So said Hassan Nasrollh, The leader of Hezbollah

So said Hassan Nasrollh, The leader of Hezbollah
by ahosseini

So said Hassan Nasrollh, The leader of Hezbollah
Is of Arab origin, the grand Ayatollah
So is the other leader, Ayatollah's successor
Seyed Ali khamenahei, the current leading mullah
He said black head scarf, is a symbol of Islam
It shows they are descendant, of one or other imam
The imams are all Arab, from Arabian world
So he tells the story and this way he does unfold
He said their aim and mission, in this great revolution
Is now near complete, what was the main ambition
So said Hassan Nasrollah, with pride and with passion
They have managed to destroy, the Persian civilisation
While deplore his statement as a civilised nation
Condemn his speech which has a racist intonation
We welcome his word because, we like to detach from
His idols, grand imam, war, explosives and bomb
Please have them they are yours, take them a way from us
This is not Persian life, our culture and ethos
Please do take them away, we will appreciate it
Please, please, you must do, we don't mind a little bit
We are proud of Saadi who eight centuries ago
Wrote a beautiful poem, which is the UN motto
We are proud of Cyrus who in 500 BC
Wrote human rights charter that world is yet to see
I don't think the Arab world would like to take your idols
They are insult to them too, your heroes and your symbols
Nasrollah is quite right, they destroyed the culture
The entire history, the image and the nature


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We are proud of

by iamfine on

Many thanks to Ferdoussi who saved our language and culture. Many thanks to Cyrus the great for his contribution to the human rights.


The commonality of species

by reader1 on

Considering that in virtually every neighbourhood in the Iranian towns and cities one can find an abundance of Saeeds, using a simple interpolation one could deduce that the Imams of the time must had exceeded the maximum of 4 wives principle  and probably had many illicit liaisons with local women.  I forgot the term usually attributed to  those who are born of such illicit liaisons.  Could it be that Nasorrah, Khomieni and Khamanie share that attribute?   

Bahram Gohari

All I can say is, ze shire

by Bahram Gohari on

All I can say is, ze shire shotor khordano soosmar......................

lanat bar oonhae ke khodra nashnakhtand.


Thanks for your rebuttal - we're proud of our Persian heritage

by MM on