The Royal Wedding - Poem


The Royal Wedding - Poem
by ahosseini

 The Youtube video version

Tell the truth do not hide

Go by the rules and abide

Please, do not waste my time

Who is the real bride

I know you and your father

Story of your mother

I know you guys very well

Andrew and your brother

Those thugs are not invited
They are far too excited

They are not real Brits

None of them will be knighted

The old and new labour

Look dirty just like litter

Stick to world of royals

The fashion and glamour

To the world of dictators

World of singers and actors

Sheikh of Bahrein and Koweit

Kings, queens and governors

Must impose it on billion

This party and this sermon

We know that they have nothing

Nothing with us in common

And then we laugh at them all

The world of big at small

We laugh and laugh and we laugh

When we enjoy in the hall


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