خواهشاً بشنوید از مردم همچو

by ahosseini

اینهمه ستاره ما داریم
راه حل و چاره ما داریم

همه خواهند که نور دهند
نور اما به زور دهند

همه در دست خود بلند گویی
داد بر آورند هر سوئی

که به فکر نجات این ملت
از ستم کشی‌ و از ذلّت

همگان ادعا دارند
بهر درمان دعوا دارند

که همه درد ملت ایران
میدهن شفا می‌کنن درمان

لیک این دکتران وارسته
گوشهاشان بود بسته

بنگر اینکه دکتری هشیار
نکند سوال از بیمار

هرکسی حرف نشنوده
می‌ زند حرف بیهوده

خواهشاً بشنوید از مردم


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EA aziz, Iranians are learning

by ahosseini on is just an excellent virtual space. We need a virtual environment like this. A wide spectrum of political, social, cultural, sport, ... are being expressed all under one roof. It is absolutely brilliant. I launched a campign yesterday (actually was told off by jj for the way I was going about it) to put pressure on various groups to come up with a website similar to is fine. It is privately owned and the owners, have every right to control things in the way they think it is appropriate. However, if this was the website of a truely democratic political party, then it should be managed differently. It helps tranparency, openness, tolerance, anger control, ... The technology allows, the governigning bodies elected and removed, legislations to be ratified and changed. It is just brilliant.

If political parties and groups do not use this technology, it simply means they do not believe in democracy.

Esfand Aashena

Hosseini jaan Iranians are all the same, inside or outside Iran.

by Esfand Aashena on

In Iran everybody has a solution too and you see and hear it everywhere, in homes, in streets, in blogs and elsewhere.  They even talk about their views on phone to satellite TVs and then hear themselves in their own TVs!

So much so that as you know people set dates for protests and then followup protests and come to the streets. is part of the internet we all love it but again it is part of the internet.  If was to be unblocked in Iran it would not have more effect than what is already affecting the people. is not the solution!

Everything is sacred


Thank you Maryam aziz

by ahosseini on

I always have your support.

I am well known for being critical of the whole world of politics. But, I really believe we have to admire JJ for his magnificent contributions to the Itranian society. I take my hat off. We have to look after this website. 

ما نباید بگوییم جاوید شاه، باید بگوییم 

جهانشاه جاوید, جاوید باد.

که اینگونه گسترده در دید باد

در بین اینهمه جریانات مدعی دمکراسی هیچ گروهی تا به حال یک گام عملی‌ در راه ایجاد یک فضای مجازی دموکراتیک ور نداشته.



حتی پرفسورهأیی


حتی پرفسورهأیی که مدعی نیوسکولاریسم،  دمکراسی، آزادی اندیشهٔ، بیان، و قلم هستند

What do u mean by zirah be kerman. How many of these institutions do we have?.

Esfand Aashena

حسینی جان زیره به کرمون می‌خوای ببری؟!

Esfand Aashena

Everything is sacred

Maryam Hojjat

Very meaningful Poem & Nice

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks.  I hope all Iranians hear you. 


Esfand aziz

by ahosseini on

It is hard work though.

یک جریان سیاسی در ایران نیست که شهامت زدن یک وبسیت با قابلیتهای را ایجاد کند.

Esfand Aashena

گاهی باید با شعر و ناز و نوازش به امّت همیشه در صحنه چیز فهموند!

Esfand Aashena

نمیدانم میدانی 

Everything is sacred



by ahosseini on

همگان ادعا دارند
بهر درمان دوا دارند

Esfand Aashena

راه حل = حزب فقط حزب الله! رهبر فقط روح الله!

Esfand Aashena

Everything is sacred