Petition in support of political prisoners in Iran


by ahosseini

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Iran's much disputed June 2009 presidential election and the belligerent state and para-government sponsored terrorism against innocent civilians that has since ensured, is now regarded worldwide as a significant turning juncture in the tumultuous failing policies of the three decades of the Islamic Republic Regime. WE, in the strongest sense of the word, DEPLORE the violence, murders, imprisonments, tortures and rapes of innocent Iranians, and the trials of political prisoners of conscience and their coerced confessions under duress in the show trial and as shown on Television. We the undersigned request that the human rights and the UN agencies, the governments, and the international community support the following statement on behalf of the political prisoners and the Nation of Iran:
1- Immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and cancellation of Stalinist style Kangaroo courts.
2- Immediate public apology by the Supreme Leader to the people of Iran and accepting responsibility for the massacre, imprisonment , torture and rape of the protestors.
3- Immediate prosecution of the culprit criminals responsible for the murders and atrocities inflicted against civil and political activists.
4- Immediate compensations for all the families of those civilians wrongly prosecuted, murdered, imprisoned and raped .
5- Immediate reinstatement of freedom of expressions and assembly and the press, as stipulated in the Article 27 of the Iranian Constitution.
6- Immediate and amicable resolution of the lingering Iran’s nuclear stalemate in an open and transparent forum that is based on the rationale of cost/benefit analysis for Iran.

We are looking for a 1000,000 signatures, Please send this to a friend.


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