Ayatollahs are attacking Israel

by alimostofi

Nasrallah says drone was made in Iran, sent over Israel by Hizballah


The silence is incredible. The Ayatollahs are already sending missiles across to Israel, and the world is keeping quiet.

The silence is horrifying. The Ayatollahs are committing genocide in Iran, and the world is keeping quiet.

But the world wants to think, that there is this amazing new nuclear technology, that will hit US interests somewhere, and that "Iranians", all 70 million of us, are responsible. They want to put it in that context, to get the US and Israeli electorate to think ahead, and be frightened.

They won't tell the world, what the reality on the ground really is. They won't tell the world, that it is a bunch of cracked up IRGC nitwits, who are running a proxy operation right now from Lebanon. They won't tell the world, that the US Mediterranean fleet could take them out with their eyes closed.

Why won't they take out the mullah missile stations? That would be the end of IRGC, Ayatollahs and the whole bandwagon. Now think. Without a threat, what would the US do? They would all have to pack their bags and go home. No more massive arms deals.

It's all a big joke for them. Keep the world in a fake fear. Sell media. Sell weapons. Sell their politics. Once the hard liners get elected in Israel and US, they will say things to get Islamic hardliners go mad on Iranians, as they have since 1979. The show must go on. The madness continues.



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