Clinton embarrasses Iranians


by alimostofi

Clinton says U.S. open to bilateral talks if Iran is ever ready | Reuters


We Iranians do not have the luxury of being prisoners of our consciousness. The Ayatollahs have no more room in the prisons. We Iranians are dying every day for our consciousness.

With this grave situation, the least an Iranian in Iran wants to hear, is that someone in "The Free World" deals with Ayatollahs.

The Russians learnt a big lesson when they invaded Afghanistan. It made them an obvious enemy. This time they hired the Ayatollahs.

Let us look at it all from another perspective. Imagine that there was an organized Iranian Opposition. Let us also imagine that we have an observer status in UN. Would Mrs Hillary Clinton want to deal with the Ayatollahs?

In fact the poignant question to ask is, should the Iranian opposition deal with Mrs Hillary Clinton now that she wants to deal with Ayatollahs?

Of course Mrs Clinton would say that there is no Iranian opposition she can take seriously. We know for a fact that she always states that the United States does not want to appear to be interferring in Iran.

That explains why the US government has not helped four million Iranians to create a base outside Iran. Remember the Ayatollahs will say the US is interferring no matter what.

US policy on the people of Iran is to keep the Ayatollahs in a game - a game is centred on Arab and Israeli politics. The Ayatollahs are teased to make comments that serve their Arab proxies. Those proxies serve military procurement agendas in all the governments in the area.

The last thing this or any US administration wants, is a drop in the military purchases of emerging economies of the world. Oil price needs to rise to make oil from shale and places like Brazil affordable.

The very last thing Clinton wants, is for civilized Iranians to be in charge and connect Iran's vast gas reserves to the world and become the cross-roads of civilization like it used to be.

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Thanks you good friends.

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The IRI that the USA loves and brought to power is making me sick to my stomach and the USA itself is an embarrassment to the human race, when comprehending what it really means is to be American is to be both ignorant and abused.

Not only has the USA not helped 4 million Iranians, It makes their work more difficult as it helps extremists like mek.