Will America Survive Islamofascisim?


Amil Imani
by Amil Imani

Nearly 1400 years ago, a large number of Muslim jihadists from across the scorching Arabian desert, motivated by the ideology of Islam,  indoctrinated by Muhammad, unafraid of death, conquered Iran (Persia), one of the greatest, strongest and most tolerant empires known throughout the history of man. The Bedouin Arabs who toppled the Sassanid Empire were propelled not only by a desire for conquest and to steal Persian jewels and treasures, but also to enslave Iranian women and children, while imposing their barbaric ideology upon the entire population. With that, they almost destroyed one of the most benevolent and ancient religions, Zoroastrianism, which is often called the mother of all revealed religions.

The political nature of Islam demanded that a conquered people, not only convert to Islam but also to regard its past history as a time of darkness before the light of Islam came. Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is busy purging Pre-Islamic Persian history from children's textbooks. Islam required conquered people to scorn their own past and love their Islamic Arab conquerors by striving to imitate them. According to Islam, all history before Islam was an era of "darkness" and should be discarded.

The prophet of Islam
motivated his rapidly growing body of followers to rally around him by proclaiming: if they are victorious they will have the treasures of the infidels as well as their women and children as slaves to hold or sell; if the faithful kill the infidels in doing the work of Allah, further reward awaits them in paradise; and, in the unlikely event that they are killed, they find themselves in Allah's glorious paradise for eternal life of joy and bliss. The Persians underestimated the power and dedication of this newly formed Islamic ideology of hate and violence by the desert dwellers. An unexpected unorthodox attack on Persian army caused the Persian army to fall into the hands of the butchers of Islam and eventually the death">culture of death prevailed and the era of Islamic terrorism began. Americans needs to learn from the Persian experience and become more vigilant.

My fellow Americans, 1400 years later, few Islamic terrorist States, flushed with petrodollars, are seeking and working hard for Islamic world domination through worldwide Islamic terrorism. They are determined to destroy everything America and the free world stand for and intend to replace it with the most barbaric ideology known as Sharia. Islam sees Christian America as a formidable enemy standing in its path of world-domination. Hence, it has waged stealth jihad on Christian America. It is time to wake up and wake up fast.

In many surprising ways, America resembles the great ancient Persia, Like the ancient Persians who were the first world managers and the most tolerant empire-builders, America, by its constitution, is also the most tolerant and benevolent nation in the world. Let us hope that America's destiny will not end up like the Persia s' destiny.

Regretfully, reading about the Islamic religiously mandated horrific acts and even seeing them on television or the Internet may momentarily repulse, but does not terribly concern many Americans. After all, those things still are happening on the other side of the world and away from their homes, we are safe in fortress America, so goes the thinking.

“Fortress America” is a delusion that even the events of 9/11and Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan massacre seem to have failed to dispel. Many prefer to believe that the assault of 9/11 was an aberration, since nothing like it has happened again, and it is unlikely that anything of the sort will ever happen again, so goes the wishful thinking. The reality portrays a vastly different picture. America is far from a fortress, given its vast wide-open borders. It is a nation of laws where all forms of freedom are enshrined in its constitution; where Americans live by humane ethos diametrically different from those of Islamist savagery. Sadly, these differences confer great advantage to the Islamists and place America in imminent danger.

The breach of “Fortress America” from the air on 9/11 is only the first installment of many more forthcoming heinous assaults, about which we have been repeatedly warned by Muslim thugs living in caves.  Unless we abandon our way of thinking, we will suffer the consequences of a dangerous complacency. We need to stop relying on the invincibility of the law-enforcement people and willingly make the sacrifices that would protect our way of life.

I have never claimed that the reported 1.2 billion Muslims are all jihadists aiming to destroy civilization and establish Muhammad's Ummah over all of us. I certainly know that the active jihadists are a small minority. Yet, it takes a blind eye to ignore militant minorities. Did Hitler become the Chancellor of Germany because he and his gang got the majority vote in Germany? More than 65% of Germans were not supporters of Hitler and his party and viewed the Nazis as louts and worthless. Yet, we all know what this little minority did while being ignored.

What about forest fires? You cannot ignore a little smoldering fire here, a little smoldering fire there because the rest of the forest is not on fire. Only a fool will ignore these fires, because they will eventually devour the forest.

Now, wishful thinking and being optimistic on the basis of some evidence here and some evidence there is the way some people prefer to deal with the Islamic threat. In the process, they tell us how some Muslim Turkish officers are working to combat Islamic terrorists or how some Pakistanis are also helping the West. Surely these folks don't want to look at the horrors of this "minority" in places such as Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and every other Islamic country.

A longstanding Islamic practice is to be meek while weak and assume despotic intolerant power as it gains strength. Recent migration of Muslims to non-Islamic lands began as a seemingly harmless, even useful, trickle of cheap needed labor. Before long, greater and greater numbers of Muslims deluged the new territories and as they gained in numbers—by high birth rate as well as new arrivals—Muslims began reverting to their intolerant ways by, for instance, demanding legal status for Sharia (Islamic laws), the type of draconian laws that for the most part resemble those of man’s barbaric past.

Just a sobering note; mild Islamism is already here. As an example, there is the Muslim cab driver of the Minneapolis Airport’s refusal to ferry passengers with alcohol or even those with seeing-eye dogs, Muslim inmates demanding to be served only halal food, Kentucky Fried Chicken opens first halal restaurant in New York City, killing">honor killing, Muslim students badgering universities for special facilities for their meetings, and, for the first time ever Muslim Congressman’s assuming the office by swearing on the Quran and not the Bible.

Islam need not even literally destroy the civilized world. All it needs is to gain enough power to impose its worse than death Sharia on everyone. If you are not up to speed with the horrors that Muslim governments and their jihadist foot-soldiers commit on a daily basis, you need to open your eyes and deal with this deadly threat of Islam with much more realism.

“Hitler knew that it would be an easy matter to transform the skilled, young glider aviators into fighter and bomber pilots. As the Mullahs and Ahmadinejad know today that once they have enough enriched uranium, have the missile tested out for their range and have other building blocks of nuclear technology in place with uranium enrichment, it would be a walkover to a nuclear weapons suite to blackmail and then destroy the civilized world,” while the rest of the world is snoozing.

Ignoring the smoldering fire and relying on a few local "firefighters" to keep the fires from spreading is either naive or outright criminal. But it is certainly the easiest thing to do. That's why I have chosen to fight the fire and I am calling for help to put out Islam, the source that raises arsonists -- the minority that they may be. It takes one arsonist to set a fire that a thousand firefighters will have difficulty putting out, right? The few Muslims who are brave enough to advocate reform of their religion are tossed out of mosques or, very likely, much worse.

When our leaders, for instance, call Islam a great religion, they are appeasing, if not lying outright. We the people elect our leaders and we hold them accountable to be honorable: using their voice to call a great religion a most deadly threat to everything we cherish as a great religion legitimizes Islamofascisim, on the one hand, and infuses the rest of us with a false belief.

In this relentless campaign, the Islamists have a vast cadre of “experts,” “talking heads,” and for-purchase politicians who keep endlessly broadcasting the false mantra that Islam is a religion of peace. This latter bunch is criminally complicit in making the populace complacent and furthering the work of the Islamists.

While President Obama glorifies Islam, the barbarians have made it inside our fortress. They have infiltrated our system of government. This time around, the people of the sword have their collaborator, Useful Idiots, inside busily doing all they can to dismantle our republic and replace it with the tyrannical Islamofascisim by appeasing our enemy.


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This is

by vildemose on

This is Ziofascism:

Israeli planes and helicopters mount Gaza attacks.



Dear Amil: You would have

by vildemose on

Dear Amil: You would have been more credible in your fright from Islamofascism if you had equally criticized Ziofascism but Alas, I've never seen you write any essays to that effect.

One original observation though, admittedly, Islam almost wiped out Zoroastriansim off the map...

Whether you like or not, many Iranians truly believe you can't and you shouldn't question Islam, and if you do, you're their enemy. So, I don't think you're going to succeed in helping your cause taking this combative line of  reasoning.


Amil Imani the Iranian daniel pipes





by Nur-i-Azal on

<please don't delete>

Zemn-e-sohbat, kooneh lagh-e-Amreekaa! Meekhaam sad saal nabaasheh!  ;-) Save Iran from the mullahs; to hell with Uncle Sam who brought the mullahs to power in the first place by deceiving millions  with empty promises to march in the streets of Iran to overthrow the Shah and betray their own best interests and that of the next generation!



Sieg heil!

by Nur-i-Azal on

Alhaqqo va'l-ensaaf keh een blog khayli cherto pert neveshteh. hayf-e-vaght o hayf-e-bandwidth!

Historical whitewash, whether done by Muslims or by chauvinistic ultra-Nationalists, amounts to the same thing. Let me quote something I posted elsewhere today, and then marhamat-e-shomaa khayli zeeyaad:

[The] great poet Hafiz, whose Diwan is still observed today
by the Sufis of Iran as a Bible of the religion of love...This religion of love was and remained the religion of all the minstrels of Iran and inspired them with the magnificent ta’wil [spiritual
hermeneutic] which supplies a link between the spiritual Iran of the Sufis and Zoroastrian Iran, for according to this ta’wil the Prophet of Islam in person proclaims Zarathustra to be the prophet of the Lord of love; the altar of Fire becomes the symbol of the Living Flame in the temple of the heart.



Islam is something else

by cyclicforward on

It is really a scary cult and subjects it's people to horrific acts. Worst than that it does not allow the Muslims to be free thinker and they are just zombies that read a book over and over again and consider it ultimate truth. In reality, all religions are oppressive and suck big time. We should abolish religion as a whole starting with Islam first.

Sargord Pirouz

The Sassanians tolerant! Oh,

by Sargord Pirouz on

The Sassanians tolerant! Oh, that's a good one. Setting a precedent followed repeatedly in Iran's history, the Sassanian government tied itself closely to religion. To this end, Zorastorism was resuscitated as the state religion.

The narrative of an Arab barbarian invasion is purposely misleading. In reality, many Persians crossed sides, due to decades of Sassanian misrule. Furthermore, the Persian influence in and contributions toward Islam, as well as direct participation by Persian individuals in  its subsequent Islamic military campaigns, cannot be denied.

If, for your own personal or political reasons, you are anti-Islam, go ahead and say so straightaway. But in the process, don't distort an analytical approach to history. For in so doing, you discredit your entire argument on reasonable grounds.

As to the rest of what you say, I disagree. To me, your opinions represent sheer bigotry. And there are few things uglier in this world than bigotry.


Amil Imani,............ go for it kiddo

by capt_ayhab on

Mission Statement

Thursday, 07 December 2006 Mission Statement

Encroaching Islam with its rule of Sharia presents
an imminent threat to subvert and replace the Constitution that governs
our lives. Unlike Muslims who practice taqqyya --lying or
dissimulation- I proudly speak the truth. Truth should never be
sacrificed at the altar of any goal. I firmly believe that truthfulness
is indeed the foundation of all virtues.

Islam, as a matter of belief, considers all non-Muslims,
even the so-called “people of the book,” as infidels--people who are to
be subjugated or cleansed from Allah’s earth. Islam, under the banner
of religion of peace, is infringing blatantly on the rights of others,
not only in Islamic countries, but also in much of the non-Muslim world.
By their acts of dogmatic savagery, Muslims are finally awaking the
non-Muslim democracies to the imminent threat of Islamofascism keen on
destroying their free secular societies.

Presently, the Islamists,
with their treasuries flush with petrodollars, are in a great position
to realize their perennial dream of bringing the world under the rule of
Muhammad’s Ummah. On the one hand Pakistan is already a nuclear
power and the Islamic Republic of Iran aims to be one before very long.
On the other hand, Muslim governments and wealthy Sheikhs are funding
Islamic schools, centers and front organizations in the West to work
from within at the unraveling of the non-Islamic democratic systems.

Some well-meaning, misguided
people, advocate negotiating with the Islamist. Yet, the only form of
negotiation Muslims accept is the eventual surrender of everything that
free and democratic people cherish—freedom of expression, of worship,
and all other personal privileges enshrined in the United States

My mission is to raise the
clarion call about the imminent and present danger of expansionistic
theocratic Islam. I, my people and my native country, Iran, have been
victimized by a primitive alien ideology for far too long. Having
witnessed first-hand the horrors and indignity that Islamofascism visits
on people it subjugates, I have taken it upon myself to do my part in
defeating this ideology of oppression, hate and violence.

I enjoy and deeply cherish
the liberty that America has generously afforded me, enabling me to
raise a cry from the heart regarding the tragic plight of millions of
Iranian victims, my compatriots who dare not speak against the wicked
mullahs and their mercenaries.

I am a voice of tens of
thousands of Iran’s best children, many of them literally children, who
have been imprisoned, brutally tortured, shamelessly raped and viciously
slaughtered by Allah’s beasts presently ruling Iran.

The heartless religionists
of Allah have plundered and continue to plunder the people’s vast oil
income, fill their bottomless pockets with the ill-begotten funds, and
finance adventurism in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and anywhere and
everywhere they find willing clientele.

Therefore, I find it both my
sacred duty and inalienable right to indict Muslims as either criminals
themselves or accessories to the crimes, seek justice for my people,
and warn others of the dangers of Islamofascism in all its forms.

I challenge all Muslims to
abandon the demonic cult of Muhammad and join forces of liberty and
justice of free people with no turbaned masters or masters of any kind.

It is a crime to remain
silent in the face of evil, it is said. Thus, I am speaking up and
urging others to raise their resonant voices and act while they can
before they are brutally silenced and annihilated by the ever-creeping


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

LOL the only thing worse than religions

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Is the people who take it as seriously as you do. These mullahs are too busy having orgies with mistresses galore to worry about "world wide domination." They can't even manage Iran.

While I'm here, I'd like to reccommend a movie for you. It's called "The Cove." Devote yourself to a real cause.