Others will save Iran's currency quietly, and the Mullahs cannot do anything about their own.


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Iran's Supply of Currency May Be at Risk in Sanctions - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:


Let me make this clear, we have idiots ruining the Iranian economy. They want to print money and do not care about hyperinflation. Well folks, here is the good news, the mad mullahs cannot print the money. The new EU sanctions will stop them getting any new notes in circulation. Read the quote below:

"Steve H. Hanke, an economist at Johns Hopkins University and an authority on hyperinflation, said that in Iran's case, limiting the amount of rials in circulation "would solve the biggest problem they have: inflation."But Mr. Wallace said that in Iran's economic system, the authorities "must maintain the ability to manipulate their money supply and must maintain the integrity of their currency." Without sophisticated security and printing technology, he said, "Iran may not be able to do either -- hastening the demise of the rial.""

I don't think the mullahs really know the gravity of the situation they are in. They think they have room to maneuver. These mullah notes will be slowly gathered, and hopefully one day we will have huge bonfire with them. We are getting there.

In the meantime, the Persian Pirates will continue developing their own economy, and the people will deal more and more with them. There is a whole other system running Iran, and the so called "authorities" are paralyzed. They cannot get sympathy, by saying "no medicine is getting through", because they have put the harshest sanctions on Iranians since 1979. The international sanction are actually hitting them more than the people, who use the Persian Pirates, and get medicine from them.

Iranians are helping Iranians and are by-passing the mullah economic system. But don't expect mainstream media to tell you this. They have no way of finding out. It is all happening very quietly.



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A: yes a while ago you could say that they did run some lines, their operating system is a bit like MS-DOS compared to iOS or Android. I prefer Ubuntu. Ubuntu too hamechi kar meekoneh. You get my drift.

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Ali-Jan, IRGC is the Biggest Smuggler of All ...

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Look, 70% or more of the heroin and opium in Afghanistan is transhipped through Iran to the rest of the world. Iran itself has by official government numbers 1.2 million addicts, and by some accounts as many as 6 tp 7 million casual drug users. In addition to this, Iran is the second largest producer of illegal organs for the world's export market - kidneys, livers, pancreas's etc. You name it. This comes from the fact that Iran is a major executioner of prisoners. They literally cut the prisoners up to sell their body parts.

Who do you think is behind all this? The IRGC. They control the borders, they control the prisons, they control Iran. And they are making ALL this illicit money - by smuggling on a GLOBAL scale...even to the United States.

The biggest smugglers are Government leaders themselves. That is one very simple reason why I think this government will be very difficult to topple because they have so many links with the underworld on a global basis. Western politicians will threaten them, but ultimately do nothing, because they too are beholden to the Drug Lords in U.S. and Europe.

Its a mad world, and a very dirty world. Be sure nothing gets in and out of Iran without them getting their cut and controlling it all. The currency nonesense does not affect them at all, they are fully embedded in Western Banking system with U.S. dollars.

Its ordinary Iranians and ordinary people in the West that are being fooled and are suffering because of all this nonsense...not the Mullah Mafias.