The Cross Road of U.S. Presidential Elections


Ali A Parsa
by Ali A Parsa

Let us get involved in this presidential election and rescue America from itself. Like any nation, America is facing the forces of good and evil both from within and from without. What America has to overcome at this crossroad is to recognize that contrary to what public is led to believe, America is self-destructing. Thomas Jefferson said it best, “An empire collapses more from within than from without.”

The nation has become the target of internal extremists who were opposed to its foundation some 250 years ago. Armed with ignorance, arrogance and greed, and in short colonial mentality, the extremists have wreaked havoc on nation’s infrastructure. They have managed to make a mockery of its Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American Ideals almost beyond recognition. Indeed, this grand betrayal could be called the undoing of the American Revolution.

The good news is that as Bill Clinton said, there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed with what is right with it.” As Iranian-Americans most of us are proud of our privilege of participatory democracy that is one of the blessings in this home away from home and we intend to save it before that is totally taken away from us.

There are of course some of us who go with the flow and do not understand, appreciate and preserve the American Ideals. Their behavior stems from their lack of exposure to participatory democracy in their birthplace, Iran and choice of an apathetic life in America. They are generally blind followers and tend to chastise the Iranian intellectuals who make even slightest criticism of the American government by calling them the Agents of IRI or other derogatory names.

In short the opposition group unconditionally approves American policies at home and abroad. This is a betrayal of not only our loyalty to America, but to freedom and democracy movement everywhere. In short, with these friends America needs no enemy. An Ethiopian saying states, “Those who hide their wounds will never find a cure.”

Understandably this group is either non-voting or McCain-Palin supporters. Let us consider the emptiness of the strategy of this extremist group and their supporters in attacking Obama-Biden from the following perspectives:

While posing as anti religion and against IRI, the group praises Palin who thinks the Iraq War is God’s plan, pronounces Iraq as Eye Rack. If you recall, George Bush called Iraq Eye Rack for four month into his presidency even though his father had bombed the country before him. We all know what disaster that ignorance brought us. It is most ridiculous to repeat the same mistake. It is an insult to the intelligence of millions of Americans who are fed up with the status quo.

This is the same woman who calls killings of thousands of Americans and Iraqis in a futile war a plan from God while claiming to be “pro-life” by opposing to abort even a defective fetus even to save the mother’s life.

These two people pop up almost overnight to confront and prevent the change of status quo in America and ironically calling themselves the real agents of change!

This group supports John McCain even though he could not raise enough money to stay in the race just a short few months ago. He is called war hero of the humiliating and futile war that led the American forces to flee by helicopter from the American embassy roof; the same unpopular war that led America to do away with military draft under public pressure particularly by the young.

McCain is the same honest man who, in 1980’s was one of the five US senators known as Keating five who were convicted for illegally aiding the failing Keating Savings and Loan. A friendly judge later purportedly exonerated McCain!

This is a foreign policy expert who, twice in press conferences claimed that Iran was training Al-Qaida and twice was corrected by his cohort Joe Liberman.

This is the same peace loving wise man that considers war, death, and destruction as hobby and sings bomb, bomb, and bomb Iran for fun. This reminds me of nice saying in America, “The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.”

This is the same Ready from day one man whose party runs a campaign ad, “Who do you want to answer the emergency call at 3 A.M.”; and at the same time has not been able to apprehend Ben Ladin for five years. One should wonder whether the War on Terror is a joke, a put on, a fake make-believe cat and mouse game or what.

All of these are hypocrisy and making mockery of the American Ideals, promoting abuse of religion, repression, and hate and war mongering for profit. Why do these zealots pick on smaller repressive nations who emulate America instead of fixing what is wrong with America to make it the role model for the world like it was meant to be?

Making the Nation of Immigrants break at the seams is another hidden strategy of the extremist. How can we tolerate to watch this nation fall into traps and self-defeat time and again?

Yes, the challenge of our time is convince the betrayed American public that they can fix what is wrong with America by using what is right with it. Fortunately an increasing American public is waking up to recognize the factors of America’s decline under the disguise of hypocrisy and spreading freedom and democracy!

America needs to declare a War on Ignorance to inform and educate the public about the futility of the so-called “War on Terror” that is promoting terrorism and bankrupting America.

McCain=More of the same= 4 to eight more years of Bush!


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Ali A Parsa

What a dishonest response!

by Ali A Parsa on

Calling someone dishonest to cover your own dishonesty is the highest form of dishonesty and the loswest human trait. It is called projection to save face and hide the truth. Obama like everyone has his flaws, but that is beside the point. The truth is that I had never mentioned Obama in my writing and yet you try to attack him instead of addressing the issues I raised such as war and hate mongering, arrogance and ignorance. Your link exposes more of your ignorance in using people's weak point and occasional mistakes to condemn them totally. You have yet to learn ABC's of human and humanity. We are all imperfect, but we are alright if we do our best to stick to accepted principles and strive to reduce our imperfections.

What you need to address in your response is your party's stance on hypocritic view of prolife, Iraq war being the will of God and ignorance of history and geography of not only the world, but even America, and worse yet trying to lead the world with such examples. 



what a dishonest article!!

by Anonymous on

it's interesting how you have chosing to pick and choose fact that will only fits in your argument.

All I have to say to you is read Obama's first book and then tell me who is more extremist Obama or McCain. People are rushing to vote for Obama without bothering to read his own writing. I am actually surprised who team McCain is not using Obama's own words to attach him and to discredit him?

I would consider the reader to review Obama's record on this blog





Check his voting records where he voted PRESENT 100 TIMES, because he could not make up his mind.