Power of religious belief in America

Ali A Parsa
by Ali A Parsa

With the prestige of so called elected representatives at all time low the only outlet left for ordinary people is Letter to the Editor of local and national newspapers and Dear Abby.

I amparticularly impressed with this truly unbiased lady who in spite of her Jewish faith is the national repository of grievances from all faiths and from groups like gay, lesbian, atheists, etc.who are still trying to integrate into the American society and the government that was set up for that purpose by the founders of this nation. To give you a sample of vast majority of grievances I chose this letter to Dear Abby. This appeared in Mansfield News Journal on November 18, 2011. Please also see my e-book titled Literary Tranquilizers listed in amazon.com

Dear Abby:

I am a middle aged woman who is Baptist by faith. My problem is, if going to heaven means being reunited with my parents and other family members, then I don't want to go to hell, either. Any thoughts?-Eternally confused in Mississippi


YES. When you reach the pearly gates, talk this over with

St. Peter. Perhaps he would be willing to place you in a different wing than the one your parents and other family members are staying in. And in the meantime discuss this with your minister.


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