Truth and reconciliation for Iran!


by ahosseini
A response to: Truth and reconciliation for Iran Guardian, Friday July 31 2009 An Open Letter by 22 academics and activists in Iran, Europe and North America Related articles: Justice must be done and A letter to Guardian by Dr Sabetian

About your claim defending Iran's national rights, your stance against USA and its allies.

Dear uni professors

Teachers and educators

Don’t confuse the issues

And don’t wash dirt with tissues

Answer just one question

Before giving direction

What is the fuss all about?

Before we begin to shout?

Is it about Bush’s war?

The rule of war and terror?

Is it about Israel?

This issue and this battle

Or is about election

Votes of population

About your claim that you have advocated the human rights of individuals and democratic rights for various groups and constituencies in Iran. Also about your so called realistic solution to post election issues.

No no no no all your fights

Is not about human rights

Please tell me in your notes

What happened to our votes?

Do we forgive and forget?

And we allow and we let

Take Sohrab and take Neda

All in the name of allah

After pulling nails and tows

They can run horrible shows

You are not serious sirs

On these issues and affairs

You are not realistic

In your method and tactic

As for foreign pressures

We have different measures
About the background you give to the current situation and how the so called war on terror contributed towards the defeat of reformists and the emergence of Ahmadi Nejad

Likes of Bush needs Bin Ladin

So to justify and win

To win their horrible war

The so called war on terror

Made everything so muddy

So the likes of Ahmadi

Emerge and come to power

And declare war in anger

Against the whole world of west

The west, Israel and rest

That was the whole agenda

The war and the propaganda

It was a convenient act

Which is true and a fact

Warmongers won billions

And so many trillions

Khatami was pushed aside

In political divide

Conservatives of all kinds

Did control our minds

These kinds of  hypocrisy

Undermined democracy

The “rule of god!!” prevailed

Attacks on people unveiled

Religious thugs indeed ran

Both in the west and Iran

So such is the background

And our common ground
About your support for Iran's so called peaceful nuclear energy, opposition to UN/US sanctions and your apologetic analysis of justification for attacks on people as these policies have created fears of an externally-instigated "velvet revolution"
Are you saying hard-line thugs

These rulers and these mad dogs

Have all the good intentions

And represent the nations

That they are all for the peace

And they represent justice

That they use technology

For peaceful ideology

This is not acceptable

And to us respectable

All of these thugs are savage

Have taken Iran hostage

They will surely cause much pain

If they win nuclear campaign

They are a bunch of fascists

So horrible and racists

It is nonsense if you say

They will use it for good way

If they build their nuclear base

They will hurt the human race

We must stop this nuisance

And we must stop at once

As for the West intentions

And the threats of sanctions

Sanctions will hurt our people

The poor and the less able

It will not hurt the rulers

The murderers and killers

We must rely on public

The base of each republic

Surely we must work so hard

So to achieve big reward

Any military action

Consolidate this faction

Acts of disobedience

Will bring them to their sense

Call this velvet revolution

This movement and this motion

We hope they feel the fear

When we shout and we jeer
About your so called Truth and reconciliation for Iran , trying to bring the current divisions together.

This suggestion and motion

Truth and reconciliation

Is just a joke to us all

This is an unwanted call

It is an insult to us

It is really reckless 

These are well known murders

Murderes and torturers

What are you talking about

in your leture and handout

The whole thing is organised

Is organise and advised

By Ahmadi and leader

Judicary and older

Listen to all of us well

We want them all go to hell

You go and tell Neda's mum

Of your lecture and wisdom

You go and tell Sohrab's dad

About this campaign and ad

Come on "dear" professors

Stop giving us lectures 



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Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks for giving a voice to the victims

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!

Maryam Hojjat

Excellent article!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am with you about their nonsense.

Payandeh Iran & Iranians


Thank you for exposing

by jamshid on

Thank you for exposing these supporters of the regime of rape and murder.