the Shah was set-up for a fall by the USA

by Zia111 on

Shazde Asdola Mirza

"Shah ... murdered ... at the hands of USA"

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Thanks for this comic relief, Amir.

"Absolutely right dear Amir" - AngloPhile ... Thanks for your supporting role on this comedy!

Blame USA, blame everyone and anyone, but the stupid Shah himself ... LOL.


People are slowly expanding their wisdom within Iran, really

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

They know Iran was worse before the Pahlavi's came.

They know Iran is worse after they left.

They know Iran was good though not perfect and continuously getting better with the Pahlavi's.

They know the people were the same after they left in 79 and the only difference was their Leadership.  Those the Pahlavi's worked with and cultivated were good and far better than most of the others.

Iranians by nature like stability, continuity & progress and they realize the Pahlavi's gave these to the majority of the people.  

Their awakened wisdom 30 years on question leaders more and has made it obvious to them that the enemies the pahlavi's made, like the mullahs, were a direct result of the Pahlavi's Pursuing the democratic good of the majority of the people over the interests of a few mullahs. 


Absolutely right dear Amir

by anglophile on

"A jubilee of broken hearts and shattered dreams."   While I have every respect and admiration for the sentiments put on public display by the British for their Queen, I cannot help but despair in Iranian peoples betrayal of their symbol of national identity not only 34 years ago but on repeated occasions over their history.    I am afraid I see the nation as the main cause of their own demise. One may argue that three decades ago theu were not as wise as they should have been but even three decades later and after all we have seen, hardly anything has changed. 


If only

by Zia111 on

That Air France had been shot down over the Alborz mountains and the military had shown more manhood.